Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3227

Fu Jincheng laughed and said gently, “it’s time to rest. It’s not urgent. We can continue to chat for a few minutes.”

“So you and Lei Yun are resting in the reception room of the company over there?”

“Well.” Speaking of this, thinking of Gao Yunjin’s care for Lei Yun, Fu Jincheng explained: “I forgot to take my mobile phone. When she saw my mobile phone ring, she answered the phone for me.”

“I know.”

Because that’s what ray Yun said.

Just now, Lei Yun’s tone was too good. Gao Yunjin knew that she was very careful and sensitive. She didn’t want to leave anything behind. That’s why she had such a good attitude when talking to her just now.

I have to say that in these aspects, she is far from enough to see in front of Lei Yun.

“I won’t leave my cell phone next time.”

Fu Jincheng is afraid that she still cares about Lei Yun, and says.

Gao Yunjin felt a lot more comfortable

“It’s almost time, Xiao Jin. I should go back. Tomorrow morning, I’ll call you sometime.”


After hanging up, Fu Jincheng went back to the rest room.

Lei Yun raised his head and said with a smile, “have you finished calling?”


The time for the meeting was over. Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng went to the meeting room for an hour before they got on the car they had prepared and went back to the hotel together.

“What’s the plan for tomorrow?”

Today, their itinerary is the same, but after tomorrow, it will be different.

“I have to deal with my company tomorrow.”

“So? Are you going to the party that evening? “


“OK, I’ll see you at the party then.”


When he got off the bus, Lei Yun felt dizzy and almost fell down.

Fu Jincheng is nearby. He holds her. Lei Yun holds him reflexively. After reaction, he holds him more tightly. The thin lip hides a lip print in the place where his waist is not obvious.

Fu Jincheng thought that she was too uncomfortable, afraid of falling, would hold him so tightly.

He didn’t want to be so close to Lei Yun, but Lei Yun’s face did look a little pale, and blood came out of his eyes, so he didn’t let her go, but helped her up, “Mr. Lei, are you ok?”

“It’s OK, but I’m a little dizzy. I don’t know why?”

Lei Yun’s scheming belongs to her scheming, but she is really uncomfortable.

“Are you too tired?” Fu Jincheng frowned and thought of Mr. Sun: “would you like to call Mr. Sun?”

Lei Yun can see that Fu Jincheng doesn’t want to take care of her. Although she has other thoughts, she also knows that it’s the most important step to get close to Fu Jincheng not to offend him.

So she quickly let him go, leaned on the side of the car and said, “OK, please call Mr. Sun for me and let him contact the doctor.”

She’s getting dizzy. It’s really hard.


Fu Jincheng see her like this, also not good, too unkind, “I first help you upstairs to have a rest.”

“Well, please.”

Fu Jincheng helped her and went into the hotel.

Fu Jincheng on the phone, but also a hand holding her, not too much heart thought too much.

However, Lei Yun saw someone on the side secretly pick up the mobile phone to take pictures.

Lei Yun saw it and made himself closer to Fu Jincheng. Then he lowered his head and hooked his lips.

Fu Jincheng finished the call, put down the mobile phone, said: “Mr. Sun has called, called a doctor for you, the doctor will arrive soon.”

“Well, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Enter the elevator, Lei Yun with Fu Jincheng opened the distance, holding the safety bar on the elevator.

When they got to the top floor, Mr. Sun was already waiting for them at the elevator entrance.

Seeing that Lei Yun’s face was as pale as paper, he was startled. He helped her up quickly and said, “why is her face so ugly?”

“Probably tired.” Lei Yun said weakly.

Mr. Sun said: “Mr. Fu, I will help Mr. Lei back to his room first. Mr. Fu, you should have a rest early.”

“Well, if you need my help, you can come to me.”

It’s necessary to be polite.

Mr. Sun: “OK.”

Sun Zong helped thunder to carry into the room, worried: “how to hurry up?”

Lei Yun lay on the bed, “dizzy, I don’t know how.”

“Maybe I’m really tired.” President sun frowned and said, “I just received a call from Fu Jincheng. I thought you were…”

“Think I’m pretending?”


Thunder luck light way: “I pour want.”

Sun Zong saw her dispirited appearance, also shut up.

After about ten minutes, the doctor finally arrived. The doctor gave Lei Yun a check, which means that Lei Yun is really tired. Although she is in good health, what happened to her just now may be the reason for not having enough rest, but it doesn’t matter. So he suggested that she take more rest at ordinary times

Don’t stay up late at ordinary times. After all, her health is no better than that of five or six years ago. When a woman is over thirty years old, everything is easy to come out.

Hearing this, Lei Yun’s face became worse as soon as he got better.

Mr. Sun watched and dared not speak.

The doctor showed her the condition and hung up the glucose.

The doctor went out and waited. After Mr. Sun closed the door, Lei Yun said faintly, “is it old?”

Mr. Sun said: “where, Mr. Lei, you are only in your early 30s. You are still very young.”

“Yes, I’m just in my early 30s, and I’m just getting started.”

However, it may be that she has worked too hard these years, so her body will leave some problems more or lessโ€œ Yes, your life has just officially begun. ” Mr. Sun said, “just now, the doctor said that it’s a small problem, not serious. Just have more rest. Don’t think too much about it. What’s more, people nowadays are used to staying up late. They are all healthy

It’s a bit of sub-health. You usually love sports. Your physical fitness has already compared many people. “

“I know.” Lei Yun looked at the ceiling, “before my grandfather said, let me take down Fu Jincheng in next year, my surname, he should not want to get benefits from Fu Jincheng as soon as possible, but don’t want me to delay too long.”

With the intensity of her work, when she is with Fu Jincheng in the future, she will definitely have children, and there must be a boy.

Therefore, for her health and to stabilize her position as soon as possible, she has to take Fu Jincheng as soon as possible.

Thinking of this, she thought of Gao Yunjin’s delicate figure, which is concave and convex, charming and girlish, and narrowed her eyes: “I heard that the earlier a woman gives birth to a child, the easier her figure will recover, right?”

Gao Yunjin looks down on others, but she has to say that her figure and her face have been kept very well. She has both charm and girlishness. Such a woman is a man’s favorite. It’s no wonder that she can fascinate Fu Jincheng.

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