Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3188

Like Fu Jincheng, she knows more about the future of science and technology, so she knows that Fu Jincheng’s investment in this project is the right choice, and it is impossible to blindly follow Lei Yun.

“How much are you going to invest?”

“I’m not sure, but there will be at least eleven digits.”

Gao Yunjin is stunned, “really throw so much?”

“Well.” Fu Jincheng laughed, “this number is just right. I didn’t cast 11 figures in my last life. I think it’s a little less.”

Speaking of the words of last life, it’s actually a little scary, but it’s not convenient for other people to hear. Gao Yunjin lowered his voice, “but you’re still very rich, very rich, aren’t you?”

She didn’t know exactly how rich he was, but she knew that he was very rich.

Fu Jincheng looked very cute with her careful look. Thinking that they had the deepest secret of each other, even their children didn’t know, Fu Jincheng’s heart was crisp. He took her hand and gave it a kiss on the back of her hand.

Gao Yunjin stares at him with a red face, “what are you doing?”

“Don’t you think I’m dirty?” Fu Jincheng asked unhappily.

“No She’s just thin skinned.

“I just want to kiss you.”

She is so lovely and beautiful. Isn’t it normal for him to want to kiss her?

Gao Yunjin

Fu Jincheng: “by the way, do you have time tomorrow?”

“What’s the matter?”

Fu Jincheng: “I plan to go to the bank tomorrow. I need your signature.”

Gao Yunjin knows that he is talking about investment projects: “good.”

After dinner, Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin go back to the company.

Back at the company, Secretary LAN told Fu Jincheng, “Mr. Fu, just now Mr. Lei gave an interview and said that they are going to invest in that project again.”


Fu Jincheng is not much surprised: “however, even if they invest again, the amount will not be very large, it is estimated that most of the money is still invested in the project they like.”

“That’s not clear.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t pay much attention to Lei Yun’s business. Secretary LAN mentioned it, but he didn’t ask any more. He wanted to get off work early, so he quickly took the time to deal with the extra documents on the desk these two days.

After dealing with the matter, he went to gaoyunjin company to pick her up. When he found the time in the evening, he took her into the bedroom and made a mess.

Gaoyunjin promised him, let him toss.

Fu Jincheng energy is very good, toss to the end, he is still very spirit, hold her in his arms, kiss her hair.

At this time, Fu Jincheng’s mobile phone rang.

Fu Jincheng didn’t answer. He hung up.

Gao Yunjin asked, “who’s calling?”

“Thunder luck.” Fu Jincheng touched her head, “maybe it’s for the sake of the project. Don’t worry about it. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

“Won’t something happen?”


If there was anything wrong, Lei Yun would not be the first one to contact him. Other people in his company would have been in a hurry.

“It’s a private matter.”

“I think so.”

Fu Jin shut down the machine and said, “sleep.”


The next day, when Lei Yun’s call came in, Fu Jincheng picked it up: “I don’t know what’s the matter with Lei always looking for me so early?”

“We signed a contract with that side.”

“Which way?”

“We used to watch that one.”


“Mr. Fu, when are you going to sign it?”

“These days, too.”

“Well.” In fact, Lei Yun wanted to inquire about some news, but Fu Jincheng’s tone was very cold, so Lei Yun didn’t ask.

Hang up the phone, she frowned: “perhaps, that night, he suspected.”

“Suspicions are just suspicions, but he has no evidence, and other people are also suspected.” Sun said.

“But I think his attitude is colder than before.”

“Maybe it’s Mr. Fu. He’s not happy.”

Lei Yun didn’t say anything. Recalling the events of that night, he was relieved to make sure that she didn’t leave any flaws.

On the other side.

Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin go to the bank.

Because of the huge amount, Fu Jincheng had already said hello to the bank a few days ago, so when they arrived, the president and manager of the bank came with a pile of documents.

Looking at so many documents, Gao Yunjin was stunned: “do you want to finish all these today? But we can’t finish this one day, can we? “

Hearing this, the others looked over.

Fu Jincheng laughed, took her hand, and said gently, “don’t worry about it. I’ve asked the lawyer to go through it before, but I’ll come back later. Do you still worry about his work?”


She didn’t have to look at it. It really saved her a lot, “so we just need to sign it?”


After a while, Qin Jingxu also arrived. Seeing Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin, he ignored Fu Jincheng and said hello to Gao Yunjin: “Xuemei.”

Fu Jincheng did not care with him, asked him, “sure no problem, right?”

Qin Jingxu: “sure.”

Naturally, he would not take such an important matter lightly.

If it’s OK, Gao Yunjin can sign.

Gao Yunjin didn’t even look at the name of the document. He turned to the page where he signed. Qin Jingxu shook his head. “Xuemei, do you believe Jincheng so much? What if you sign the money and you can’t get it back? “

“No way.”

Gao Yunjin has confidence in Fu Jincheng.

Qin Jingxu: “bank presidents are few of them. They know that Fu Jincheng’s money has passed the name of Gao Yunjin. It’s quite surprising to see her trust in Fu Jincheng. But they didn’t hum when they thought that Fu Jincheng trusted her and loved her so much

Give all to her, their husband and wife feelings so good, Gao Yunjin will be so simple, is also normal.

Their husband and wife’s feelings are as good as one day for ten years. Qin Jingxu knows it. He joked: “Xuemei, you are not afraid of Jincheng’s doing this. Do you want to take all your property back?”

Gao Yunjin

No one paid attention to him.

Fu Jincheng glanced at him, “you’re quite free.”

Qin Jingxu: “do you think you are qualified to say that?”

He is also a shareholder of their law firm, but Fu Jincheng has not been in charge of the firm for many years, but he can get a considerable dividend every year.

Fu Jincheng knew what he was talking about and sneered, “the money you make in our company every year is more than the dividend I get.”

Qin Jingxu

That’s true.

OK, it’s even.

Although these documents have been reviewed by Qin Jingxu, and it is confirmed that there is no problem, Gao Yunjin still signs all the documents and is tired.

Fu Jincheng rubbed her wrist, “we still have a lot of time, don’t worry, take a rest and sign again.” Gao Yunjin saw that the top management of the bank had all come and looked at her. She was too embarrassed to let others wait. Besides, sooner or later, she had to sign. When the signing was complete, she didn’t stop.

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