Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3250

Although it is Leishi who is dealing with that project, and it is also Leishi’s people who are not dealing with it properly, that kind of thing will happen, but that project is not just Leishi’s project.

If it’s just Ray’s project, he’s not so free.

When the man talked about Lei Yun, he just wanted to get close to Fu Jincheng. However, he made Fu Jincheng change his face. After hearing this, he didn’t know what to say for a moment. He was embarrassed.

Other people see this, quickly changed the topic, and talked about something else.

It’s a long meal.

After dinner, Fu Jincheng went back to the company with several other shareholders of the company to continue the meeting.

Before the meeting was over, Fu Jincheng’s mobile phone rang.

It’s ray Yun.

Gao Yunjin looked at it, but didn’t answer. He continued the meeting.

But Lei Yun persevered, and the phone soon came in again.

It seemed that something urgent had happened.

His phone kept ringing and everyone else looked at it.

Fu Jincheng looked at the others and asked them to continue. He took his cell phone and went out to pick up the phone.

As soon as the phone was picked up, Lei Yun’s voice rang on the other side of the phone, “something happened again.”

Then, without waiting for Fu Jincheng to speak, Lei Yun said the matter over there and said, “can you come to H city as soon as possible?”

Fu Jincheng also wants to have dinner with Gao Yunjin in the evening and accompany the two little guys. At night, he can float away her thoughts again. Fu Jincheng draws his attention back, but at this time, he is filled with anger in his heart. “Mr. Lei, this project was agreed to be handled by you before, so we made concessions in terms of profit, but one after another

Don’t you think you’re too careless in your work? ” Lei Yun didn’t expect that Fu Jincheng would be angry now. After all, Fu Jincheng has always been a very calm person in public affairs. It can also be because he is strong enough. No matter what happens, he can solve it perfectly and seems to solve it very lightly


So, he never got angry with people when it happened.

He is usually the first to solve the problem.

When the problem is almost solved and there is no crisis, we will investigate the problem.

What does Lei Yun think? Fu Jincheng is not interested in exploring. He continues in a cold voice: “I hope such things will not happen again in the future. If that’s your ability to do things. After that, I don’t think it’s necessary for us to cooperate any more. “

Let him come out to clean up the mess when something goes wrong. It has been more than three times. Fu Jincheng’s words are not only angry words, but also facts. Lei Yun didn’t have time to think too much. Hearing this, he immediately said: “Mr. Fu said that it was really our fault, so I thought about it. We can draw up a new contract and make some concessions in profit. At the same time, I

I can assure you that this will not happen again. I hope Fu can give us a few more opportunities. “

Lei Yun said this sincerely.

Fu Jincheng is still in a bad mood, but he also knows that if he gets angry again, it won’t help, and he will save too much nonsense. “I’ll get there as soon as possible.”

With that, without waiting for Lei Yun to speak, he took the lead in hanging up.

Lei Yun looks at the phone being hung up. His face is not very good-looking. He drops his mobile phone on his desk and says to Mr. Sun: “go to find those responsible persons of the project team and have a meeting!”


President sun immediately went to inform people.

After hanging up, Mr. Sun poured a glass of water for Lei Yun, “Fu Jincheng has offended you?”

“It’s none of his business.” She can understand Fu Jincheng’s attitude. She is angry because her company’s people are really incompetent, which makes her lose face in front of Fu Jincheng four times and three times.

Mr. Sun also understood the reason why Lei Yun’s face was livid. “Now –“

“Get a lawyer and draw up a new contract.”

Mr. Sun: “yes.”

Leilaozi also know that there is an accident, immediately rushed over, see the lawyer in, pause, “what’s the matter?”

Lei Yun repeated what Fu Jincheng said.

Mr. Lei frowned: “it’s too rash for us to give in.”

If it’s so easy to change the contract, I’m afraid that Fu Jincheng will ask more for cooperation in the future.

“I didn’t think about this, but as you know, grandfather, Fu Jincheng has solved several problems for us. Anyway, we have to show our sincerity.”

Mr. Lei knows that, too.

However, the profit of this project, a little concession, is an astronomical figure, and Mr. Lei still thinks it’s inappropriate.

However, he is not a person without an overall view. Knowing that this is the best and most sincere way to deal with it, he has no choice but to give up.

The contract has been worked out, but Lei Yun didn’t delay much. He told Fu Jincheng directly, and asked him when he would fly. She went to pick him up.

Fu Jincheng didn’t reply to her. She may be busy.

Lei Yun thinks of Fu Jincheng’s angry appearance on the phone just now. He doesn’t continue to send messages to disturb him, so he puts his hand aside.

After a while, Fu Jincheng returned her message: the plane in two hours.

Lei Yun saw it and felt relieved: I’ll pick you up.

Fu Jincheng saw it and didn’t return.

He also has a lot of things to deal with in his company, and he is very busy now.

It’s already half an hour since we’ve explained the company.

After dealing with the company, he immediately took the computer out of the door and opened a video conference with people in the car.

When he arrived at the airport, he remembered his promise to Gao Yunjin and called him.

Gao Yunjin happened to be in a meeting and didn’t answer.

Fu Jincheng catches up with the plane and sends a message to Gao Yunjin, saying that there is something urgent in H city for him to deal with before he gets on the plane.

When getting off the plane, Fu Jincheng and Secretary LAN went out of the airport and saw Lei Yun’s car.

Soon, both Lei Yun and Lei Laozi got out of the car.

Even Mr. Lei has come, which is a great honor to Fu Jincheng.

Of course, that’s just the idea of Ray’s people.

For Fu Jincheng, he doesn’t feel much about whether Mr. Lei will come or not.

Leilaozi rate first walked in the past, “Mr. Fu, and trouble you.”

Fu Jincheng did not politely say “no trouble”, but directly said “um”.

It means that their Lei family didn’t do a good job, which really made him feel very troublesome.

Mr. Lei and Mr. Lei have a good time.

They didn’t seem to expect that Fu Jincheng would not even give Mr. Lei face.

But now they are asking for help from others, and they are really at fault. No wonder Fu Jincheng is a little dissatisfied, and it’s hard to say anything. And Fu Jincheng did not give them the chance to say.

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