Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3186

“It can’t be pure robbery.” Fu Jincheng said in a cold voice: “yesterday we went to a restaurant for dinner. For the sake of safety and confidentiality, the hotel has taken sufficient measures. It is impossible for thieves to have a chance to come in.”

“So, a conspiracy?”

“Well.” Secretary LAN paused. “Their goal should be you. You are never drunk, but you were drunk last night, and you were so drunk that I didn’t know why. Mr. Lei said that you were drunk, but I didn’t react for a moment

“Thunder luck?”

“Well, she was very anxious, and she sent you back.” Secretary Lan said coldly, “last night, many people brought in young secretaries. Each of them is suspected.”

“Well.” Fu Jincheng said coldly, “this matter needs to be checked carefully.”


“Let’s go to the airport first.”


When they went out, they met Lei Yun.

Lei Yun saw the bandage on Secretary Lan’s head, “Secretary LAN, are you ok?”

“Nothing. It’s just a slight injury.”

“How did you get hurt?”

“It’s hard to say.” Secretary LAN doesn’t want to say more.

“Thanks for last night.” Fu Jincheng said to Lei Yun.

Lei Yun looked at the blue eyed secretary, looked at him again, and joked: “what do I seem to understand?”

Fu Jincheng: “no wonder there were so many young girls last night. Mr. Fu was really popular.” Then he closed his smile and said, “this kind of thing should not happen less, right? Mr. Fu, you’d better take one or two more secretaries with you in the future, so that you can at least be safer


“No exaggeration.”

That said, but when it comes to thinking about such things, Fu Jincheng also thinks of the last scene.

Unfortunately, last time, Lei Yun was there.


Fu Jincheng heart a mention, quietly look to thunder luck. Lei Yun was highly alert and noticed that he was not obviously suspicious. He took the suitcase by the hand and used two points without any trace. As if he didn’t notice, he changed the topic. “Mr. Fu, I may have to go back to H city first

I’ll be back in Beijing in two days. “

“It’s about that project?” Fu Jincheng also took back his eyes.

Although he thought the coincidence was too coincidental, he still felt that she didn’t need to do so in terms of Lei Yun’s identity.

After all, it’s very easy for her to find a good husband to match her. She doesn’t have to focus on him, a married man with two children.

“Yes, I also talked with my grandfather last night. This project has its merits and may also invest some money in it.”


When they arrived at the airport, after they separated, Fu Jincheng asked the two bodyguards, “did Mr. Lei have anything different with her last night?”


The two bodyguards understood what he meant, “but she said that she would stay to take care of you, but we didn’t trust her. She said nothing


Blue Secretary Leng next, “general Fu, do you suspect general Lei?”

“No way?”

“No, it’s not.” He can see that Lei Yun really appreciates Fu Jincheng, but he didn’t expect that he could use such means.

If it’s really her, the one who knocked him out last night is also Lei Yun’s.

Thinking of Lei Yun’s concern for him this morning, he got goose bumps. “Are you sure?”

“Not sure.” Fu Jincheng said faintly: “I just feel that if the purpose is the same, since others can do it, why can’t she? Because she sent me back? But isn’t it more suspect that she sent me back? “

“Yes, it is.”

“But it’s not necessarily her. We have no evidence.”

He said this, but he didn’t exclude Lei Yun from the suspect alone. If we want to talk about trust, the degree of his trust in Lei Yun is really not high.

“Yes, we have no evidence.”

However, after hearing this, Secretary LAN has understood that in Fu Jincheng’s heart, Lei Yun is the same as most of his partners, and does not give her special treatment because of their frequent cooperation.

Fu Jincheng no longer discusses this, but calls Gao Yunjin.

Gao Yunjin picked it up quickly, “so early?”

“Well, it’s at the airport now.” Fu Jincheng’s face was tender for a moment, “come and meet me, OK?”

“But I’ll have something to do later. I may not be able to do without it.”

“Well, let’s have lunch together then.”


“I’m kidding.” Fu Jincheng sighed, “I’ll go back to your company. It’s a little too late. You’d better eat first.”

“It doesn’t matter. I can wait for you.”

“OK, but don’t wait hungry, you know?”


“Good boy.”

Gao Yunjin smiles. Just as he says that, his mobile phone rings, “someone calls me. Hang up first.”

The person who called her was none other than Zhuolin.

This time, Zhuolin didn’t speak.

The more she doesn’t speak, the more nervous Gao Yunjin thinks, “Xiao Lin, just say something.”

“I’ll send you pictures.”


Zhuolin hung up and Gao Yunjin opened wechat.

The first photo shows Fu Jincheng holding Lei Yun.

There are two pictures in the back. Just seeing the first picture, Gao Yunjin’s face immediately changed.

Looking at the scene of Fu Jincheng embracing Lei Yun in the photo, Gao Yunjin’s heart suddenly shakes. For a moment, he dare not look down at the following two photos.

However, everything has happened, and some things will come.

It’s no use for her to escape.

Thinking of this, she took a deep breath and opened the second photo.

This time, the picture is still the same as the two of them embracing each other, but this time it changed place.

In other words, they hugged more than once last night.

Once may be an accident, twice

Gao Yunjin doesn’t dare to think deeply. She opens the third photo. The moment she sees the third photo, her hands shaking with her mobile phone, almost unsteadily.

Because, in the photo, it’s Fu Jincheng holding Lei Yun’s face and kissing her.

Although the light was not very clear, she could see that the people in the photo were Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun. Zhuolin can’t help it. This time, she sent wechat again: it’s said that it was last night. I don’t know if you and Fu Jincheng are really completely reconciled now, but you’d better ask Fu Jincheng about such a thing


May be not at ease, and then came a: to speak well, don’t give him fooled in the past.

Gao Yunjin: I know.

Then Zhuolin said nothing more. Those photos, Gao Yunjin no longer have the courage to open to see, soon put the phone aside.

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