Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3177

The party went into the box.

In the corridor, Gao Yunjin holds Fu Jincheng’s arm and listens to Fu Jincheng chatting with Lei Laozi and Lei Yun, but he doesn’t interrupt.

In the box, Gao Yunjin sits next to Fu Jincheng. On the other side of Fu Jincheng is Lei Laozi. On the other side of Lei Laozi is Lei Yun.

After sitting down, Gao Yunjin handed the menu to Mr. Lei and asked him to order.

Mr. Lei didn’t push either. After ordering a few dishes, he asked Fu Jincheng to order them. Fu Jincheng didn’t push either. He ordered two or three dishes that Gao Yunjin liked, and then gave the menu to Lei Yun.

They had a large number of people. The box they ordered was very large and the table was very large. They could sit for more than 20 people. They ordered 30 or 40 dishes before they handed the menu to the waiter.

Mr. Lei took a sip of tea and looked sideways at the direction of Gao Yunjin. “Is Miss Gao from Beijing?”

“Yes, sir.”

Gao Yunjin knows that Lei Yun is not a good stubble. Although she hasn’t contacted Lei Laozi, she doesn’t like him.

Since she doesn’t like him, she doesn’t care about him very much, so she just needs to be herself and make no mistakes. Therefore, her attitude is very respectful.

Mr. Lei said with concern, “I’ve known Mr. Fu for such a long time, but it’s the first time I’ve seen Miss Gao. Does Miss Gao usually not like to go out? Why don’t you go out with Jincheng? “

Gao Yunjin looks self-confident and says with a smile: “I’m usually busy with my work. When Jincheng is on a business trip, I don’t have much time to accompany him.”

“So.” Mr. Lei said with a smile, “what does Miss Gao do?”

“In the clothing business.”

Gao Yunjin answers every question and seems to be very serious, giving people a sense of propriety and dignityโ€œ Our Lei family also invests in clothing business, but they are all abroad. After all, the foreign market is better than the domestic market. ” Mr. Lei said, and then asked, “Miss Gao seems to be very knowledgeable. Should she do a good job in the clothing business? ignorance

What is the brand name? I’m very interested. Since it’s Miss Gao’s company and Mr. Fu’s help, I’m sure I won’t worry about money. “

Mr. Lei is wearing a hat for Gao Yunjin.

How about gaoyunjin company? People present basically know.

Her business is very big now, but the big and the small are compared.

Compared with foreign first-line brand, her company is not enough to see, but compared with many domestic clothing companies, she is very good, and the profit is not low.

But these profits, because of the identity of Mrs. Fu Jincheng, become too low. After all, Fu Jincheng casually does a project, and the money she earns is 10 times, 100 times, or even 1000 times of her annual profit. Mr. Lei said this to let everyone know that even if Gao Yunjin is protected by Fu Jincheng, her business is not big. It’s estimated that her company can still operate. It’s all up to Fu Jincheng to spoil her. Gao Yunjin has nothing to live for

It’s a mental thing.

Mr. Lei’s meaning is known by Gao Yunjin as soon as he hears it.

Just as she was about to answer, Lei Yun said with a smile, “grandfather, as soon as you sit down and ask Miss Gao so many questions, you are not afraid to scare people.”

Mr. Lei laughs at Gao Yunjin apologetically. “It’s the first time I’ve met Miss Gao. I’m a little curious, so I ask more questions. Does Miss Gao mind?”

Gao Yunjin dropped her eyes and said with a smile, “of course not.”

Lei Yun’s interruption was very good. When she said that, everyone acquiesced that she would not do business, but she had been fooling around and refused to give up. She let Fu Jincheng put money into it.

No, when Gao Yunjin looks up, he sees other people’s eyes looking at her. They don’t like her very much, and they don’t care about her very much. Instead, they often want to talk to Lei Yun.

Fu Jincheng doesn’t like Mr. Lei asking too much about Gao Yunjin either. However, Mr. Lei wants to please him and compliment Gao Yunjin. In his opinion, there is no problem, so he didn’t say much just now.

Mr. Lei didn’t talk to Gao Yunjin, so he talked to others.

What they are talking about is what they understand together, which is not what Gao Yunjin is good at. She is confused when she hears it, and she doesn’t want to pretend to understand it, so she doesn’t listen carefully.

But she could see that many people present appreciated Lei Yun and flattered her very much, even the antiques of Fu Jincheng company.

Gao Yunjin didn’t speak to them. He calmed down and drank tea with a cup in his head.

Fu Jincheng didn’t open her mouth either. Seeing that she didn’t want to talk and lowered her head, she laughed and reached for her little hand.

Gaoyunjin Leng next, immediately heart a warm, small face but red, she gently struggled.

He thought about her, she was very happy, although in the desktop, others can’t see, but she still feel a little embarrassed, if others see, will certainly make fun of her.

Fu Jincheng didn’t let go. He leaned over and whispered: “it’s boring?”

Gao Yunjin couldn’t help but raise his lips and nodded.

“Wait a minute. After dinner, we’ll go home.” Fu Jincheng said softly.


At the dinner table, everyone said a word to me, which was very lively. No one really heard what they were saying.

However, even if Fu Jincheng doesn’t speak, he is always the focus, especially when everyone pays close attention to him, Lei Yun and Gao Yunjin. His every move has a certain influence on everyone on the scene.

All of us were quiet.

For a moment, the big private room was so quiet that everyone looked at Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng.

Gao Yunjin’s little face is a little more red, and he lowers his head shyly, and draws back the little hand that Fu Jincheng holds.

Fu Jincheng saw that she was so shy and afraid that she would not feel comfortable, so he had to let go of her hand and sipped a sip of tea, then he said, “what’s the matter? What are you looking at me for? Keep talking. “

The others looked at each other and focused on Lei Yun.

Lei Yun knew what they were thinking. She pursed her lips and soon laughed, but she didn’t speak.

Mr. Lei also laughed and was silent.

In other people’s eyes, Lei Yun was jealous, but he didn’t say it. Lei was dissatisfied with Fu Jincheng, but he gave Fu Jincheng face, so he didn’t say anything. Other people see, you look at me, I look at you, someone took the lead to say: “we just talked about the amusement park project.” The man said to Fu Jincheng: “it is said that Mr. Fu introduced the project to Mr. Lei. Presumably, Mr. Fu is also very optimistic about the project, so we want to add some money.”

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