Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3190

Next, Gao Yunjin followed Fu Jincheng to the bank several times, and finally finished signing the documents that Fu Jincheng asked her to sign.

After signing the documents, Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin didn’t stay much, so they got on the bus and left.

On the bus, Gao Yunjin was relieved.

Fu Jincheng rubbed her wrist for her, “tired?”

“Not at all.”

Even after running to the bank several times, it’s troublesome and time-consuming.

On the car, Fu Jincheng holding her little hand, on the lips kiss and kiss, “hard.”

Gao Yunjin felt itchy and his heart beat faster, but he didn’t take back his hand and let him kiss, “what kind of hard work is this? If it’s hard work, it’s hard work. “

Although she signed the words, Fu Jincheng earned all the money.

She just signed it. Although he is a business genius, all the money he has saved over the years.

They had to go to work. Fu Jincheng took her to the company. When she got off the bus, she pecked her lips a few times and then said, “these days will be busy. I can’t go home for dinner at night. If you have something, please call me.”


Now that the funds are ready, he may be busy signing the contract. She understands that he is busy.

Seeing time soon, Fu Jincheng reluctantly let her go and left.

Soon after the car started, Lei Yun called.

Fu Jincheng picked up, “general manager Lei?”

Lei Yun laughs: “I’m at the airport now, and the plane will take off in a moment. I wonder if Mr. Fu is a little late and has time to pick me up at the airport?”

Fu Jincheng doesn’t even have time to have dinner with Gao Yunjin. Where can I pick her up?

He refused: “I’m sorry, I’ll be busy these days. I’m afraid I can’t pick you up at the airport in person. In this way, I’ll send someone to –“

Lei Yun’s face slightly hesitated, “this way, it doesn’t matter. We can have dinner together in the evening.”

The last time they contacted him was a week ago.

Because before the design of his things, she was not sure whether Fu Jincheng doubted her, so these days, she deliberately did not contact him.

They haven’t contacted for more than a week. Now she contacted him, and he refused without hesitation. She didn’t know whether he was really busy or because she suspected her, so she planned to alienate her.

“Well, I’ll invite Mr. Lei to dinner at that time. It’s an apology.” Fu Jincheng said with a smile.

“That’s it.” Listening to him, Lei Yun felt that he was almost the same as before. He could not help but ask, “are you so busy because you are busy with new projects?”

These days, she didn’t hear anything from Fu Jincheng. She couldn’t help wondering if his company was going to do a new project, but the partner was no longer their Lei family.

“No, it’s something else in the company.”

“So.” He didn’t seem to want to say much, and Lei Yun didn’t know how to ask much. However, when she thought about the future technology project, she couldn’t help asking: “by the way, didn’t she say that she wanted to invest in the previous project? What’s going on now? ” It has been more than ten days since I came back from the inspection of the future science and technology project. They have signed the contract for a long time. Fu Jincheng seems to have nothing to do with it. She is worried that there are variables in it. He changed his mind and won’t invest in that project

But they have all invested their money. If something really happens, they have to make preparations in advance. Now it’s still time to withdraw.

Fu Jincheng: “I’ll sign the document in a few days. It’s fast.”

Thunder luck hears speech, relieved a bit: “such ah.”

Fu Jincheng has arrived at the destination, he has other things to do, not so much time to chat with her, “Lei always have other things?”

“No, we’ll get in touch in a few days.”


After hanging up, Lei Yun put his cell phone back into his bag and frowned.

Mr. Sun: “what’s the matter?”“ Not for the time being. ” Lei Yun thought more and more, and frowned more and more: “it’s the future science and technology project, hasn’t Fu Jincheng signed yet? I thought he was so optimistic about the project that he would be in a hurry, but in fact, he hasn’t talked to me yet

I’m a little worried because they signed up. ““ Maybe something is really delayed? ” Mr. Sun thought about it and said, “besides, there are more and more people investing in this project. Among them, there are four big families in Beijing. Their investment is not a reassurance to us

Is it a pill? “

Everyone is not a fool. Since we want to invest, we will certainly take action after estimating. Since so many people are throwing money into it, there will be no problem at present.

“That’s true.” Hearing this, Lei Yun was relieved.

“You suspect that the previous design of Fu Jincheng made him suspicious, so I’m worried that Fu Jincheng won’t talk to you even if he has any latest news. I don’t feel secure, do I?”

“It does feel that way.”

The first time she designed Fu Jincheng, Fu Jincheng didn’t doubt her, but now the second time, when the accident happened, she was also the person closest to him. If Fu Jincheng didn’t doubt her at all, it would be unrealistic.

Mr. Sun also knew her worries. After a pause, he said, “in this way, we can’t go any further. We have to find other ways.”

“I know.”

Last time, she had a try.

After all, she was ready for the final plan.

However, the plan needs to wait.

They also can’t know when this time will arrive. They need Huo Zhengyun to enter the urn. It’s more troublesome.

However, the last trial was not useless, at least let them know that Fu Jincheng is accompanied by many people, if ordinary people want to do something to Fu Jincheng, they can’t get close to him.

As a result, they are less likely to be exposed.

Thinking of this, she took back her thoughts and said to Mr. Sun, “send someone to the person in charge of the project and have a look at Fu Jincheng’s plans.”

Fu Jincheng side, they can’t send people to follow, will be found, they have to through other ways to reach the goal.

Mr. Sun understood what she meant, “yes, I’ll go right away.”


Fu Jincheng has been busy for a few days. Basically, everything in the company is almost busy. It’s also the day when he and the person in charge of future science and technology agree to sign a contract.

Fu Jincheng’s identity is extraordinary, and the other party can also feel that Fu Jincheng attaches great importance to their project, so this time the person in charge of the project came to the capital in person.

When the other party came, Fu Jincheng didn’t put on airs. He went to the airport with Secretary LAN to meet him. He went to have dinner first, and then went to the company office to talk about it in detail. The other party guessed that Fu Jincheng might invest a lot of money, but after learning Fu Jincheng’s plan, the other party was still surprised.

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