Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3249

“Mr. Fu is back?” Huo Zhengyun suddenly asked.


“It seems that Mr. Fu was really impressed by our publication in the newspaper. So I heard that he came back from H city before he finished his work. “

Originally speaking of newspapers, Gao Yunjin was not at ease.

Can hear Huo Zhengyun behind half speech, she was stunned, “H city? You said, “he came back from H city?”

“Yes, don’t you know?”

Gao Yunjin smiles and doesn’t speak.

In fact, she did not know that he was still in H country.

“A few days ago, something happened to the Lei family. I can’t make it up to myself. Fu Jincheng came back to help them deal with it.” Huo Zhengyun added: “you don’t know about this?”

Gao Yunjin shakes his head.

They were still in the middle of the cold war at that time, and Fu Jincheng ignored her, so she naturally didn’t know.

However, listen to Huo Zhengyun’s meaning, Fu Jincheng will go to H City, I’m afraid it’s also to help Lei Yun.

Huo Zhengyun seems to see that she has something on her mind, so she doesn’t continue to say it.

Gao Yunjin has something on his mind. He doesn’t speak for a long time.

Both of them were silent.

After a long time, Huo Zhengyun said: “you have little contact with the fabric market before. If you don’t understand anything, I can find someone to help you have a look.”

After all, he also has a company that specializes in this area. He can give her some advice.

When Gao Yunjin heard his words, he came back to his senses, and felt that it was not good for him to be absent-minded.

She quickly took back her thoughts. “It’s too much trouble. I’d better do it myself. You’ve helped me a lot.”

She is sorry to trouble him again.

“No trouble.” Huo Zhengyun light way: “a person to give you some advice, draw a key point, can have half the effect, can let you less detours.”

Gao Yunjin is a little excited.

It’s true that she has sorted out her plan book, but she is a little bit bottomless in her heart. A professional person can help her to have a look and really know her problems.

Thinking of this, she said, “that’s the trouble.”

“You’re welcome.”

Huo Zhengyun after no more, with Gao Yunjin chat two, he also has many things, after dinner, the two left.

Outside the door of the hotel, Gao Yunjin sends Huo Zhengyun to the car. Suddenly, his mobile phone rings.

She took out her cell phone and looked at it. It was Fu Jincheng.

Huo Zhengyun took a look at her, “you answer the phone. I’ll go first. I’ll make an appointment when I’m free.”

“OK, take your time.”

Huo Zhengyun nodded and the car drove away quickly.

Gao Yunjin got through to Fu Jincheng after his car had gone a little further, “Jincheng?”

“I’m upstairs.”

“Ah?” Gao Yunjin reflexively turned back and saw a man standing beside the glass window on the side upstairs. Looking at his figure, it seemed that it was really Fu Jincheng. She waved to him, “you come here too –“

“Wait for me.”

Fu Jincheng interrupts her. Without waiting for her answer, her figure disappears and the phone hangs up.

Gao Yunjin: “what

She had to go back to the door of the hotel and wait.

About five minutes later, Fu Jincheng came downstairs, pulled her into the shop, frowned and scolded, “how can I stand at the door? Isn’t it cold? “

“It’s not very cold with the sun.” Gao Yunjin closed his neck and said. Fu Jincheng took her hand and touched her little face. She was really not cold, and her face looked a little better. But I don’t know what she thought of. Suddenly, she was stunned again. “That person just now, is he Huo Zhengyun? Why did you come out to dinner with him again

What happened? “

“It’s him. He took good care of me when I was in H City, so I want to invite him to dinner and express my gratitude.”

Gao Yunjin didn’t expect that he saw it. Seeing that his face was not right, he explained, “I called you. I wanted to tell you, but you didn’t answer.”

Fu Jincheng’s face sank, “thank you? Did you tell him about the wine problem? “

“No. I don’t think you trust him very much, so you didn’t say it. But anyway, as far as we know, he just helped me. I thank him and invite him to dinner. Isn’t it right? “

Yes, it should.

Butโ€œ I don’t object to your inviting him to dinner, but I hope that next time you need to invite him to dinner, you can discuss with me in advance and let’s go together. He helped you. As your husband, I’d like to express my gratitude personally. It’s right, isn’t it

Is that right? “

Gao Yunjin understood: “OK, I see. I’ll call you next time. “



Fu Jincheng’s face looked a little better. Looking at her face, her heart softened, and she hugged her in her arms. She bowed her head and kissed her forehead.

Gao Yunjin pushed him, “in public –“

“There are few people now.” Fu Jincheng didn’t let her go. Gao Ting’s nose rubbed against her ear. But he was a little upset when he remembered that Gao Yunjin had dinner with Huo Zhengyun just now. “What did you say when you had dinner with Huo Zhengyun just now?”

“No, just a little chat.” Speaking of this, Gao Yunjin just remembered that Fu Jincheng had been to H city a few days ago.

She had some doubts about it.

But it’s not the right place to say, “by the way, are you here to eat?”

“No, with the rest of the company, there are several partners.”

If he had time to go out for dinner by himself, why didn’t he take her with him?

So there’s a lot of people waiting for him upstairs?

Gao Yunjin pushed him, “then you go back to dinner. We’ll talk about it in the evening if there’s anything.”


Fu Jincheng is not good to leave too long, in her forehead kiss, “pay attention to safety, night off, I’ll pick you up home.”


Gao Yunjin is about to leave when Fu Jincheng lowers his head and pecks her lips twice before letting her go.

Because of Fu Jincheng’s action, people passing by all looked towards them.

Gao Yunjin’s face turned red suddenly and pushed away Fu Jincheng, “I’m leaving.”


Fu Jincheng watched Gao Yunjin leave until her figure disappeared.

Fu Jincheng is the protagonist of today’s meal, he just came back, everyone’s attention fell on him, “Fu always met acquaintances?”

When he left just now, he didn’t say where he had gone. He just said he had something to go out for a while.

Fu Jincheng nodded and didn’t say much.

At this time, a partner suddenly asked: “I heard that Mr. Fu went to H city a few days ago?”

Fu Jincheng: “well.”

“As soon as Lei’s accident happened, general manager Fu rushed over immediately. General manager Fu and general manager Lei have a good relationship.” When Fu Jincheng heard this, he said coldly, “our company also invested a lot of money in that project. I don’t know what happened to Lei.”

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