Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3203

Fu Jincheng turns on the bedside lamp and turns off the chandelier to let her sleep.

Maybe she lost her mind. She fell asleep soon.

Fu Jincheng tucked her in, sat up, leaned on the head of the bed and waited while reading.

However, he did not mind reading, every few pages, he reached out to touch her forehead.

After hanging the potion, he felt that Gao Yunjin’s temperature had dropped, so he was relieved.

When the liquid was almost finished, he went downstairs to ask the doctor to come up and pull out the needle.

The doctor also prescribed some medicine for Gao Yunjin, said some precautions, and left.

By this time, it’s more than three o’clock in the morning.

Fu Jincheng is still not at ease. After all, fever is easy to recur. He worries that Gao Yunjin will recur, so he doesn’t sleep. Instead, he takes her temperature every other time.

It wasn’t until dawn when her temperature came down that he was relieved to see that she was sweating and her clothes were wet. He changed her clothes and wiped her back.

During this period, Gao Yunjin wakes up in a daze. Fu Jincheng says in a soft voice, “it’s OK. Keep sleeping.”

“Well.” Gao Yunjin answered vaguely. He was too sleepy. He leaned in his arms and went on sleeping peacefully.

Fu Jincheng, after confirming that Gao Yunjin no longer has a fever, finally holds her and goes to sleep.

He didn’t sleep too long. At eight o’clock, he woke up again and touched Gao Yunjin’s forehead. He didn’t burn any more. He was relieved.

Gao Yunjin didn’t wake up and was still sleeping.

Knowing that she might be a little uncomfortable, Fu Jincheng didn’t wake her up. He also had a meeting to hold today. It’s not good to be late. Although he was still sleepy, he still got up to wash.

When going downstairs for breakfast, Fu Jincheng told the housekeeper to remember to take medicine after Gao Yunjin got up.

The housekeeper didn’t know that Gao Yunjin was ill at all. Hearing this, he said, “is madam ill?”“ Well, the doctor said he had a cold. He had a fever last night, but now it’s gone. Notice that she will wake up to see if there are any other uncomfortable places. If there are any, please call the doctor to see her. If she doesn’t want to see the doctor, please give it to me


The housekeeper nodded, “OK.”

Said, the housekeeper frowned: “the lady had something on her mind last night, I want to go out for a walk, I see she wears less, let the lady don’t go out to look for, the lady also listened, didn’t expect to catch a cold.”

Fu Jincheng pauses, “did you say that the lady had something on her mind last night?”

“Yes, it doesn’t look very good.”

She was not happy, and she didn’t tell him. He frowned and said, “do you know what it is?”

“I don’t know. My wife didn’t say that. I thought you and my wife were fighting again…”

“No, we’re fine.”

As a result, he did not notice that she had something on her mind.

Thinking of this, he went upstairs to see Gao Yunjin after breakfast. Seeing that she was not awake and it was not early, he asked the housekeeper to pay attention to Gao Yunjin. When she woke up, he called him and he went out.

Back to the company, Secretary LAN had prepared the information for the meeting and reported the situation to him, but he didn’t say a few words. Seeing that Fu Jincheng was absent-minded and tired, he stopped, “Mr. Fu, didn’t sleep well last night?”

Fu Jincheng: “Xiaojin had a fever last night. I went to sleep for a while this morning after her fever subsided.”

Fu Jincheng said, rubbed his eyebrows and motioned him to continue.

Secretary LAN continued. After that, seeing that he was not in good condition, he couldn’t help saying, “would you like to have a rest and push the meeting back for a while?”

“No, I want to go back after the meeting. I’d better have a meeting first.”

Gao Yunjin has a fever. Fu Jincheng is so nervous. People who don’t know think Gao Yunjin is seriously ill. What’s more, after listening to Fu Jincheng’s words, Gao Yunjin seems to have got rid of the fever.

Secretary LAN knew that Fu Jincheng was nervous and Gao Yunjin knew that their husband and wife had a good relationship. He didn’t say much and said with a smile, “good.”

During the meeting, Fu Jincheng didn’t turn off the power and brought his mobile phone into the meeting room.

Not long after the meeting, the housekeeper called.

Fu Jincheng left the conference room and went outside to answer the phone

“Yes, madam is dining in the living room. Would you like to have a chat with her?”


Gaoyunjin heard the housekeeper’s words, quickly came over, “Jincheng.”

“What’s wrong with the voice? Is it a sore throat? “

Her voice changed a little. Although it was not obvious, he recognized it.

“Just a little.” Gao Yunjin said: “it’s not serious. Don’t worry about it.”

When she woke up, the housekeeper saw her and told her that Fu Jincheng was very attentive. She was afraid that he had been thinking about her illness and could not work well, so she still took the medicine.

“Fever will bring other small problems. Ask the doctor to come and have a look.”

Gao Yunjin wanted to say that there was no need to exaggerate, but when she thought that Fu Jincheng had called back, she couldn’t say it again, so she had to say, “OK, I know.”

“Don’t you lie to me?”

Fu Jincheng didn’t trust her in some ways.

“If I don’t lie to you, how can I lie to you?”“ Is that right? ” Speaking of this, Fu Jincheng said angrily, “steward, you had something on your mind last night, so you couldn’t sleep. But you called me last night, and I asked you, and you lied to me that nothing happened, but you didn’t say anything,

Do you believe what you say? “

Gao Yunjin chokes, “I –“

“I have a meeting now. I can’t say more. You should have breakfast first, and remember to take medicine after breakfast. Then let the housekeeper inform the doctor to come and check your body. Don’t go to work in the morning, OK?”

“There will be something else on the other side of our company later –“

Fu Jincheng interrupted her: “I’m still holding a meeting. Now people in the meeting room are waiting for me.”

He said so, Gao Yunjin naturally can’t say anything, shut up.

“Be obedient.” Fu Jincheng’s tone softened, “I will make a surprise inspection after the meeting. If I find you are not at home…”

“Well, I see.”

Later did not say, Gao Yunjin also knew that he would be very angry.

If he gets angry, she won’t suffer now. When she gets better, she will have to make up for it.

“Good boy.”

“Then you’re busy. I’ll have breakfast first.” She didn’t want his company to wait for him, she said, quickly hung up the phone, and then called her secretary in the past, the matter to the secretary.

Not long after the phone call, the doctor came and gave Gao Yunjin a physical examination. He left without even prescribing the medicine.

Gao Yunjin was ill. Although he was very tired, he couldn’t sleep. He was bored at home. But Fu Jincheng couldn’t listen to him. He sat in the living room and watched TV with nothing to do. Until the phone rang in the living room, she went to pick it up, “Jincheng.”

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