Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3181

Mr. Sun’s eyes brightened: seconds.

It’s killing three birds with one stone!

Lei Yun didn’t say a word with a smile. He didn’t know what he thought of. He straightened out: by the way, you should contact the people who bullied Gao Yunjin.

Mr. Sun responded immediately: I’ll go now.

To help Gao Yunjin solve these problems, if they come forward, Fu Jincheng will be able to get better and make Gao Yunjin depressed. It’s also a good thing to kill two birds with one stone.

On the other side.

Gao Yunjin quickly picked up the phone: “what’s the matter?”

They’ve only been apart for less than half an hour.

“Did something happen to your company the other day?” Fu Jincheng went straight to the theme.

Gao Yunjin Leng next: “how do you know?”

“Lei Yun came to work in our company. She told me just now.”

“What did she tell you?”


Fu Jincheng’s focus is not on Lei Yun at all. “How’s the company now?”

“Nothing. It’s basically stable.”

“The truth?”

He knew her too well. She was always the kind of person who held something in her heart and didn’t want to say anything or worry him.

“I –“

“So it’s a lie, isn’t it?” Fu Jincheng said angrily.

However, he was even more angry with himself, forgetting that he didn’t think he had nothing to do with Lei Yun, so he thought others thought so.

“It’s not. It’s basically stable, but some things have not been solved, but it’s fast. I can handle it myself. Don’t worry.”

“So it hasn’t been completely dealt with?”


“What’s the matter? I’ll deal with it later. “

“Don’t bother –“

“I don’t find it troublesome.”


“You don’t need my help. Do you want someone else to help you?”

This time, Fu Jincheng did not flinch at all.

In the past, she said that she didn’t need his help. He was soft hearted, but now Huo Zhengyun is still eyeing him. He is worried that Huo Zhengyun will take advantage of the situation.

“I didn’t.”

“Then let me help.”

No way, Gao Yunjin had to agree: “good.”

“Don’t go back.”

“I see.” Gao Yunjin comforted: “I won’t go back. Don’t be angry.”

“I’m not angry.” Fu Jincheng relieved, tone is also soft, “should be you don’t be angry with me.”

He brought it on.

If he had kept a little distance from ray Yun, there would not have been so many scandals and her work would not have been affected.

Without waiting for her to speak, he said, “don’t be angry with me, OK?”

“Well, I’m not angry.”

Fu Jincheng’s heart was crisp and soft, and he laughed.

“Well, I have something else to do. I’ll just hang up.”


Gao Yunjin just hung up the phone, the secretary came to her, “Gao Zong, good news!”

Gao Yunjin smiles: “what’s the good news?”

“That’s the final payment from general manager LAN.”

Gao Yunjin: “so fast?”

She just finished the phone call with Fu Jincheng, and the last payment came.

Secretary: “Mr. LAN, have you been contacted? “I’ll call you today?”

“No, it’s Jincheng.”

Speaking of Fu Jincheng, the smile on Gao Yunjin’s face is immediately different, covered with a layer of happiness.

The Secretary also felt very happy, “it turned out that general manager Fu was there. You see, Mr. Fu is quick. “


The Secretary hesitated, “however, it’s also because of Mr. Fu.”

Gao Yunjin pause, the Secretary said: “however, last night I really saw it. Mr. Fu didn’t look at Lei Yun directly. My mind is on you. I think Mr. Fu really loves you.”

Gao Yunjin smiles, “do you have one?”

“Yes. I’m sure The Secretary said seriously.


She is sure that Fu Jincheng has her in her heart, but she doesn’t dare to think about what she loves.

However, determined Fu Jincheng’s mind, for her already enough surprise, other, she is not anxious. Next, only half an hour later, they called the balance of the money they owed before. Later, they also called Gao Yunjin one by one and apologized to her, saying that they didn’t mean it and let her not worry about it. As for what they said before

Cooperation, as usual, even if the new line of gaoyunjin is a few days later than before, they will not pursue.

Hearing this, Gao Yunjin felt relieved. It’s impossible for her to do business smoothly, and every businessman can’t be honest. The scale of her company has expanded. If she doesn’t cooperate with several of them because of this, she can’t find so many partners all of a sudden, and she can’t win

It will lose money, so the cooperation must continue.

These things are solved, Gao Yunjin is also relaxed, and the company is not so busy.

Gao Yunjin leisure down, do not know whether Fu Jincheng busy, sent him a message in the past.

Fu Jincheng quickly replied to her: not busy, I’ll find you later.

Gao Yunjin: OK, I’m almost finished.

Fu Jincheng: will you have something delicious? Gao Yunjin wanted to promise. Thinking of today’s Sunday, they didn’t accompany the two kids well, he replied, “go home and take Yueyue and Xiaoxuan out for dinner and a movie. I heard them talking about an animated movie two days ago,

It should be on today.

Fu Jincheng: good.

Gao Yunjin: did I buy the ticket?

Fu Jincheng: Yes.

Gao Yunjin cleaned up the files on his desk, estimated the time, and bought four movie tickets.

After a while, Fu Jincheng arrived, went straight to her office, and came to the door with the organ.

Gao Yunjin smiles, and his face turns red when he sees that he closes the door.

She guessed the center thought, Fu Jincheng not only not angry, but more magnanimous, attached to kiss her lips, for a long time to let her go.

Gao Yunjin looked at the next time, “it’s 4:30, I bought a movie ticket for 7:00. Let’s go home to meet Yueyue and Xiaoxuan for dinner. After dinner, we can catch up with the movie.”


On the bus, thinking of the company, Gao Yunjin said with a smile: “by the way, the company’s affairs have been dealt with, thank you.”

Fu Jincheng said with a smile, “I didn’t deal with those things. Lei Yun dealt with them.”

Lei Yun took care of it and told him before he left his company.

Gao Yunjin’s face is a little pale, “is she handling?”

“Well.” Fu Jincheng said: “she took advantage of this matter, she helped to deal with it as a gift.”

“What did she tell you?”


Gao Yunjin is speechless.

So she said hello to her partners one by one?

That is to say, those partners are also the people of Lei Yun. By doing so, Lei Yun can not only answer her and let her know her strength, but also win favor with Fu Jincheng. It’s really brilliant.

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