Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3241

According to that report, Huo Zhengyun didn’t come out overnight, which doesn’t mean that they really lived together overnight.

Even if they spend a night together, it can’t be said that something happened to them.

Huo Zhengyun knows Gao Yunjin’s identity. If Gao Yunjin doesn’t allow it, he can’t really mess with Gao Yunjin.

If Gao Yunjin allowsโ€”โ€”


How can Gao Yunjin allow it?

In secretary Lan’s heart, Gao Yunjin can’t do such a thing.


This year, Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin really often quarrel, and Fu Jincheng’s affair is also a pile, Gao Yunjin will be unhappy.

If you’re drunk and confused, you can’t tellโ€”โ€”

Thinking of this, Secretary LAN did not dare to think about it any more.

Just now he was listening in to what he said to master Huo, and then he heard what he was talking to the housekeeper and Secretary Gao Yunjin. He could basically know what Fu Jincheng was struggling with.

When Fu Jincheng saw the article, although he was still hopeful, he couldn’t get in touch with Gao Yunjin, and even delayed his journey back to the capital.


“Let’s see when they get off the plane.” At this time, Fu Jincheng looked up and said to Secretary LAN.

Just now the housekeeper of the Huo family just told them that Huo Zhengyun was on the plane, but didn’t say what time their flight was.

Although Fu Jincheng wanted to know, he didn’t want to ask in front of Mr. Huo.

Secretary LAN answered immediately and made a phone call.

After a while, Secretary LAN got the news, “madam, the plane was an hour ago, and it will land in about an hour and a half.”

“Well.” Fu Jincheng bowed his head, did not know what he was thinking, and said: “go and book two tickets to go back to the capital.”

Blue Secretary Leng next, “is, in the morning ticket?”


Secretary Lan said, “yes.”

Then he asked, “what’s the itinerary we made before?”

“Push it out.”


Secretary Lan thought about it and made a reservation for two o’clock in the morning.

After returning to the hotel, Fu Jincheng packed up and left the hotel for the airport.

They just arrived at the airport, Fu Jincheng looked at the time, which was just the time for Gao Yunjin’s plane to land. He dialed a phone to go out.

But Gao Yunjin still couldn’t get through.

A few minutes later, Fu Jincheng called again.

Several times in a row, no one answered.

Fu Jincheng asked Secretary LAN again: “check whether the plane has fallen.”

Secretary LAN had to do so, and then said, “the plane landed ten minutes ago.”

In other words, when Fu Jincheng called Gao Yunjin, the plane had already landed.

But Gao Yunjin’s mobile phone just couldn’t get through.

Fu Jincheng obviously also thought of it, picked up the mobile phone to continue to call Gao Yunjin.

Still can’t get through.

Fu Jincheng has been in the plane took off, the phone can not get through.

Fu Jincheng’s face was so gloomy that Secretary LAN didn’t look at it. Secretary Lan thought about it and comforted him: “but, maybe the mobile phone is dead.”

“She has a power bank with her.”

Secretary LAN choked.

Then shut the wheat.

After that, Fu Jincheng didn’t say anything more. He just looked out of the window and didn’t know what he was thinking. At this point, it’s more than two o’clock in the morning. Secretary LAN is very sleepy, but Fu Jincheng doesn’t sleep, and he doesn’t dare to sleep. He can only fish while paying attention to Fu Jincheng’s situation. He’s afraid that Fu Jincheng doesn’t respond immediately to what he thinks

Fu Jincheng was angry with him.

However, until the plane descended, Fu Jincheng did not say anything to him.


On the other side.

Mr. Huo has been making people pay attention to the landing time of the plane.

So, the first time the plane landed, the housekeeper of the Huo family received the news and immediately called Huo Zhengyun.

But Huo Zhengyun didn’t get through.

The housekeeper had to call Huo Zhengyun’s secretary.

Huo Zhengyun’s secretary phone is quickly connected, heard the housekeeper’s words, dare not neglect, immediately handed the mobile phone to Huo Zhengyun, “Mr. Huo, the old man’s call.”

Huo Zhengyun doubtfully answered the phone: “grandfather?”

It’s one o’clock in the morning now. At this time, master Huo should go to bed.

Mr. Huo: “there was a guest at home just now. Who do you want to guess?”

Huo Zhengyun listened to Huo’s tone, narrowed his eyes, thought about it, and finally said: “Fu Jincheng?”

Gao Yunjin went to the bathroom, just not in, did not hear, but Rongshuang heard, looked at Huo Zhengyun.

Huo old son laughed, “you still guess quite accurate.”

“He’s in H City, too?”

“How do I know?”

Huo Zhengyun also understood, “he saw the newspaper.”

This is a statement, not a question.

“What’s going on?” Master Huo gritted his teeth: “are you really with his wife?”

“It’s gossip reporters talking nonsense.” Huo Zhengyun said faintly: “there must be the handwriting of the Lei family.”โ€œ If you can think of that, it means you’re sober. ” Master Huo’s anger subsided, but he thought of Fu Jincheng’s aggressive appearance and frowned: “Fu Jincheng’s face was very ugly just now. He was obviously angry. We must deal with this matter well

It’s not good for us to offend him. “

At this time, Gao Yunjin just came out of the bathroom.

Huo Zhengyun took a look at her and said to Mr. Huo on the phone, “I know, but it shouldn’t get in the way.”

Master Huo understood what he meant. “Are you sure?”

“70% sure.”

“It’s OK.” Master Huo thought of Fu Jincheng’s face and said, “don’t cross the line.”

Huo Zhengyun light way: “know.”

Huo Zhengyun’s ability, Huo Laozi still trust, now that things have been handled, Huo Laozi also rest assured, hung up the phone.


Two and a half hours later.

The plane landed successfully at Beijing airport.

Fu Jincheng immediately turned it on, and then called Gao Yunjin.

cannot get through.

Fu Jincheng’s face was overcast and cold. Then he called the housekeeper.

The housekeeper must have gone to bed, but he didn’t answer.

Fu Jincheng had to put his mobile phone in his pocket and left the airport.

By the time they got on the bus and he got home, it was almost dawn.

After getting out of the car, Fu Jincheng asked the sleepy guard, “is madam back?”

The guard immediately said, “I’m back.” Fu Jincheng felt relieved and didn’t say much. Carrying his luggage, he quickly went upstairs, stood at the door of the bedroom, pushed open the door of the room, and saw the person lying on the bed. Fu Jincheng was relieved. After standing in the same place for a long time, he put down his luggage

I went in.

By this time, it was already light. Gao Yunjin’s face is clearly reflected in the eyelids. Looking at him sleeping, Fu Jincheng’s heart is filled in an instant. He bends down and touches Gao Yunjin’s white face with his big palm, and her soft lips with his finger. His mood is complicated.

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