Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3168

Gao Yunjin frowned: “which two companies are they?”

“It’s Mr. LAN and Mr. Yang.” The Secretary frowned.

“Mr. LAN and Mr. Yang?” Gao Yunjin frowned: “they have cooperated with our company for five or six years. They know each other’s roots and know the bottom of the matter. They should not delay on purpose. Maybe something really happened. Don’t worry about it first. Let’s extend the time for two days.”


The secretary left, but Gao Yunjin didn’t let go.

What she said just now is to appease the secretary.

In fact, Mr. LAN and Mr. Yang know that she is Fu Jincheng’s wife. Maybe it’s because of Fu Jincheng. Their cooperation has been very happy all these years, and there has been no conflict.

Moreover, every holiday, there are no less SMS calls, so they have a good relationship all the time.

If there is something wrong with their company and their capital can’t be turned over, they will call her to apologize and make it clear.

Even more, in order not to offend Fu Jincheng, they may even have to raise money to settle the part that belongs to her even if they can’t make ends meet. There’s no need for people on her side to urge them.

Thinking of this, Gao Yunjin thought of what happened last night.

Fu Jincheng did this to ensure the safety of her and the children.

But in the eyes of those who knew her, Fu Jincheng didn’t trust her, wronged her and flattered Lei Yun.

Although Mr. LAN and Mr. Yang were optimistic about her clothing company at the beginning, a large part of the reason was that they wanted to please Fu Jincheng and cooperated with her.

People like them who can take the helm in the face of the wind and receive such news will naturally run to Lei Yunshi.

The best way to show affection to Lei Yun is to make her face.

Just thinking of this, the Secretary knocked on the door and came in.

Gaoyunjin see her face is not very good, in the heart already understand is how to return a responsibility, “or financial department over there?”

“Yes.” The secretary was not surprised to see her, “Mr. Gao, do you know what’s going on?”

Their company is developing so well now. There are so many people who want to cooperate with them. Few of them will deliberately delay money recently.

Today, however, there are only four or five orders. No matter how you look at them, they are not right.

“Probably know what’s going on.” Gao Yunjin is calm, “don’t worry, it’s not a big problem. If there’s any news from the financial department, just tell me at that time.”

“Well, I see.”

The secretary left worried.

Gao Yunjin can’t read the documents any more.

The cooperative chamber of commerce around her did this to her, so she could think of how the more powerful entrepreneurs would throw out olive branches with Lei Yun.

She is Fu Jincheng’s wife. What she gets is the running and bullying of the people around her. However, Lei Yun takes advantage of her.

No matter how generous Gao Yunjin was, he felt uncomfortable.

The most important thing is that she does not believe that Fu Jincheng is such a smart person. She will never think of this.

If he thinks of

Gaoyunjin heart a pain, a time brain has a moment of blank.

On the same day, two or three partners did not pay the balance.

Now, Gao Yunjin doesn’t know if they want to continue to cooperate with her, so she’s not sure how many new models she’s going to order.

After all, these seven or eight partners are all big partners, accounting for almost half of her company’s sales channel revenue.

As a result, the busy factories have been idle for a long time.

But the workload of Gao Yunjin is more.

She has to re plan the company’s shipping volume. Naturally, she has to re communicate with the fabric company and accessories company.

A face busy for several hours, when she finished, the day has been safe dark down.

She was so hungry that she left the fabric company. As soon as she got on the bus, she received a phone call from Fu Jincheng, “Xiaojin, there’s something wrong with our company. Just after the meeting, there’s something else to be busy. You go home first. You don’t have to wait for me.”

“Well, I see.”

“First, hang up.”


Fu Jincheng cleanly hangs up the phone. Gao Yunjin looks at her mobile phone and remembers that it’s evening today. She has a phone call with Fu Jincheng.

At this time in the past, she and Fu Jincheng almost called each other twice.

However, listen to what Fu Jincheng just said, he seems to be really busy.

Thinking of this, she didn’t think much. She had to go back to the company.

On the way back, I called my secretary and asked her to help her order my brother’s take out.

She came back to the company, the box lunch came, she ate, and soon had to deal with things.

This busy, forget the time.

When the Secretary knocked on the door, he found it was more than nine o’clock.

The secretary looked at her tired appearance and said, “I’ll see you back later?”

Gao Yunjin said with a smile: “it doesn’t matter. I still have the energy to drive.”

“But it’s too tired.” The Secretary sighed, “why don’t you find yourself a driver?”

“No, I can do it myself.”

Gao Yunjin usually drives her own car when she goes out, or she drives it.

As far as her identity is concerned, she likes to do everything herself. She never thought about looking for a driver.

“All right.”

The Secretary didn’t advise.

“I’ll go back first. Be careful on your way.”

The secretary left. Gao Yunjin wanted to get up and leave, but she was so tired that she just wanted to get up and sat back.

After a break, Gao Yunjin shot better. Seeing that it was almost ten o’clock, she quickly called Fu Jincheng.

Fu Jincheng didn’t pick it up immediately. After a while, he said, “Xiaojin, I’m not finished yet.”

“Not finished yet?” Gao Yunjin is a little surprised. On second thought, he is not so surprised. If he had been busy, he would have come to her or called her all the time.


Fu Jincheng sighed: “there are quite a lot of things, and we are still in a meeting.”

“Still in a meeting so late?”


For Fu Jincheng now, money is still easy to earn and easy to earn, but it also requires efforts and energy.

“Then you are busy.”

“Well, I’ll call you when I’m done.”


Gao Yunjin didn’t want to disturb his work, so he hung up and drove home.

Back home, the two little guys had already gone to bed.

The housekeeper saw that she was so tired and her face was not very good. He said, “I’ll ask the kitchen to stew some tonic for you tomorrow evening.”

Gao Yunjin smiles: “good.”

Back to the upstairs, Gao Yun Jin put water, poured two drops of perfume in the bathtub, soaked for a while, leaned against the bathtub, and went to sleep.

I don’t know how long it took. Gao Yunjin shivers and wakes up suddenly.

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