Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3228

Mr. Sun couldn’t keep up with her thinking for a moment, but he also nodded honestly, “it’s basically true. But it doesn’t matter if you keep exercising. “


She loves sports, which is not difficult.

“You need more rest, or rest first, and keep your spirit.” Sun always see her face is not very good, concern way.

Lei Yun didn’t answer. He suddenly asked, “why is Gao Yunjin so lucky?”

Mr. Sun didn’t know how to answer.

Lei Yun added: “she got what she wanted without doing anything, but I worked hard for so many years. I was better than her, and everything was better than her. In the end, she didn’t live as easy as her. What do you think she should do?”

Every man has his word, and sun knows that it cannot be said. Thinking of this, he had to say: “a person’s good luck, there is always a time to embrace.”. As you know, if she lost Fu Jincheng, she would be nothing. But you do not have Fu Jincheng, you are still you, you will still be so dazzling. So,

She can’t compare with you. She just had better luck a few years ago. Why do you envy her? “

Lei Yun laughed, “yes, if she doesn’t have Fu Jincheng, she really is nothing.”

And she will make this day come as soon as possible!

On the other side.

Lei Yun is also the object of his close cooperation. If she has an accident, he can’t say it if he doesn’t care.

So, after taking a bath, he called Mr. Sun.

Mr. Sun quickly picked up the phone and talked about the situation of Lei Yun.

It’s said that Lei Yun doesn’t matter. Fu Jincheng didn’t say to go and have a look, so he hung up.

Lei Yun was very careful and said with a sneer, “he is more and more taboo to me now. He doesn’t even want to see me.”

“It seems that the woman Gao Yunjin is still fanning the flames.”

“I know.”

So, for Gao Yunjin, she can’t stand it.

If Gao Yunjin has some ability, she won’t hate her so much. Thinking of this, she did not know what she thought of, and suddenly said: “go online to see if there is any news about me and Fu Jincheng. Just now, someone was taking a candid picture downstairs, and that person was still a Chinese. Since she knows the identity of Fu Jincheng and me, it’s estimated that

She is also a person who often eats me and Fu Jincheng melons on the Internet. She is likely to send photos to the Internet. “

Mr. Sun thought that she had just come into the hotel with the help of Fu Jincheng. That posture, if the angle is used well, it is estimated that it will be very ambiguous and intimate.

Moreover, this time in M country is just late at night, and netizens are sure to have all kinds of associations.

Mr. Sun immediately went to the Internet to check. Sure enough, he saw some news and immediately handed it to Lei Yun.

The man sent a group of photos, and the accompanying text: the love between the big guys.

And those photos, the first one, are the scene that Lei Yun almost fell down when he got off the bus and Fu Jincheng supported her.

In the photo, the feeling is that Lei Yun is coquettish with Fu Jincheng, and it takes Fu Jincheng to hold him when he gets off.

Moreover, after getting out of the car, they also openly hugged each other beside the car. They were too sticky to speak.

In addition to these photos, there are Fu Jincheng holding Lei Yun in the hotel and entering the elevator with her.

These photos together, how to see how sweet.

Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun are still very hot.

Maybe that person also knows that Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun are under special monitoring. Soon after they are sent out, they will be deleted.

When she blogged, she still used homophony, but it’s not difficult for people who are used to eating melons to know the news.

This is not, her micro blog only issued less than 10 minutes, there are thousands of replies.

“Crouching trough, is the love between big men so sweet? Love, love. “

“I didn’t expect that Lei Yun, a tough guy, has such a little girl side when he is in love. It’s very real and lovely.”

“The key point is that they are in good shape. They are super matched. They are more attractive than the male and female owners of idol dramas. After all, many female owners of idol dramas were not beautiful before.”

“Pay attention to the point! Pay attention to the point! Pay attention to the point! The important things have been said three times. In the early morning of M country, we went to the hotel together. What does that mean? That means they live together! “

“Crouching trough, upstairs cow force!”

“Er… Although Fu Jincheng has a wife anyway? Are they going too far? “

“Upstairs, his wife didn’t say anything. Maybe she knew that they had already reconciled. Besides, Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun are trustworthy. I believe they have dealt with this matter.”

“It’s funny upstairs. Fu Jincheng’s wife is said to have a common family background, and Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun are real bigwigs. What do you think she can say?”

“It’s funny upstairs. The psychology is so dark. Why don’t you go to see a doctor? The person who can say such a thing must be a loser. He is jealous of the two big men. “

Generally speaking, the comments on the Internet are very friendly to Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng.

Some “discordant” remarks were soon drowned out.

Seeing this, Lei Yun was in a better mood. “Everyone’s shooting technology is really good.”

As for the physical interaction between her and Fu Jincheng, it’s really hard not to let people doubt that there is nothing between them.

“Then, do you want to use it?”

Ray Yun stopped and said with a smile, “that’s true.”

Mr. Sun said immediately, “I’ll do it now.”

“Go ahead, don’t let anyone find out.”

Mr. Sun: “I have a sense of propriety, Mr. Lei, you can rest assured.”


Lei Yun took the mobile phone, looked at these photos, and saved several of them. He went into the mobile phone and put down the mobile phone after a long time.




On that day, Gao Yunjin just went back to the company and was about to be busy. After her secretary told her about her work, she looked at her again.

Gao Yunjin puzzled: “is there anything else?”

The Secretary hesitated: “Mr. Gao, how are you doing with Mr. Fu?”

The last time she saw Fu Jincheng, when she came back from a business trip, she was cold.

At that time, Fu Jincheng seemed to be angry.

After that, they didn’t come out of Gao Yunjin’s office for a long time. However, Gao Yunjin was still in a good mood every day.

She thought they were making up.


As soon as Gao Yunjin heard it, he knew that something had happened: “what happened on the Internet?”

Finish saying, Gao Yunjin himself also wry smile.

It’s funny to talk about it. No matter who it is, as long as someone suddenly tells her about Fu Jincheng, she may think about it in that way.

The Secretary choked and immediately said, “yes.”“ I see. I’ll go and have a look. You can do it

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