Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3253

As a result, they became fearless.

If that’s true, they have cooperated on so many projects in the past two years, and what happens?

Do you want him to wipe your ass? Lei Yun looked at Fu Jincheng with uncertain face. He was really a little flustered. He said with a straight face: “Mr. Fu, you know my attitude towards work. If I do something wrong, just say it. As for the people below, I’ll take care of them

After — “

“If anything goes wrong in the future, you will bear the consequences.”

Fu Jincheng interrupted her.

Lei Yun’s face changed slightly.

However, she thinks that if she dares to retort, Fu Jincheng will probably say: there is no need for us to cooperate in the future.

It’s not what she wants to see.

Since their cooperation with Fu Jincheng, the annual profit of their Lei family is 20% higher than that in previous years.

This is just the beginning, which shows how terrible a number it is.

Therefore, they must not lose the partner of Fu Jincheng.

“Understand, Mr. Fu, you can rest assured that we will prevent similar things from happening again in the future.”

When Fu Jincheng heard this, he looked a little better. “I hope Lei always does what he says, and I hope Lei always straightens out the people below, so that it doesn’t happen again.”

“I will. Please believe me.”

Fu Jincheng did not speak, picked up the side has some cold bread, eat up, did not see Lei Yun.

Lei Yun understood that he was catching up.

Lei Yun looked back: “then I won’t disturb Mr. Fu for your meal.”

“Well.” Fu Jincheng light should be a, did not look up.

Lei Yun turned and left.

After closing the door to Fu Jincheng, her face was very ugly.

Sun, who was waiting outside, was too busy to ask.

But Lei Laozi was waiting in Lei Yun’s office. Seeing her coming back, he asked, “what does Fu Jincheng say?”

“He’s still angry and hasn’t looked at the documents. Obviously, no matter how we make up for it, he can’t see it. He just finds it troublesome.”

Old man Lei frowned: “the spirit is so big?”

It’s not like Fu Jincheng he knew.

Fu Jincheng, whom he knew, had never been so angry.

Lei Yun gritted his teeth: “now we don’t care about those. After the meeting, our company will go to the meeting independently and get all the other people back. Let them kick the unnecessary people and pay high prices to recruit a few capable people to come in!”

“If this matter can’t be handled properly, Fu Jincheng really can’t cooperate with us any more.”

This is what Mr. Lei is most concerned about.

Hearing this, he took a look at Lei Yun, “he didn’t give you any face?”

Lei Yun said with a smile: “we are just cooperating. We are in business. What face can he give me?”

Mr. Lei wanted to frown, but he didn’t say much. Now it’s useless to say that. First of all, we have to deal with the matter well and stabilize Fu Jincheng.

They didn’t have time to say more, and it was time for a meeting soon.

At the meeting, Fu Jincheng’s face was still not very good-looking.

After the meeting, Lei Yun came out: “I’ll send you –“

“No, I’ll go to the hotel myself.” Fu Jincheng interrupted her.

His tone, not as cold as before, but not as close as before.

Lei Yun did not reluctantly sigh: “good, then you have a good rest, this time, hard for you.”


Fu Jincheng answered faintly. Because of this, Lei Yun was relieved.

It proves that Fu Jincheng’s anger has dissipated a lot, and he is not as angry as before.

But she did not dare to neglect.

After Fu Jincheng left, let the people waiting to have a meeting in the conference room.

The Lei family is a century old family, and most of the company’s senior executives are close friends.

Although most of them have been carefully cultivated by Mr. Lei, not everyone can be successful if they have been cultivated.

So, most people have a little bit of ability, but not particularly good.

Even if that’s enough, many of them still like to use crooked ideas to seek benefits.

That’s why their projects are so prone to accidents.

Now, Lei Yun’s purpose of holding this meeting is to criticize those who are incompetent and self righteous.

Lei Yun reproached that most people didn’t dare to speak, but it didn’t mean they were convinced.

As soon as Lei Yun finished speaking, someone sneered: “Lei is really a great prestige. I don’t know who is the man who didn’t dare to fart when President Fu was here just now? “

Lei Yun’s eyes were sharp, but he didn’t speak. Another man said, “I’m not charming enough. I can’t even coax men. I’ll take it out on us and cut it!”

This is obviously to say that Lei Yun, as a woman, should coax Fu Jincheng to wipe her ass for them without complaint if she has the ability.

Now that Fu Jincheng is angry with them, Lei Yun has his own problems.

Lei Yun sneered, “I really don’t have enough charm, but since you are so charming, how can you spend money without a woman willing to follow you?”“ You The other side was stabbed by Lei Yun, and his face was not very good-looking. He also said sarcastically, “how can I be the same as you, Lei? I’m just a little supervisor, not the face of the Lei family, but you’re the face of the Lei family, you don’t like it

To be worthy of — “

“Shut up

Thunder old son can’t listen to go down, “again nonsense go on, get out for me!”

The man snorted coldly and didn’t speak any more, but he was obviously unconvinced when he looked at Lei Yun’s eyes.

Lei Yun glanced at him. When he drew back his eyes, he also noticed other people’s eyes. Her uncles and uncles seemed to agree with her words.

Lei Yun sneered. Instead of talking nonsense to them, he said what he meant and kicked all the people who could be kicked away.

This caused a lot of people’s dissatisfaction. Just as he was about to make trouble, Mr. Lei patted the table and said in a cold voice, “that’s what I mean. Do you have any opinions?”

When the other people heard the old man’s words, they did not dare to speak any more.

The meeting was just like a farce. It took more than an hour to finish.

Back in the office, Lei Yun left the document on the ground, his face was gloomy and terrible.

Mr. Sun quickly picked up the documents on the ground, put them back on the desk, and poured her a glass of water. “It’s not worth being angry with those people.”“ One by one, when it’s good, one by one is very impolite, trying hard to exploit the loopholes and seek benefits, but I can’t do things by myself. It’s my fault! Even if Fu Jincheng was in charge, they would continue to be in such a state,

It’s not enough for them to lose! “

“They’ve been like this all the time. Didn’t you know that for a long time?” Mr. Sun agreed.

Lei Yun didn’t speak. She did know that for a long time, but she was still angry.

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