Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3198

Fu Jincheng rubbed his eyebrows and agreed. He had to call Gao Yunjin again. “Xiaojin, I’m sorry, I can’t have dinner with you at night.”

Gao Yunjin is a little lost. “Is there something to do again?”

“Well.” Fu Jincheng knew that she must feel bad, and apologized again: “sorry, Xiaojin.”

“It’s OK. Work matters.”

“When I’m done with this, I’ll have a good meal with you.”

Gaoyunjin heart a sweet, “good.”

Fu Jincheng rubs his eyebrows, hangs up and joins Lei Yun.

At about 8 p.m., Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun came out of the hotel.

Lei Yun asked, “over there in the mountain area, will you go in person the day after tomorrow?”

Fu Jincheng shook his head: “no, just let people go.” There are many people in the foundation. If he wants to do charity, he doesn’t have to do everything by himself. If he does everything by himself, it’s a waste of time for him. He might as well spend more time on a few projects

If you invest the money you earn, you will get more benefits.

Lei Yun nodded: “that’s true.”

However, even if they don’t go to the mountain area, there is still an interview with the town government, and they still have to attend.

In addition, they have another activity to carry out before the Chinese new year, when they can spend more time together, so now she is not in a hurry.

Fu Jincheng: “thank you for this time.”

Lei Yun knows that he is thanking her for telling him about the charity and giving him the opportunity to participate.

Just because she knew this, Lei Yun was stunned. To tell the truth, she did charity only for fame.

How much money to donate, she and the company have already discussed.

She thought that the purpose of Fu Jincheng was the same as her, but after several contacts, she found that some of Fu Jincheng were different from her.

He is more attentive than she is.

Thinking of this, she felt more and more that she had never really understood him.

Seeing that she didn’t speak, Fu Jincheng looked at the time and said, “it’s late. I’ll go back and have a rest early. See you tomorrow.”

They have something to deal with tomorrow.

“OK, see you tomorrow.”

Fu Jincheng got on the bus and left. Lei Yun looked at his back and got on the bus after half a sound.

Mr. Sun was waiting for her in the car. When he saw her, he said, “Mr. Lei, I think Mr. Fu’s attitude towards you is almost the same as before. Does it mean that he doesn’t doubt you the last time you calculated his affairs?  ”

“It should be.” Otherwise, Fu Jincheng would not have such a good attitude towards her.

However, her mind is not here, she seems to think of something, look far away, suddenly said: “I found that Fu Jincheng seems to money, and did not value too much.”

Mr. Sun: “what do you mean?”

“He has invested a lot of money in this poverty alleviation plan, several times more than us.”

In their company’s opinion, the money is not a large sum of money, but it is enough to make an investment. He paid it in his own name, that is to say, he paid it out of his own pocket.

Mr. Sun was startled: “so many?”

“Yes, I was startled, too.” Lei Yun frowned: “the important thing is that this is only one time, and there will be one more time in a few days. Judging from the degree of his attention, he estimated that he would have to invest a lot of money.”

“This, what is this for? Is he, is he laundering money? ” Sun guessed.

Lei Yun shook his head: “I don’t think so. We know how much money he has made in his projects over the years. There is no need for him to make money through informal channels. “

“That’s true.”

In this way, Fu Jincheng estimated that he wanted to do charity, and he was doing it with his heart.

Mr. Sun didn’t know what he thought of. He suddenly said, “well, we’ve seen Gao Yunjin many times, and we’ve also seen his two children. It seems that they are all frugal people…”

It seems that they don’t have the appalling preferences of many rich and powerful people. They seem to be too clean.

Lei Yun recalled it and found that it was.

What Gao Yunjin wears and uses doesn’t seem to burn money. If he has some money at home, he can afford it.

Sun always sneered, “it’s really a strange thing.”

Mr. Sun has been living in the Lei family for so long, which is equivalent to being in a rich family. Those rich families are very competitive. They pay attention to ostentation when they go out to do anything. They are extravagant in food, clothing and so on.

It’s rare to talk about things like Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin.

Lei Yun squinted: “do you mean they don’t value money very much?”

Aware of Lei Yun’s displeasure, Mr. Sun quickly said, “I don’t mean that. I also think that no one in the world doesn’t value money. It’s just that they probably don’t value money so much.”

“Is it?”

The more Lei Yun thinks about it, the less he understands Fu Jincheng.

She is also a businessman, and she has a lot of money. She also believes that no one will think too much money. The more money, the more things she can do.

So, like Fu Jincheng, she really doesn’t understand why she is willing to spend so much money on charity.

Mr. Sun probably knew what she was thinking, but he didn’t know why. He thought about it and said, “why don’t we talk to the old man? Maybe he can guess why? “

Lei Yun thinks it’s reasonable and calls Mr. Lei. He is really surprised and says, “maybe he wants to please the government. If there are any policies in the future, he can get the convenience at the first time.”

“Not really.” Lei Yun frowned: “Fu Jincheng’s attitude seems to be a little pious, not like seeking profit.”


Mr. Lei was even more surprised and said with a smile: “pious? Does he want to do good things? How come I’ve never heard that he turned out to be such a superstitious man? “

“It feels like he’s not superstitious. Moreover, even if he is superstitious, he will not really invest so much money. “

“That’s right.” Leilaozi light way: “however, this is not an important thing, as long as Fu Jincheng still seriously stay in the mall, we can have the opportunity to cooperate with him to make money, other is not important.”

“I know.”

How could she not understand these principles.

It’s just

If she doesn’t have a deep understanding of Fu Jincheng, she can’t communicate with him in soul. If she wants to go further with Fu Jincheng, it’s more difficult.

That’s what she cares about.

Maybe she can change her attitude and put more money in

Thinking of this, her depression was swept away. However, in the name of the company, it is impossible for the company to agree with her to do so. She may have to pay out of her own pocket

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