Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3193

If he could, he would like to hold her in his arms all the time. His little brocade is soft and fragrant. It’s very comfortable to hold her in his arms.

Gao Yunjin was startled, “no, it’s not good. It’s not good at all!”

She will die of shame if she is seen!

“All right.”

Fu Jincheng also knew that she was thin skinned and would not agree. It was a pity.

Gao Yunjin

Fu Jincheng didn’t make trouble. When they left, they went out hand in hand.

On the bus, Fu Jincheng was about to drive away when his mobile phone suddenly rang.

Fu Jincheng pauses, takes a look, and notices that it’s Lei Yun’s call.

Gao Yunjin also noticed the mess and said, “it’s Mr. Lei’s call.”


Fu Jincheng picked up the phone and turned on hands-free: “what’s the matter with Mr. Lei calling me so late?”

“Can’t I call you if I’m ok?”

In fact, Lei Yun is not very satisfied with Fu Jincheng’s asking if she has anything to do with her every time she answers her phone. He thinks that every time he opens his mouth, he will distance them from each other.

“Of course.” Fu Jincheng would still say, “it’s just that Lei is always busy. If it’s OK, where will he have time to find me?”

“I’m not really busy right now.” Lei Yun said with a smile: “today’s work has just finished. How about going out to relax? Will Mr. Fu join us? “

Fu Jincheng took a look at Gao Yunjin and raised the corner of his lips. He said to Lei Yun solemnly, “I’m on my way home with my wife. I promised to go home with my children, so I’m sorry.”

Raymond lives here.

It turns out that Gao Yunjin is beside him?

She didn’t know what she thought, and she laughed, “so, Fu is always open?”

“Yes.” Fu Jincheng also admitted, “does Lei always mind?”

“How?” Lei Yun’s eyes flashed and said with a smile, “but Mr. Fu, you should tell me. I’ve been chatting with you for so long, but I didn’t say hello to your wife. It’s too impolite.”

Fu Jincheng heard her say “your wife” three words, in the heart is very useful, said with a smile: “it doesn’t matter, my wife won’t mind.”

“You don’t mind, but I can’t be so impolite.” Lei Yun didn’t agree and said, “right, Mrs. Fu?”

Speaking of this, Lei Yun is familiar with his tone.

Gao Yunjin didn’t know what Lei Yun meant, but she still said, “Lei always doesn’t have to be so polite.”

“Madam Fu, you are the treasure of President Fu. I have to be polite.” Lei Yun said with a smile and asked Fu Jincheng, “is that right, Mr. Fu?”

Fu Jincheng likes Lei Yun’s way very much. His smile is deeper. However, he says, “it’s good to have a heart.”

“All right.” Lei Yun said: “since Mr. Fu wants to accompany his family, I won’t disturb him. We’ll get in touch when we have time.”


With that, they hung up.

Gao Yunjin said thoughtfully, “you’ve known Lei Yun for so long. When I contacted you in private, I was still so polite and unfamiliar? “

“It’s just a partner, not a friend. We still need to keep a certain distance.” Fu Jincheng replied.


“You don’t think that’s good?” Fu Jincheng asked.

Gao Yunjin shook his head: “No.”

She thinks it’s good.

She didn’t think of it before. She thought they really had something.

However, since they have nothing to do, it is normal for them to get along like this.

But she also noticed that when Fu Jincheng talked with Lei Yun just now, she was very happy.

What makes him so happy?

Is it because ray Yun mentioned her?

It has to be said that if it is true, Lei Yun is really powerful. Knowing that she is there, what she says, what she says in front of her, is totally two extremes.

Thinking of this, she was about to ask Fu Jincheng about Lei Yun. Fu Jincheng changed the topic, “do you think those two little guys are sleeping?”


This topic changed a little fast, Gao Yunjin didn’t respond.

“These two little guys, if they haven’t gone to bed, will certainly pester us for a while.

That tone, as if the existence of two little guys disturbed his good things.

The two little guys have really disturbed their “good things” many times. It’s normal for him to have such worries.

“It’s almost ten o’clock now. They should be going to bed soon.”

“Just sleep.” Fu Jincheng joked with a smile.

Gao Yunjin

She was about to speak when Gao Yunjin suddenly got a call.

Gao Yunjin looks and smiles.

Fu Jincheng noticed her smile and said, “the phone number of little guys?”

Gao Yunjin smiles: “yes.”

Fu Jincheng gritted his teeth: “this point, do not sleep still call to do?”

“Probably miss us.” Gao Yunjin said, answered the phone, also turned on the hands-free, “Yueyue, Xuanxuan, haven’t you slept yet?”

“Not yet.”

Two little guys are talking in the same voice.

Then Yueyue asked, “Mom, why are you so late today? Did you sneak out with dad? “

Gao Yunjin

Fu Jincheng

She’s a good guesser.

The two little guys are very clever. Gao Yunjin didn’t answer immediately. Xiaoxuan said, “Mom, is Dad next to you?”

Gao Yunjin

Fu Jincheng

Fu Jincheng deliberately did not speak, heard here, the corner of his mouth smoked.

Gao Yunjin smiles, “yes.”

“Dad, stop pretending. We know you’re here.” Yueyue snorted: “you and your mother have come home so late. They must be playing behind our back. Don’t think that if you don’t speak, we don’t know where you are.”

“Tut, I am worthy of being Fu Jincheng’s daughter. How clever.”

Yueyue raised her head, but her beautiful face sank immediately: “don’t think you can coax me by praising me. You take my mother out to play. I remember Xuanxuan and I don’t take our revenge!”

Fu Jincheng

Gao Yunjin Snickers without interrupting. Fu Jincheng is not reasonable, but he is very angry. “You are taking the heart of a villain as the belly of a gentleman. I made an agreement with your mother to take you out to play tomorrow, and then go to eat hot pot together. If you think Dad praises you one or two words, you will be happy, then eat it

To eat hot pot with you is like never before. “

Before she finished, Yueyue immediately yelled, “no! Xuanxuan and I want to go out and have hot pot, too! “

“I see.” Fu Jincheng laughs: “then you go to bed quickly, we go out early tomorrow.”

Yueyue, Xuanxuan said happily, “yes, I know!”

Then he hung up and went to bed.

Fu Jincheng’s eyebrows are raised in high rhyme brocade.

Gao Yunjin: “after such a interruption, Gao Yunjin forgot to ask Fu Jincheng about Lei Yun.

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