Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3195

Seeing the news on the Internet, Gao Yunjin subconsciously felt that netizens were talking nonsense.

She knows that Fu Jincheng is optimistic about this project. Fu Jincheng also told her that after all, the documents she signed in the bank a few days ago were not signed in vain.

However, it has been several days since she signed the contract. After that, she didn’t hear Fu Jincheng mention it again. She really didn’t know whether Fu Jincheng cooperated with others.

Is it difficult? What happened?

Thinking of this, she made a call to Fu Jincheng, but it showed that she was on the phone and couldn’t get through.

It’s still working time now. Although she is curious, she doesn’t continue to play. She looks at the news on the Internet again. Gao Yunjin turns off the page and goes to work.

On the other side.

After getting off the plane, president Fang contacted Fu Jincheng and said that he had already arrived in Beijing. He asked if he would be free later. If he was free, they could go through the signing documents today. If there was no objection, they could sign the contract.

Fu Jincheng is ready for the investment. He doesn’t want to delay all the time, so he should.

However, when he went downstairs to meet Mr. Fang, he saw Lei Yun beside him and said, “is Mr. Lei also here?”

Lei Yun looked at Fu Jincheng and saw that his face was no different from that of the past. He felt more confident and said with a smile, “I always have the same flight with Fang.”

“I see.” Fu Jincheng was not particularly interested in this. He opened the topic and said, “it’s windy outside. Come in and talk.” Lei Yun also knew the truth and shook his head: “no, there are still many things to deal with in our company, so I won’t go in. However, Mr. Fu, we haven’t seen each other for some time. It happens that Mr. Fang is also here. Why don’t we have dinner together later?


Fu Jincheng has no objection.

Lei Yun greets president Fang and leaves.

After she got on the bus, Mr. Fang suddenly asked, “Mr. Fu, why does Mr. Lei go to J City?”

“About divestment?” Fu Jincheng didn’t pay much attention to this.

Mr. Fang laughed and sighed: “Mr. Fu really knows. I’m just curious. Mr. Fu, why don’t you persuade Mr. Lei? I think Mr. Lei trusts you.”

“Ray always has his own plan. Maybe they have found a better project?” Fu Jincheng said faintly.

Mr. Fang laughed: “what Mr. Fu said is.”

If there is a better project, Fu Jincheng can not invest such a large sum of money into their project without cooperating with Lei Yun.

After all, Fu Jincheng’s daring to invest so much money is really unique and has a clear understanding of the future trend of science and technology.

If the relationship between Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun is really so good, Lei Yun can’t distrust Fu Jincheng.

It can be seen that the relationship between Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun is not as close as what is said on the Internet. There may be many things that Fu Jincheng will not communicate with Lei Yun at all.

It’s not hard to guess what Mr. Fang is thinking.

Fu Jincheng doesn’t want to say much about the relationship between him and Lei Yun, so let them think about it. Anyway, if someone has any other thoughts, it’s a good thing to find out.

Their intention has been discussed before, and now they are just short of a contract.

Now president Fang drew up the contract according to Fu Jincheng’s idea. Fu Jincheng looked at it and confirmed that there was no problem. He signed the contract on the same day, which was very straightforward.

After signing the contract, president Fang also talked with other shareholders of Fu Jincheng company for a while, and it was time for dinner.

Sure to go out, Fang always thought, “I’ll call Mr. Lei.”

Fu Jincheng nodded, no objection.

When Lei Yun heard the phone ring, he immediately picked up his mobile phone, but when he saw the caller ID, he was stunned and then picked it up: “Mr. Fang?”

General manager Fang: “it’s me. It’s general manager Lei. General manager Fu and I are going to go out. Are you finished with general manager Lei?”

“When you’re done, just send me the address. I’ll go out now.”


After hanging up, Lei Yun frowned, “it’s his call. Why? Does Fu Jincheng want to distance himself from me? “

She thought it would be Fu Jincheng who called her.

Mr. Sun thinks that Lei Yun thinks too much: “maybe Mr. Fang wants to woo you and hope you continue to invest in their project, so he rushed to call you.”

Thunder luck listened to, think also have this possibility, the mood is better, “hope is.”

At the destination, Fu Jincheng and president Fang have just arrived. General manager Fang is very enthusiastic. Fu Jincheng’s attitude towards Lei Yun is similar to that before. Lei Yun and general manager Sun also feel that their previous conjecture is correct. General manager Fang may also want to make some investment in their Lei family, hoping that they can change their mind and win

I’m trying to call ray Yun.

While eating, Lei Yun sat next to Fu Jincheng and suddenly asked, “is the business of Fu’s head office finished?”

Fu Jincheng knew what she was saying: “it’s almost done. I won’t be so busy next.”

“So if you have time, Mr. Fu can come out and have dinner with me?”

Fu Jincheng said with a smile: “Mr. Lei is joking. If you are free, how dare Mr. Fu not give Mr. Lei face?”

The atmosphere of the meal was good and everyone was very happy.

They didn’t drink too much and came out of the restaurant in an hour and a half.

The three of them were also photographed together and put on the Internet.

It also caused a heated discussion among netizens.

“Only three of them? So the three of them are really close. “

“Yes, it’s clearly a transaction between companies, but the other shareholders of Fu Jincheng company didn’t arrive, only Fu Jincheng. It can be seen that their relationship is really good. It’s estimated that it’s almost like a private party.”“ It is said that Lei Yun has signed an agreement with president Fang long ago, and it is not the right time to have dinner. However, Fu Jincheng and general manager Fang estimated that they had just signed an agreement to have dinner. General manager Fang also had dinner with Fu Jincheng and other people in his company. Lei Yun looked like an outsider.

But now, only Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun, as well as general manager Fang, have dinner together. In this case, it is estimated that Fu Jincheng made it up. “

When Gao Yunjin saw the news, he had already returned home.

She called Fu Jincheng in the afternoon, and she didn’t answer, so she didn’t continue to call, but Fu Jincheng didn’t reply. She was worried about disturbing him, so she didn’t continue to call.

Now, seeing these comments on the Internet, I feel that Fu Jincheng’s investment in this project is because the project itself is good enough. However, I feel a little uncomfortable when I see that netizens pull everything about Fu Jincheng onto Lei Yun.

Seeing this, she couldn’t help calling Fu Jincheng.

As soon as Fu Jincheng got on the bus and received her call, he immediately picked it up: “Xiaojin, miss me?” Gao Yunjin

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