Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3221

Fu Jincheng took a look at her and suddenly said, “wait a minute, don’t make a sound.”


“If they know I’m back, they’ll probably wait until I get home.”

Gao Yunjin blushed and lowered her head.

The phone was soon connected. Fu Jincheng said two words to the two little guys and told them that he would go home soon. After coaxing the two little guys back to bed, he hung up the phone.

Back home, Fu Jincheng pestered Gao Yunjin again, and then he went to sleep with her contentedly.

The next day, the two little guys didn’t know they had been cheated. They were very happy to see Fu Jincheng at home.

However, Fu Jincheng takes an inch and seriously discusses Gao Yunjin’s injury with the two little guys. They keep it from him.

The two little guys lied and knew they were wrong, but they didn’t put the blame on Gao Yunjin. Instead, they obediently listened to the instructions.

After training the children, Fu Jincheng summed up to the kids: “if anything happens to mom in the future, don’t help mom hide from dad, you know? If there is another time, my father is really angry, believe it or not, father domestic violence you


Xuan Xuan

I don’t believe it.

The two little guys knew that Fu Jincheng would not really do anything to them, let alone beat them.

But Fu Jincheng really cares about Gao Yunjin. If they really help Gao Yunjin hide from him next time, Fu Jincheng will be really angry.

Although he won’t do anything to them, they are also afraid that Fu Jincheng is really angry.

However, they did not answer at the first time, but looked at Gao Yunjin.

Fu Jincheng did not have a good way: “mom has promised dad, if Mom lied, you tell Dad, because lying is wrong, there is no doubt about that.”

Yueyue: “really?”

Gao Yunjin had to nod: “yes, it’s true.” Finish saying, say again: “before is mom is wrong, mom shouldn’t take you to lie.”

Gao Yunjin also knows that sincerity is very important for a child. If she keeps pulling two children to help her lie, it will not be good for the growth of children.

Although Yueyue likes to hate people, she is still very sensible: “it’s OK, the teacher has said it, and lies are classified. If it’s a white lie, it’s not a deliberate lie, it can be forgiven.”

Gao Yunjin’s heart warms, “yes. But next time, we’d better not lie. “

Yueyue and Xuanxuan nodded obediently.

Fu Jincheng saw here, satisfied, the day to find a time, with two little guys out to play a circle.

However, he didn’t have much time to play.

Fu Jincheng will not be able to stay for a few days when he comes back to Beijing this time, because in a few days, he will go on a business trip again.

And this time, I’m going to m country.

After hearing this, Gao Yunjin thought of his plan and asked, “have you decided when to go? How many days? “

“The length of stay in country m between four days at the earliest and one week at the latest is still uncertain.”


There are still four days left. It seems that there will be time.

Fu Jincheng took her little hand and gave it a kiss. “Can’t you give up on me?”

“… well.”

If she didn’t go with him, she really didn’t want him.

But she decided to surprise him.

Just because of this surprise, Gao Yunjin’s work became a little busy.

And Fu Jincheng because of the company’s things, also become busy.

At this time, the time of Fu Jincheng’s business trip was also reserved. Gao Yunjin knew it and also reserved a ticket for himself.

On the same day that Fu Jincheng confirmed the itinerary, Lei Yun also received the news.

She called Fu Jincheng, “Mr. Fu, I heard that you are going to m country in two days?”

“Yes, what’s the problem?”

“There’s no problem. I’m planning to go to m country these days. Just in time, we had to inspect the project we cooperated with in M country. After all, I haven’t seen it there for so long. Would you like to go there with me then?”


Anyway, he is going to have a look. Since she has offered an invitation, he won’t agree. It’s too unkind.

“Well, that’s it.”


“I’m also in Beijing now. If Mr. Fu is not busy, why don’t you have dinner later?”

“I’m afraid I can’t get away from my company. Next time.”

“Good.” His refusal was expected by her. Lei Yun said nothing more and hung up.

Time goes by quickly. I’m going to Fu Jincheng for a business trip soon.

The day before departure, Fu Jincheng had not been intimate with Gao Yunjin for several days because he was busy a few days ago. So that night, he deliberately pushed off the social intercourse and went to Gao Yunjin company to find her and ask her to accompany him to dinner.

When Gao Yunjin saw him coming, he was stunned. “How did you come?”

“To eat with you.” Fu Jincheng helped her clean up her desk and asked: “you can also get off work here?”

“Well.” Gao Yunjin paused, “did you tell Yueyue and Xiaoxuan?”

“I don’t want to tell them.” Fu Jincheng hugged her in his arms and kissed her lips before he said, “it’s just the two of us tonight.”

“But you’re going on a business trip tomorrow. Don’t you spend more time with them?”

“They are so old now, they don’t like me to accompany them, they prefer to play by themselves, and they will annoy me when I am here.”

Gao Yunjin

That’s right.


But Fu Jincheng didn’t give her any time, so she took her out of the company and went to dinner.

After dinner, Fu Jincheng said, “take you to a place.”


“You’ll know when you get there.” Fu Jincheng’s eyes were full of smiles.

However, the smile seems to have a different meaning.

Gao Yunjin noticed it, but he didn’t understand it.

But soon, she understood.

Because Fu Jincheng took her to the hotel

Gao Yunjin

She was a little speechless, and then said uneasily, “in fact, even if we go home, we can –“

“It’s not the same. The two kids are going to make trouble.”

Then he pulled her into the hotel. Gao Yunjin was embarrassed and wanted to refuse. Fu Jincheng said, “I’m going on a business trip tomorrow. Can’t you follow me?”

Gao Yunjin’s shameful heart softened.

Even if she had a surprise for him, she would go on a business trip with him.

They stayed in the hotel late into the night before they got home. Her luggage has been packed for a long time. Although she is very tired now, when she thinks that his luggage has not been packed, she still wants him to pack up first. After all, tomorrow morning is going out. If she doesn’t prepare in advance, it’s not good to miss anything

It’s too late. Fu Jincheng knew that he was making too much tonight. He took her back to bed and said, “I’ll clean it up. You go to bed first.”

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