Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3245

However, he did not mean to look down on her.

Here, his love for Gao Yunjin has nothing to do with those external things.

“I know.”

He didn’t mean it.

He’s just stating the facts.

She didn’t feel too uncomfortable. Maybe it was because of Lei Yun’s dazzling and her inferiority complex that she was too sensitive.

Therefore, the speaker has no intention and the listener has intention.

Fu Jincheng looked down at her, “Xiaojin, I just –“

“I know what you mean. I’m not at ease.”

Not to mention blaming him.


Gao Yunjin nodded. Seeing that he was so attentive, the tingling feeling just now gradually disappeared. He laughed and pulled him and said, “let’s go.”

Seeing her smile, Fu Jincheng was relieved.

Also because of such a interruption, the topic just now has come to an end.

But because the monitoring of the hotel is gone, he has no idea what happened between Huo Zhengyun and Gao Yunjin that night.

Even if he thinks Huo Zhengyun doesn’t dare to mess around in his heart, Gao Yunjin can’t do anything wrong with other men behind his back.

However, if he does not know the truth for a moment, he will never be able to let it go completely.

Fu Jincheng is full of worries, and Gao Yunjin can naturally see, “what are you thinking?”

Fu Jincheng thought, “thinking about something.”

“About work?”

“No,” Fu Jincheng looked into her eyes, “your business.”

“Ah? My business? “

Gao Yunjin is confused, but her eyes bend subconsciously, happy for Fu Jincheng missing her.


“What’s the matter with me?”

Fu Jincheng didn’t know what to say.

She didn’t take the initiative to mention what happened that night. If he did, he would doubt her.

But if we don’t say it, he can’t get through this.

With this Kan, she will have contact with Huo Zhengyun again in the future. I’m afraid his suspicions will be deeper. It’s not good for the maintenance of their relationship.

Gao Yunjin saw that he didn’t speak, as if he understood, “is there anything you want to ask me?”

Fu Jincheng stopped, face to face with her, “there is something I want to ask you.”

“Then ask.”

She didn’t understand what he was hesitating about.

Her eyes were clear, as if she did not understand why he hesitated.

She has never been a good liar.

If she did anything with Huo Zhengyun, she could not dare to look at her with such eyes when he was obviously trying.

Therefore, it can be seen that she and Huo Zhengyun may really have nothing to do.

Combined with the fact that there is no trace on her body, Fu Jincheng is relieved at this point.

It’s justโ€”โ€”

She was probably drunk and didn’t remember what happened that night.

She doesn’t remember, doesn’t mean nothing happened.

Besides, at that time, the door of the room was locked, and not doing the whole set did not mean that Huo Zhengyun would not do anything else.


He has no evidence.

She doesn’t remember either.

What’s the use of further investigation?

He may not pursue it, but he thinks he has to find out what happened.

Thinking of this, he relaxed a little and pulled out a newspaper from the car. “This is yesterday’s newspaper of H city. Have a look at the entertainment edition.”


Gao Yunjin took the newspaper in doubt.

When Fu Jincheng saw her eyes, she knew about the newspaper. Maybe she didn’t know about it.

Gao Yunjin opened the newspaper and saw Huo Zhengyun. When she finished reading the title, she had an ominous premonition in her heart.

Without waiting for her to think more, when she saw the photos under the newspaper, she was stunned, “this, this –“

Fu Jincheng did not drive, just sat in the driver’s seat and looked at her with a smile.

However, there is not much smile at the bottom of my eyes. It is clear that I want her to give him an explanation.

Gao Yunjin explained in a hurry: “it’s right that the person in the photo is me, but I drank a little wine that day. I should be drunk. I really have no impression of these.”

“I have no impression of these. What about those who go back to the room?” When Gao Yunjin saw the words “Huo Zhengyun didn’t come out overnight” on the title, her face was a little uncomfortable. At last, she shook her head in confusion. But she thought about it and said, “I’m not very familiar with Huo Zhengyun, but he should just kindly send me back

It’s just, it’s impossible to do anything to me. Besides, he also knows that we are husband and wife. He can’t — “

“I think so, too.” Fu Jincheng nodded and interrupted her.

When Gao Yunjin heard this, he was relieved. However, before he spoke, he heard Fu Jincheng say, “but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the heart. He may not have done the whole set, but –“

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Gao Yunjin understands what he means. He thinks that Huo Zhengyun may like her and dare not do anything on her face. But when she is drunk, he may take advantage of her.

Gao Yunjin couldn’t listen any more, “he’s not like that. Besides, he has people he likes. He can’t do that. Don’t think about others like that. “

Fu Jincheng was not happy and said with a smile: “didn’t you just say you were not familiar? So how do you know he’s not like that? “

“I –“

Gao Yunjin doesn’t know how to explain.

But she felt that after Fu Jincheng said so, the next time she saw Huo Zhengyun, she was embarrassed to look at Huo Zhengyun.

Fu Jincheng was in a good mood. Seeing that she didn’t know what to say, she had no choice but to smile. “So, it’s just that you are drunk and he kindly sent you back. You have nothing to do with it?”

“Yes, nothing really happened.”

Gao Yunjin said.

Fu Jincheng nodded: “I know.”

He believed it, and Gao Yunjin was relieved.

“But.” Fu Jincheng took another look at her, a little more serious, “can you get drunk when you go to a cocktail party? You went alone. How dare you drink so much? What about your brain? “

No matter what happened this time, he would not talk about her.

But next time, if she gets drunk again and meets other people with crooked ideas, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Gao Yunjin thought of what happened that night, and now he felt a little strange, “I didn’t drink much. I didn’t drink more than two mouthfuls of red wine in my glass. Although I don’t drink very well, I should not drink as much as two

Fu Jincheng wanted to drive away. Hearing this, he looked dignified. “What do you mean? You mean, there’s something wrong with the wine? “

“It should be.” Gao Yunjin thought about it and finally said, “there must be a problem.” Fu Jincheng face suddenly cold, “who handed you the wine?”

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