Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3176

It’s said that the story between Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun has been going on for so long, but it’s the first time for them to face each other.

I don’t know why. I’m a little nervous.

Fu Jincheng noticed the look of others, turned back to see Gao Yunjin, surprised and surprised, “Xiaojin?”

Without waiting for Gao Yunjin to answer, Fu Jincheng came quickly, took her hand, looked at her secretary, and a stranger, “your partner?”

“Well.” The joy in his eyes dissipated the tension in Gao Yunjin’s heart. She wanted to see Lei Yun’s look, but Fu Jincheng was so tall that she completely blocked her sight. She couldn’t see Lei Yun’s expression clearly.

Fu Jincheng nodded and said to Gao Yunjin, “come on, I’ll introduce some people to you.”

Gao Yunjin thought of Lei Yun, “ah?”

Fu Jincheng laughs: “come on.”

Said, pull her to turn round, toward thunder old son they a party walk.

At this time, Gao Yunjin saw the look of Lei Yun.

Lei Yun looked at her with a smile on his face, as if he had known her for the first time. He looked at her with great interest, and he also looked kind.

People who don’t know think he is a kind and gentle old man.

“This is the chairman of the Lei family in H City, Mr. Lei. This is the current leader of the Lei family, Mr. Lei Yunlei. This is Mr. Sun,” she said

Gao Yunjin immediately nods and greets each other one by one.

Without waiting for Fu Jincheng to speak again, Mr. Lei looked at Gao Yunjin and said with a smile, “Jincheng, this girl is beautiful, lucky and gentle. Jincheng is so lucky.”

The older generation, looking at their daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law, or granddaughter-in-law, all say that they pay attention to their temper and good fortune. They are more superstitious in H city. As an old man, he seems to have no problem saying these things. How to listen to them, it’s like praise.

But those who know what Lei Yun thinks about Fu Jincheng all know that what Lei said is that Gao Yunjin has no ability, so he has a better temper.

Unlike Lei Yun, he has education, ability and skill.

Fu Jincheng doesn’t have a heart for Lei Yun, and doesn’t know that Lei Yun has a heart for him. Naturally, he doesn’t know what he really means.

However, Mr. Lei’s words sounded like what the elder would say to the younger generation, but they were too close, and he didn’t like his praise of Gao Yunjin, especially his gentle temper.

It seems that his family’s Xiaojin is docile and obedient. It seems that his Xiaojin has only one advantage.

Obviously, the thunder old son this words is despise his family small brocade.

Thinking of this, Fu Jincheng’s smile faded a little, “isn’t it? Being with my wife is really a blessing I’ve cultivated in my last life.”

Those shareholders of Fu Jincheng company didn’t expect that Fu Jincheng would say so, and they were stunned.

Don’t talk about them, Gao Yunjin is stunned.

After all, she knew exactly what their last life was like.

However, she soon did not think much about it. She felt that Fu Jincheng’s words were obviously casual.

But it has to be said that Fu Jincheng’s words let other people know that he attaches great importance to her, which can be described as giving full face.

Lei Yun knows that Fu Jincheng is good to Gao Yunjin. When they hear this, their faces are not as good-looking as before. However, they are all human spirits, so they won’t be too obviousโ€œ If Fu Jincheng is so fond of capable people, Miss Gao must have something extraordinary. ” Lei Yun looks at Gao Yunjin, smiles, takes the initiative to say hello to Gao Yunjin and says, “Hello, Miss Gao, I’m Lei Yun. I often heard Mr. Fu mention you before.


Gao Yunjin and Lei Yun know each other well. They know each other.

Hearing Lei Yun’s self introduction, Gao Yunjin said faintly, “hello.”

“It’s cold outside, old man. Why don’t we go in and find a place to sit?” At this time, Sun said.

Other people repeatedly agreed, saw Gao Yunjin, looked at Fu Jincheng’s face, then looked at Lei Yun and Lei Laozi, hesitated, then said: “good lady.”

Since Fu Jincheng admitted Gao Yunjin’s identity in front of Lei Yun in front of them, they naturally had to make an appearance.

Gao Yunjin looked at their faces and ordered them, but didn’t speak.

Fu Jincheng’s face is not very good. He thinks they don’t know each other well. Gao Yunjin stands in front of them. They don’t know how to say hello to her first. How many meanings do they have?

However, now there is an outsider, it is not the time to say this, he did not say, but his eyes are a little cold.

Other people have been paying attention to his look for fear of making him unhappy. After they finish talking with Gao Yunjin, Fu Jincheng is suddenly unhappy. They dare not breathe. Several people look at each other.

They think that Fu Jincheng pays more attention to Lei Yun. Just now, his enthusiasm is just pretending to deceive Gao Yunjin. Maybe he colluded with Lei Yun before. I also know that Lei Yun doesn’t care about anything.

They called Mrs. Gao Yunjin. Fu Jincheng thought that Lei Yunhui was uncomfortable, so he was angry.

To this end, we regret, feel that they should not say hello to Gao Yunjin.

“There are still people here, so I won’t go with you. It’s not convenient.” Gao Yunjin still has partners, so it’s not easy to leave people behind.

“It’s OK. Just ask him to come with us.” Fu Jincheng wants to have dinner with Gao Yunjin. Naturally, he doesn’t want to let her go. Without waiting for her answer, he asks Mr. Lei, “do you mind adding more tables?”

Mr. Lei said with a smile, “of course I don’t mind.”

How could he possibly say that he didn’t mind?

Fu Jincheng nodded, turned around and said to Gao Yunjin’s partner, “Hello, I’m Fu Jincheng. May I have your name, please?”

“I, my surname, my surname is Chen. Hello, Mr. Fu.” Although Mr. Chen’s business is not big, he knows big names like Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun even if he hasn’t met them face to face.

As early as when he met them, he was shocked and speechless.

Now listen to Fu Jincheng take the initiative to say hello to him, flattered almost speechless.

Fu Jincheng nodded, “Mr. Chen, would you mind having dinner with us?”

Mr. Chen nodded and said, “no, no, I don’t mind. It’s an honor for Mr. Chen.”

At present, any one of these big people can boast all his life, and dream of meeting such people. How dare he mind? It’s hard to get.

“You see, Mr. Chen and Mr. Chen don’t mind. Xiaojin, just have dinner with us.” Gao Yunjin nodded and saw that other people were looking at her. Her small face turned red. She took Fu Jincheng’s hand and said to Mr. Lei, “I’ll disturb you.”

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