Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3174

Fu Jincheng nodded: “also.”

Mr. Lei sighed: “this time, I’ll trouble you again.”

Fu Jincheng: “you are welcome, old man. You should.”

It’s all up to this, and nothing else is interesting.

Mr. Lei appreciated Fu Jincheng’s unruly attitude.

If someone else had done it, Joe would have taken advantage of it.

But Fu Jincheng didn’t.

It can be seen that he has a very clear idea of the overall situation and knows how to do it so as to make mutual cooperation more reliable.

After the tense period of the last two days, I’m not so busy today. In addition, Mr. Lei is here. At noon, everyone wants to take care of Mr. Lei. The meeting ends earlier.

After the meeting, Mr. Lei found Fu Jincheng, walked in front of him and talked with him, while Lei Yun stood on the other side of Mr. Lei and listened to them with a smile.

After this time, we all know that Mr. Lei likes Fu Jincheng very much, and Fu Jincheng doesn’t complain because of the Lei family. It’s hard to say that he has nothing to do with Lei Yun.

Therefore, the people of Fu Jincheng company have a very good attitude towards Mr. Lei and Lei Yun. They won’t be angry at all. As for the people of other companies, they are also very polite to the Lei family. At dinner, Mr. Lei also asked Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun to sit beside him. He looked at Lei Yun and said, “Xiao Yun, you still have a lot of room to grow up. You are the same age as Jin Cheng, and you have the same language. If you have anything to do in the future, please talk to Fu

Always consult and study, you know? “

“My grandfather taught me that.” Lei Yun said with a smile and looked at Fu Jincheng: “in the future, I’ll trouble Mr. Fu to take me with me.”

If it’s someone else, no matter how bad Lei Yun is, he won’t be at ease. He also thinks that Mr. Lei is being polite.

But Fu Jincheng, Lei Yun is convinced.

What’s more, master Lei’s words are drawing her closer to Fu Jincheng. Although there’s nothing wrong with her tone, outsiders don’t think so.

Looking at the flash of light from the eyes of those people in front of him, what’s wrong with Lei Yun?

Fu Jincheng also raised his glass, “don’t dare to be.”

Although they are partners, he knows what he can help and what he can’t.

We enjoyed the meal.

Although Fu Jincheng didn’t speak a lot, he also gave Mr. Lei face. He answered all his questions and gave Mr. Lei face.

In other people’s eyes, this is to please Mr. Lei.

Leilaozi is also very happy to see Fu Jincheng higher two points.

At this time, Fu Jincheng’s mobile phone rang.

Other people heard the mobile phone ring, were stunned and looked at Fu Jincheng.

Fu Jincheng naturally looked at the next mobile phone, saw that it was Gao Yunjin’s call, raised his lips, said: “sorry, a phone call, first go out to pick up the phone, you continue.”

Lei Yun also got up, “I’ll go to the bathroom –“

But she tripped over the tablecloth and fell over to Fu Jincheng. She bumped into Fu Jincheng. Fu Jincheng’s mobile phone didn’t hold steady and fell on the ground.

This private room is a high-class box. The floor is covered with carpet. However, the carpet is not completely covered. Fu Jincheng’s mobile phone accidentally fell on the floor outside and fell into pieces.

Everyone else stopped.

Fu Jincheng also frowned.

“Sorry.” Lei Yun was stunned and apologized.

Fu Jincheng: “it’s OK.”

Fu Jincheng doesn’t seem angry, but Lei Yun thinks he is.

Although it may be funny to think so, after all, it’s just a mobile phone. If it’s gone, it won’t be worth a few dollars to Fu Jincheng. He doesn’t have to face Lei Yun for a mobile phone.

Fu Jincheng’s emotional leakage is not obvious, others may not feel it, but Lei Yun can feel it.

Fu Jincheng picked up the mobile phone and pressed it. It broke.

It doesn’t work at all.

Lei Yun said to Mr. Sun: “let’s go to Mr. Fu immediately to buy a new mobile phone of the same brand and model.”

Fu Jincheng immediately refused: “don’t be so troublesome. It’s just a mobile phone. There are still many in my family. It’s troublesome to buy it.”

“But don’t you have no mobile phone next?”

Lei Yun hesitated.

“It won’t get in the way, and there won’t be any emergency. You can also find Secretary LAN.”

Fu Jincheng did not want to say more, put the broken cell phone in his pocket and sat back.

Although it’s a bad mobile phone, there are many secrets in his mobile phone. Some documents have to be destroyed before he can throw the mobile phone away.

Leilaozi see Fu Jincheng seems not angry, but still said Leiyun A: “after walking carefully.”

Lei Yun: “I see, grandfather.”

Mr. Lei talked to Fu Jincheng again. Soon, the topic was bypassed and the atmosphere was restored.

More than ten minutes later, the party left the box and went back to their rooms to have a rest.

Mr. Lei has been chatting with Fu Jincheng, and Lei Yun has followed him. When the others left, the three of them were still together.

Fu Jincheng sent Mr. Lei to the door of the room, and Lei Yun said, “just now, are you angry?”

Fu Jincheng steps a meal, Lei Yun smile: “because did not receive your wife’s phone call, lost in the heart?”

This is her guess.

One or two mobile phones are not worth Fu Jincheng’s anger. The only possibility is that “the person who called him just now is the one who makes him very interested. He doesn’t want to miss this call.”.

Fu Jincheng is really angry because he didn’t receive a call from Gao Yunjin.

“Why don’t you give her a call on my cell phone and explain?”

“No, I’ll just go back to my room and use the landline.” Fu Jincheng refused her kindness.

“Are you still angry?” Lei Yun gave a wry smile. “I was really careless. I didn’t expect to –“

“I’m not sure.”

Fu Jincheng naturally is not good, because this blames her, also does not say much, turned around to leave.

Lei Yun looked at his back and raised his lips.

Secretary LAN is waiting for him at the door of his room, giving him his new mobile phone, “your mobile phone.”


Fu Jincheng took it and replaced it.

Secretary Lan was about to leave when Fu Jincheng stopped him: “wait a minute, come in.”

Secretary LAN went into the room and closed the door

“Lei Yun did it on purpose just now.”

Fu Jincheng won’t be so stupid. She can’t even tell if she meant it or not.

Secretary Lan was surprised, “on purpose?”“ How else could it have happened? ” Fu Jincheng looks very cold, “be careful when you contact them in the future. It may not be an accident that they were able to divulge secrets. Lei Yun has just offered to replace my mobile phone. Do you think they can give me a new one? “

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