Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3223

To the airport, because time is running out, Fu Jincheng hugged the next high Yunjin, let her go, “something to call me.”


Fu Jincheng specially warned, “if there is anything, don’t hide it from me. You can’t do anything about the company, you know? “

Gao Yunjin raised his hand and swore, “I know, I promise.”

“Good boy.”

Fu Jincheng let her go and went to the security check.

Secretary LAN had already arrived. He was standing at the exit light outside the security check. Seeing him, he came over, “Mr. Fu, are you here?”


Blue secretary looked at him, “ray is always on the same flight with us.”

Fu Jincheng steps a meal, “is it? What a coincidence? “

“Yes, I just met her and talked with her. However, I heard what she meant. She said that she had mentioned to you that she would also go to m country. “

“She did, but she didn’t say it was the same day.”

“That’s a coincidence.”

Fu Jincheng did not answer.

Before they reached the VIP lounge, Lei Yun saw them and waved to them.

Fu Jincheng had to walk past.

Lei Yun: “what a coincidence.”

“It’s a coincidence.” Fu Jincheng sat down in front of Lei Yun, “you go there, mainly to investigate the project?”

“No, there will be a banquet in two days. I’m also very interested in the new project, so I want to get to know it myself.”

“The Lei family is rich in funds, which is really enviable.” Fu Jincheng said lightly.

A few days ago, they won a new project. Now they come to contact others. It’s no problem to do so many projects at once. They are really a rich family with nearly a hundred years of experience, and their funds are not generally abundant.

Lei Yun knew what he meant, but he didn’t have a good way: “Mr. Fu, it’s meaningless for you to say that. I don’t think it’s because of the capital problem that you don’t do new projects, but you have other plans?”

“Ray always thinks highly of me.”

Although Lei Yun is right, Fu Jincheng does not intend to admit it.

“OK, Mr. Fu doesn’t want to say that, so I won’t force others to do so.” Lei Yunxiao: “would you like something to drink? Shall I call for you

Before they could answer, Lei Yun ordered them something to eat and drink.

Fu Jincheng thanks, but he didn’t eat.

Secretary LAN doesn’t want to eat it either. However, if Fu Jincheng doesn’t eat it, he won’t give Lei Yun face. He has to eat it.

On the plane, Fu Jincheng is next to Lei Yun.

Lei Yun is about to talk to Fu Jincheng, but Fu Jincheng has picked up his mobile phone and got through to Gao Yunjin. “Xiaojin, I’ve been on the plane. The plane will take off soon. I’ll call you when I get off the plane.”

Seeing this, Lei Yun withdrew his eyes.

Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin talk on the phone, until the plane is about to take off, he hung up.

Lei Yun was listening, feeling a little uncomfortable. “Mr. Fu and Miss Gao always have constant topics to talk about.”

“We are husband and wife. There are many topics between husband and wife.”

Lei Yun laughed. “Mr. Fu is wrong. Although I have never been married, I know that not all couples have the same language. Some couples even have nothing to say. “

“Maybe, I don’t care about other people.”

Lei Yun changed the topic and said, “how long will you stay in M country this time?”

“Not sure. It depends.”

“Go too.” Said Lei Yun.

Fu Jin turned off the phone, put the phone back in his pocket and said, “I didn’t sleep well last night. I’ll sleep for a while first.”

In fact, he refused to talk to Lei Yun too much.

Lei Yun laughed, “OK, I want to sleep, too.”

After that, they didn’t talk much on the plane.

To the side of country M.

Fu Jincheng opened his mobile phone and looked at it. He called Gao Yunjin and said, “Xiaojin, I’m here.”

“Well, I see.”

“Someone will come to pick me up later, so I won’t talk much. You go to bed early and we’ll talk again when you have time.”


Because they have a common cooperation in M, and the cooperative company knows that they are coming, so the boss of that company comes to meet them in person.

Seeing them, after greeting them warmly, he glanced at Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun and said with a smile, “Mr. Fu and Mr. Lei are more and more compatible.”

Ray Yun smiles without any trace.

But the smile on Fu Jincheng’s face disappeared and he said seriously, “you misunderstood that we are just partners, not more than friends.”

The other side was stunned, then laughed, “yes, I made a mistake.”

That said, his eyes didn’t seem to believe much.

Although he knows that Fu Jincheng is married, how can a man not cheat?

What’s more, he can see that Lei Yun has a good feeling for Fu Jincheng.

Such a beautiful woman is courteous to Fu Jincheng, he does not believe that Fu Jincheng does not feel at all.

As for Fu Jincheng’s denial, the other side also thought that they did not want to put these things in the sun.

Fu Jincheng frowned, but after the other party did not continue this topic, Fu Jincheng is not good, has been clutching this matter.

At this time, it is noon time in M country.

The other party took them to lunch first, and then took them to the hotel.

After arriving at the hotel, Fu Jincheng knows that the other party has arranged him and Lei Yun in a room.

However, the other party seems to be aware of this problem, quickly said: “sorry, I forgot to let people change, I’m going to let people book an extra room.”


The other party has apologized to him, and he is not good enough to hold on to it all the time. Looking at Fu Jincheng, the other side felt a little unhappy. He jokingly whispered to Lei Yun: “I can’t see that President Fu looks so generous and generous. He is such a face saving and stingy person in private


In each other’s eyes, Fu Jincheng is a man. Lei Yun is a woman. In these things, women always suffer more than men.

But Lei Yun didn’t say anything from the beginning to the end. He passed with a smile.

On the contrary, Fu Jincheng was really unhappy.

He used to hear that Chinese people like to be reasonable and unforgiving, but now he has finally seen it.

Lei Yun knows how much Fu Jincheng doesn’t like to be separated from other women, because he is very concerned about Gao Yunjin’s feelings for fear that she might misunderstand him.

The man in front of him obviously didn’t know the truth.

Of course, she’s not going to tell the truth.

Thinking of this, she said with an ambiguous smile: “there can only be some misunderstanding.”

After listening to this, the other party felt more and more that what he had guessed was right. However, Fu Jincheng’s strength in work and investment vision are really first-class. Although he has some complaints about Fu Jincheng, he doesn’t really feel at ease.

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