Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3199

When Fu Jincheng came home, Gao Yunjin and the two little guys were still awake.

Fu Jincheng walked to Gao Yunjin for the first time and held her in his arms. “I’m sorry, I stood you up twice.

“It’s OK. Business matters.” Gao Yunjin said and thought of Zhuolin’s words. Although she believed him, she still cared about Lei Yun. She couldn’t help asking, “I heard Xiao Lin say that you are with Lei Yun at noon. Is this going to be a new project?”

“No, it’s charity.”

“Is this for donation?”

“Well, if you want to donate money, you will also prepare some materials. They have to be completed before the new year. They may be busy recently.”

“Charity is a good thing. It’s nothing to be busy with.”

Gao Yunjin was in favor of his philanthropy. “Can I help you? I can also donate some money. “

Fu Jincheng laughs and shakes his head: “no, you forget that my money is yours and yours is yours. If I do charity, it’s equivalent to us doing charity together.”

He did not explicitly tell her that the foundation was established in her name. He wanted to surprise her.

However, the surprise should be discussed later.

Gao Yunjin Leng next, in the heart a sweet, “that I am not taking advantage of?”

Fu Jincheng joked: “where is the advantage? You forget, the money is yours. “

Gao Yunjin

“Are you biting your ears again?” Yueyue sighs.

She felt more and more that Fu Jincheng had grown up with Xuanxuan by her. After she could take care of herself, Fu Jincheng didn’t care about them any more.

No, when I got home, I didn’t see her or my brother, just my mother.

However, she and Xuan Xuan are also used to it, and they don’t want to play with Fu Jincheng, so that Fu Jincheng doesn’t even talk about them.

Fu Jincheng kisses Gao Yunjin, then pays attention to Yueyue and Xuanxuan, and touches their little heads. “Does my sister and younger brother seem to grow a little higher?”

Yueyue raised her head, “yes, just now I measured with Xuanxuan. I’m two centimeters tall. Xuanxuan is one centimeter tall. Now I’m one meter four!”

Fu Jincheng laughs: “good, like me.”

Yueyue curled her lips: “don’t put gold on your face. Now I look more and more like my mother. I want to look more like my mother.”

Fu Jincheng also hurt her, “don’t put gold on your face, you are not as good-looking as your mother.”

Yueyue glared: “you’re still saying that if it wasn’t for you, could I be so ugly?”

Fu Jincheng: “you are ugly because you are fat, blame me?”

Yueyue angry red eyes, “you are fat, your family are fat!”

Xuan Xuan

Gao Yunjin

Just now, she actually wanted to ask why she wanted to do charity with Lei Yun. However, after Yueyue’s interruptions, they all left Fu Jincheng and two children behind.

Fu Jincheng took a puff from the corner of her mouth, bent down and poked her in the stomach, “my family includes you, but our family, only you are fat, little fat.”


I think so.

Yue Yue bit her little mouth and threw herself into Gao Yunjin’s arms. “Mom, Dad bullied me.”

Gao Yunjin helplessly looked at Fu Jincheng and comforted him: “don’t listen to your father’s nonsense. Yueyue is more beautiful than her mother, not fat, and very cute.”


“Really.” Gao Yunjin kisses her daughter, “Yueyue’s eyes and face are very similar to her mother.”

Xuan Xuan nodded seriously: “yes.”

Yueyue was happy and glared at Fu Jincheng. Before she spoke, she was hugged by Fu Jincheng and weighed in her arms. “Well, it’s heavy again. It’s really fat!”

Then he gave a kiss.

“But I’ve grown tall, too!” Yueyue wants to get angry, but Fu Jincheng kisses her and raises her high. She can’t get angry and laughs.

After playing with his daughter for a while, Fu Jincheng went to talk to Xuanxuan for a while.

Xuanxuan is quiet. She likes Fu Jincheng playing chess with him most. Fu Jincheng stayed with her for half an hour. When the two kids had a rest, he was free.

As soon as he got back to his room, Gao Yunjin came out of the bathroom: “I’ve been busy for such a long time, and I’ve been with two kids for such a long time. I’m tired. The water temperature in the bathtub is just right. Let’s take a bath.”

Fu Jincheng took off his coat and said with a smile, “will you accompany me?”

Gao Yunjin

Fu Jincheng didn’t wait for her to answer. He picked her up and carried her into the bathroom.


Two days later.

Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun went to a remote mountainous town in Beijing for an interview.

Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun are very popular. Even if they are going to do charity, it is said that they went together to do charity. In addition to the journalists they had made an appointment with before, they also went to many entertainment journalists.

Not long after the event, news about Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng swept the Internet.

Fu Jincheng’s people contacted Fu Jincheng at the first time and asked him if he wanted to withdraw the hot search.

Fu Jincheng: “no, I will be on TV at that time. It’s useless to withdraw it.”

So hot search is on the list.

This time, the amount of their donation was directly reported by the TV station.

Many netizens see the amount of time, comments on one side, are well received.

“Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun are doing good things with their heart. Such a conscientious and conscientious entrepreneur deserves our respect. “

“A model for entrepreneurs.”

But then, the comments went off.

“It’s really good for entrepreneurs like Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun who are keen on philanthropy. Just because they are serious about philanthropy, I don’t mind if they lock me up.”“ I agree with you upstairs. They are so active in charity, maybe because they are both good people with a compassionate heart. Emotional matters are too complicated. We are not the parties and we are not good at judging anything. But now I believe they are

Together, we won’t treat Fu Jincheng badly. “

“What do you think of the above? I think they are doing charity washing? Sure enough, now charity has become a tool man. “

“They’re not traffic stars, so they don’t need to be whitewashed, do they? There are a lot of scandalous aristocratic families. Why don’t you see them doing public service cleaning? What’s more, they haven’t reached the stage of scandal. How can they be washed away? Do you have the ability to spend so much money on public welfare? Anyway, I feel more and more that the two of them are like-minded to appreciate each other and cultivate their feelings. Otherwise, why didn’t Fu Jincheng do so much charity work before he met Lei Yun

“Move?”“ That’s true. It’s estimated that the two of them have influenced each other. They want to be better people before they join in charity activities. Anyway, I think the two of them are very good. They share the same ideals and beliefs. Maybe this is true love. “

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