Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3205

At the same time, in order to avoid such a thing happening again, she has to do some other preparatory work.

In this way, Gao Yunjin is too busy to have a rest in the afternoon.

When she finally had free time, she thought of Fu Jincheng and was afraid that he would be angry. She called him and told him something happened in the company. She had to work overtime tonight.

After Fu Jincheng made sure she was ok, she didn’t say anything about working overtime.

“I also have dinner parties in the evening. Just go home early when you’re finished.”


Gao Yunjin himself is, soon hung up the phone.

Fu Jincheng hung up and was about to go back to his office when Lei Yun came out of his office, “have you finished calling?”

“Well, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

“Not in the way.”

Lei Yun joked: “I’m used to it anyway.”

After all, many times, when she was with Fu Jincheng, Gao Yunjin would find all kinds of excuses to test Fu Jincheng.

She’s used to it a long time ago.

On the contrary, if Gao Yunjin doesn’t fight, she’s not used to it.

Think of this, she sarcastic hook lip smile, “your wife is not particularly jealous?”

Fu Jincheng didn’t expect that she would say that. Although Gao Yunjin didn’t call Zhagang, Fu Jincheng didn’t deny it when he thought of Gao Yunjin’s call last night. He just laughed.

His family’s Xiaojin seems to be really jealous, and it’s boring. He doesn’t say he’s jealous.

Lei Yun sees that Fu Jincheng seems to be not unhappy or even happy about Gao Yunjin’s jealous behavior. She has nothing to say immediately, and her coldness is getting stronger and stronger.

It seems that Gao Yunjin has no other skills. He has a way of serving men, so that Fu Jincheng is so devoted to her.

First came here, she changed the topic, “it’s late, let’s go to dinner.”


Seeing that Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng come out of Fu Jincheng’s office, the others pause and say hello to Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun. Then they say with a smile, “here comes Lei Zong?”

Lei Yun: “yes, I have something to do. I’m going to eat and chat with you. Would you like to join us?”

Lei Yun tries to make other people misunderstand her relationship with Fu Jincheng, so when she comes to find Fu Jincheng, she doesn’t ask Mr. Sun to follow her, so she will give others a way. Her meeting with Fu Jincheng is for private affairs, not for public affairs.

In addition, although the two companies cooperate closely, nothing has happened recently. It can be seen that Lei Yun came to Fu Jincheng only for personal reasons, not for business.

Thinking of this, others thought they knew each other and said, “no, we have something else to do, so we won’t disturb you.”

Fu Jincheng never thought there was anything between him and Lei Yun. Naturally, he didn’t care what they thought. Without saying more, he left with Lei Yun.


On the other side.

The takeaway ordered by the secretary is too greasy. Gao Yunjin’s illness has not been completely cured. She has no appetite. After a few mouthfuls, she doesn’t eat.

Secretary see her brow tightening, “is not satisfied with the design draft you want out?”


After all, it’s too urgent, so the latest design draft is basically useless, except for frost.

There are two or three kinds of Rongshuang that can be used, and the more you look at them, the more amazing they are.

The Secretary also saw it and said with a smile, “this Rongshuang is really something.”

“Yes.” Gao Yunjin saw these designs, but his mood didn’t get better.

“Give you some time, you can definitely get along with better style than before, you have to believe everyone.”

The Secretary comforted.

“I know. I just have a question in my heart.”

“Question? What’s the question? “

Gao Yunjin shook his head and didn’t say.

At the beginning, when she knew that something had happened, she really thought that the other party was afraid that she would seize the market share.

But now, she calmed down and thought about it, and found something wrong.

She was in touch with the clothing company that stole the design draft, and the other party knew her well, that is to say, the other party knew that she was Gao Yunjin’s wife.

Although there are people behind the clothing company, the power of the people behind it is far less powerful than that of Fu Jincheng. Since they know that she is Fu Jincheng’s wife, normally they dare not move their ideas to her.


They know she can’t do anything to them.

In other words, they are likely to find a strong backing.

In other words, it’s the backer who instructs the other party to do so.

Thinking of this, Gao Yunjin thought of Lei Yun for the first time.

Lei Yun has done a lot of such things.

But she has no evidence.

Even if she told Fu Jincheng about it, and Fu Jincheng helped her out, she could be caught dead. On the other hand, she said that she could not plagiarize, and that she still oppressed them with power.

So, no matter what she does, it’s very difficult for her to get good.

After all, since Lei Yun dares to do so, she is certainly not afraid of her counterattack.

Thinking of this, she screwed up her eyebrows and had no appetite to eat.

Let the secretary left, think of last night, she can’t help but look at the Internet.

Last night, it’s been a day since now. The heat has already expired.

However, when she went online to search for Lei Yun, she found that there was new news.

Ten minutes ago, someone put a picture of Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng on the Internet, saying that they are eating in their restaurant now.

So, what Fu Jincheng said about social intercourse is actually having dinner with Lei Yun?

But there may be others.

Gao Yunjin doesn’t doubt anything. Now that something like this has happened to the company, she sees Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng together. She feels that Lei Yun seems to be demonstrating with her.

She did not have time to think, after dinner, but also continue to go busy.

I didn’t leave the company until after nine o’clock.

Tidy up the office, before leaving the company, thought of Fu Jincheng, gave Fu Jincheng a call in the past.

When the phone got through, Fu Jincheng quickly picked it up and said, “Xiaojin, I’ll finish in a while. I won’t talk. I’ll call you later.”


Gao Yunjin hangs up and drives home.

Back home, after almost half an hour, two little guys went to bed, she was ready to go into the bathroom to take a bath, Fu Jincheng’s phone call just came over, “something is entangled, now just get out.”


“How do you feel? Do you still have a sore throat? ” Fu Jin’s heart of the city.

Gao Yunjin: “one more thing, much better.”

“That’s good.” Fu Jincheng relieved, suddenly joked: “Xiaojin called me, is it chagang or miss me?”

“Ah?” The word “chagang” rarely appeared in them. He suddenly said so, but she didn’t respond.

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