Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3231

Gao Yunjin’s suspicion is an insult to him.

And what he cares more about is another thing. Fu Jincheng’s black eyes moistened, but his tone was not fragile: “so you think I’m with her, but you’re still indifferent. You only have children in your heart. Is it true that I’m with Lei Yun? In fact, you’re not so weak

You care, right? Otherwise, you would not have told me all these things from the beginning to the end! “

This time, Gao Yunjin did not refute.

Because she has experienced things in her last life, she clearly knows that emotion can not be forced.

What’s more, she doesn’t feel she has the ability to do something to stop something.

Default again.

In his opinion, when she is with him now, she doesn’t really love him, just because of her children.

If she continues to be with him because of her children, he won’t say anything, but these days, they are very happy. He thinks that whether she loves him or not, she should understand his heart.

He thought that even if they didn’t have a heart to heart relationship, they at least knew what they were thinking about each other.

This is not the case.

Fu Jincheng is heartbroken.

He didn’t know what kind of person he was in her heart now.

He didn’t know what he was in her heart.

He didn’t even know what she wanted now.

He could not fathom her mind at all.

The more I think about it, the colder Fu Jincheng’s heart is. He gritted his teeth: “now? You didn’t care before, why do you care now? Do you think Lei Yun is not a good person? I’m afraid she will be bad to Yueyue and Xuanxuan when she’s with me. You want to put an end to these things, so I’m afraid she’ll be bad to Yueyue and Xuanxuan

Are you fighting back? “

Without waiting for her to speak, she said, “did you tell me directly that you had such an idea?”

“I don’t think she will be good to Yueyue and Xuanxuan.”

“So it’s true?”

Gao Yunjin doesn’t feel very well either.

After half a ring, he said, “I don’t quite understand why you suddenly said this.”

It’s true that Lei Yun bullied her.

As for what he said, she didn’t trust him. At that time, they didn’t make up, and she didn’t know whether he loved her or not. Was she wrong to think so? It’s not impossible for him to accuse her of wronging him, but why did he pick out Lei Yun when he accused her? It seems that she deliberately wronged Lei Yun, and even felt that she was deliberately trapped because Lei Yun’s existence threatened the interests of the two children

Bad luck?

But Fu Jincheng became more and more angry.

“You don’t understand?” Fu Jincheng almost bit a silver tooth, “yes, you never stand in my point of view to think, how can you understand why I say these.”

She didn’t understand, just because she couldn’t share his feelings with him.

She couldn’t empathize, just because she didn’t love.

“I just don’t understand why you –“

“Since you don’t understand, don’t say it.” Fu Jincheng interrupted her coldly.

Gao Yunjin stops talking, and nothing can be said. Fu Jincheng has already hung up.

Gao Yunjin holding a mobile phone, Leng for a long time did not want to understand why they are clearly talking about another thing, but finally became like this.

She took her cell phone and wanted to call him, but she hesitated at the thought of his tone when he hung up just now.

However, this matter is not clear, she felt uncomfortable, can not help but give Fu Jincheng dial a phone in the past, but when called in the past, but found that the other party is on the phone, she can not get through. Fu Jincheng’s eyes are scarlet. Standing in the same place, he hears the phone ring and thinks it’s Gao Yunjin’s call. His face moves and he looks at it. But when he sees the call from general manager Sun, his eyes darken. After sorting out his mood, he picks up the call

Words. Mr. Sun: “Mr. Fu, it’s like this. Mr. Aton brought some red wine from the 1950s. Before he came, you were not here, so you put it here. You are leaving m country tomorrow. I have sent you these wine now

Would you like to arrange it by yourself, or shall I send it directly home? “

Aton was the host of the party last night.

The other side’s family is one of the oldest wine merchants in M country. They said they would send a batch of wine to Fu Jincheng, but he was not there at that time, and then temporarily put it in leiyunna.

Gao Yunjin doesn’t like drinking very much, but she likes drinking wine occasionally.

Therefore, Fu Jincheng also asked for more bottles.

Think of this, Fu Jincheng mood worse, light way: “directly help me send back home.”

“All right.”

Mr. Sun paused, “then Mr. Fu will give me an address?”


“OK, I’ll send it to you first.”

“Well, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Mr. Lei ordered them all.”

Mr. Sun specially said this because he wanted Fu Jincheng to know that Lei Yun was serious about avoiding suspicion.

The purpose of doing so is nothing more than to brush the favor degree in front of Fu Jincheng.

Fu Jincheng naturally understood the implication of Lei Yun.

But Fu Jincheng is not happy, light way: “instead of me with leizong say thank you.”

“All right.”

Mr. Sun didn’t say much. He hung up and said to Lei Yun of Peng Bian, “Mr. Fu asked me to say thank you.”

Lei Yun: “I know.”

“Fu Jincheng’s tone sounds like he is not very happy. It seems that something has happened.”

Although Fu Jincheng has been trying to suppress his emotions, but how much have leaked some, sun was aware of.


Lei Yun picked an eyebrow: “the only thing that can make him unhappy is Gao Yunjin. It seems that our plan worked

“So fu Jincheng should be tired of Gao Yunjin’s complaint?”“ No matter how good the relationship is, as long as the woman focuses on a woman who is relatively close to her husband, the husband will patiently explain it at the beginning, but if there are too many things like this, she will definitely feel impatient


“He is tired of Gao Yunjin now, but he treats you differently. So, you have a big chance.”

“Watch first.” Seeing Gao Yunjin eat shriveled, Lei Yun feel happy a lot, but she is not so naive, “Fu Jincheng has deep feelings for her, want to really squeeze out Gao Yunjin, not so simple.”

“It’s not easy to have such an opportunity. Can we just let it slip away?”

“Still have to come step by step, by the way, what’s new about Huo Zhengyun in China?”

“No, he’s back in H city. Now it’s the end of the year and he’s busy with his work.” Lei Yun hooked his lips and suddenly asked, “how is the market of gaoyunjin developed in H city going?”

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