Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3244

The Secretary witnessed Fu Jincheng staring at Gao Yunjin and said, “does Fu always want something to eat?”

“No, I’ll take Mr. Gao to eat later.”

The Secretary nodded: “OK, I’ll get off work first.”

When the secretary left, Gao Yunjin didn’t want Fu Jincheng to wait. He saved the document and said, “let’s go, too.”

Fu Jincheng got up and said, “are you finished?”

Gao Yunjin tidied up the table and said, “no, it’s still a little short.”

Fu Jincheng: “it’s a little bit close. Why don’t you go after handwriting?”

“It may take about ten minutes to finish.”

“Ten minutes, long?”

Gao Yunjin pause, not sure: “but you in a change is not very boring?”

Fu Jincheng understood.

She was embarrassed to ask him to wait for her.

Fu Jincheng suddenly stopped and stood still.

Gao Yunjin noticed, Leng next, “what’s the matter?”

She noticed that his face was not quite right, as if she had said something she shouldn’t have said.

Fu Jincheng said without expression: “don’t say ten minutes, even ten hours, I can afford to wait.”

Gao Yunjin was stunned. Fu Jincheng said, “so, what are you being cautious about?”

Gao Yunjin: “I, I just don’t want you to wait so long…”

“Did I say I didn’t want to wait so long?”


He said coldly, “why don’t you ask me?”

Gao Yunjin stopped the action, a little confused, half ring after the reaction, said: “I will remember to ask next time.”

Fu Jincheng did not speak.

Gao Yunjin looks at him, for a moment, he doesn’t know whether he is right or not.

She has not sorted out the head, Fu Jincheng suddenly came over, tall and straight body standing in front of her, looking at her condescending, “do you know why I am angry?”

Gao Yunjin shook his head truthfully.

Fu Jincheng bent down, lifted her chin, let her look up at him, “then you tell me, what are you nervous about?”

Gao Yunjin swallowed saliva, “I’m afraid you’re angry.”

Fu Jincheng stared at her and asked, “Why are you afraid that I’m angry?”

Gao Yunjin can’t answer.

Fu Jincheng said, “I’m your husband. How long should I wait for you? If I’m angry, won’t you be more angry than me? “

Only in this way can a normal couple look like this.

Instead of her following him in everything.

Gao Yunjin: “but –“

Fu Jincheng gritted his teeth: “but what?”

He would like to know what else she dares.

In his opinion, there is nothing but.

Gao Yunjin shut up, and then did not know what to say.

She didn’t know what Fu Jincheng wanted to say, just like the last time they quarreled, she is still muddled.

She felt as if she couldn’t keep up with Fu Jincheng.

Thinking of this, she was a little anxious and wanted to ask why Fu Jincheng said that, but she was afraid that after she asked, Fu Jincheng would be more angry and dare not ask.

Fu Jincheng saw her eyes at a loss, anxious and hesitant.

Fu Jincheng understood what she thought.

However, she didn’t understand. Did it mean that she didn’t really take the role of his wife?

Two people’s minds are different, with such a posture, for a long time did not move.

Until Gao Yunjin’s neck was sour, he moved his neck. Fu Jincheng saw that she was not very comfortable and released her hand in a hurry. “Do you hurt me?”

“…” Gao Yunjin: “No

Just a little tired.

Looking at her, Fu Jincheng didn’t speak for a long time. Gao Yunjin didn’t know what he was thinking. She was almost busy with what she was doing. She wanted to remind him that he could go with her.

Before she spoke, Fu Jincheng saw her hesitation and uneasiness.

Fu Jincheng’s heart suddenly softened, and her eyes softened a little. “Ready?”

“Well, it’s done.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t speak and reached for her hand.

Gaoyunjin looking at, Leng under, forget the reaction.

Fu Jincheng did not speak, turned and left, Gao Yunjin quickly got up to keep up.

Fu Jincheng took her. First, she went to take her handbag, which she put aside, and carried it like this.

When Gao Yunjin saw it, he stretched out his hand and said, “myself –“

Before he finished, Fu Jincheng looked back at her. Gao Yunjin noticed Fu Jincheng’s eyes and swallowed the rest of the words unconsciously.

Entering the elevator, Fu Jincheng didn’t look at her. He pressed the elevator and asked, “what are you busy with these two days?”

Gao Yunjin: “I went to H city two days ago, took part in a reception and met some people.”

“The reception?” Fu Jincheng tone is still no change, but looked at her, “who introduced you? “Huo Zhengyun?”

“No, it’s a partner of mine.”

When Fu Jincheng saw her talking about the reception, she looked very happy. Her eyes sank without any trace. “So happy, what happened at the banquet?”

“Well, it’s a deal.”

“Nothing else?”

Gao Yunjin shook his head.

Fu Jincheng thought of the contents in the newspaper.

Huo Zhengyun is not small. What happened that night is not special in her heart?

She is deliberately avoid Huo Zhengyun, really feel did not mention the need?

Fu Jincheng heart surging, tone is very flat, continue to ask: “you go to the party?”

“No, Mr. Huo sent me there.”

Listen to her mention Huo Zhengyun, Fu Jincheng pause, “is also Huo always send you back?”


Although she was drunk at that time, Huo Zhengyun mentioned it to her the next day.

Fu Jincheng looked at her, “are you so familiar with Huo Zhengyun?”

Gao Yunjin was stunned and heard that his tone was not right. “I’m not very familiar with him, but I helped him before. He took more care of me in H city. It’s reciprocity.”

“Help?” Fu Jincheng heard, feel some absurd, “Huo Zhengyun ask you for help?”

Gao Yunjin noticed his tone, as if Huo Zhengyun asked her for help, which was a big joke.

Indeed, with Huo Zhengyun’s identity and status, if we put aside the identity of “Mrs. Fu Jincheng”, Huo Zhengyun really has no place to need her help.

But as soon as Fu Jincheng’s meaning came out, Gao Yunjin felt a little uncomfortable.

She looked at the little hand he held in the palm of her hand, and couldn’t help earning it.

Fu Jincheng noticed it and reflected that it was easy for people to misunderstand what he said just now, “I didn’t mean that. Don’t think about it.” Although he does feel that with Huo Zhengyun’s status, if Gao Yunjin doesn’t use her status as his wife, Huo Zhengyun really doesn’t need her help.

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