Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3255

“Dad, it’s us.” On the other side of the phone, two little guys said with a smile.

Fu Jincheng’s eyes are still gentle, “yes, today is Saturday, you don’t have to have class.”

“Well, another week of class, we’ll have winter vacation.”

“So fast?”


Fu Jincheng chatted with the two little guys and asked, “where’s mom? Isn’t mom awake yet? “

“Yes, mom is still awake.”

“Then don’t make mother rest.”

“I see.” Two little guys should be, and asked: “Dad this business trip to how long?”

“I’m not sure. It should take four or five days.”


Two little guys miss him, so they called Fu Jincheng early in the morning. Until the housekeeper came to ask them to have breakfast, they reluctantly hung up.

Fu Jincheng hung up with a smile. When he came out of the room, his face became pale. Seeing that the food on the table hadn’t moved, he said, “don’t you want to eat first?”

It’s been a long time. Breakfast is probably cold.

After waiting so long, Lei Yun didn’t mind at all. He said with a smile, “I’m here to have breakfast with Mr. Fu. If I eat first, what’s it like?”

“I’m sorry, the child pestered people, chatting and forgetting the time.”

Lei Yun: “it’s OK. I came here uninvited.”

Fu Jincheng asked Secretary LAN to heat the meal in the microwave oven, while he chatted with Lei Yun.

Lei Yun looked at him and thought of him yesterday. Suddenly, an idea came into his mind.

She hesitated, looked at Fu Jincheng again, and suddenly said, “I thought president Fu was so angry yesterday that he would ignore me today.”

Fu Jincheng seemed to guess what she was thinking: “do you think I was aiming at you yesterday?”

So he wasn’t aiming at her?

It seems that she guessed right.

“I thought so yesterday.” Lei Yun said with a smile: “yesterday, things were anxious and a little flustered, so he was out of proportion and made Fu laugh.”

“But Mr. Lei’s overall thinking is very clear.”

When things got to this point, Lei Yun’s solution was in place, and he passed the exam.

“Thank you for your praise.”

Fu Jincheng saw that she appeared here early in the morning and understood her thoughts a little. Then he said, “yesterday, I didn’t aim at you. I was right about things and wrong about people.”“ I know Lei Yun relaxed and plucked his hair. “But I just thought of that. You think there’s something wrong with Ray’s, not me. Of course, it’s my fault that there’s something wrong with Ray’s internal system. I didn’t think of it in advance

That’s why things like this happen. It’s all my fault

Fu Jincheng did not deny, just said: “family business, such drawbacks can not be avoided.”

Fu Jincheng also took care of Mr. Fu for a period of time in his last life. There are many such things. Lei Yun didn’t expect him to say that. He was a little surprised, but he was happy about more things. “I heard that President Fu had never been in Fu’s house. He had been fighting alone all the time. I thought president Fu didn’t know much about these things,

I’m a stranger. “

Fu Jincheng said faintly: “I haven’t eaten pork, and I’ve seen pigs run“

For Fu Jincheng’s explanation, Lei Yun nodded. Seeing that the atmosphere gradually eased, Lei Yun was not as formal as before. He said with a smile, “after you left last night, we had a meeting again. One of my cousins said that such a thing would happen because I was not attractive enough as a woman, and I couldn’t get rid of it

You are fascinated and ask you to help me with everything. What do you say about this, Mr. Fu? “

Fu Jincheng was not surprised to hear this, but when the thunder games were so straightforward, he looked at her and said, “it’s no surprise.”

In his last life, he experienced many things that put his fault on him.

Lei Yun shrugged: “I’ve experienced a lot and got used to it. But I didn’t expect them to take it for granted. ” At this time, Secretary LAN warmed up the breakfast. Lei Yun didn’t continue the topic just now. Instead, he raised the cup in his hand and said, “thank you, Mr. Fu, for your tolerance to Lei Shi these days. I’m very grateful to Lei Shi. In the future, Mr. Fu will need us

If you can help me, I will do my best. “

This is to turn over the past two days.

The cooperation between the two families is very deep. In addition to the accident, there are several bigger projects. It’s not good for Fu Jincheng to have a quarrel with the Lei family.

Fu Jincheng also raised his glass and touched her, “thank you, Mr. Lei.”

“Mr. Fu is very polite.”

This matter, even so.

After that, Fu Jincheng did not get angry with Lei Yun any more, but dealt with the matters behind the project according to the plan.

At noon, after the meeting, Lei Yun came to find Fu Jincheng: “let’s have dinner together.”


When Fu Jincheng went out, he saw nearly ten people standing outside, most of them young girls about 20 years old.

Seeing this, Lei Yun’s face sank. “What are uncles doing?”“ Xiaoyun, is this for dinner? So do we. Let’s have dinner together. ” One of Lei Yun’s uncles didn’t seem to see Lei Yun’s ugly face. When he finished, he pushed his daughter forward. “Mr. Fu, I’ll introduce you

Now, this is — “uncle, don’t you know? Mr. Fu doesn’t like excitement. He likes quiet. ” Lei Yun interrupted him and said, “of course, if my uncle and sisters want to have dinner with President Fu, I don’t want to stick in one foot, but I have something else to do with President Fu

If you go and delay things, you will be responsible for the consequences? “

“Xiao Yun, look at what you say. It’s just a meal. What can you delay?”

The blind can see what they are thinking. Secretary Lan was disgusted. Without waiting for Fu Jincheng to open his mouth, he interrupted each other directly and said, “is Lei’s people so idle? I’m a busy outsider for the project, but others of Leishi are so lazy. No wonder the project will make mistakes frequently.

It seems that in future projects, it’s better to cooperate less with Leishi, right? Mr. Fu said

Fu Jincheng glanced at the others coldly, did not speak, and turned to leave directly.

Lei Yun follows, and the others are calmed by Fu Jincheng’s eyes. Remembering Secretary Lan’s words, the others dare not act rashly, for fear that they will offend Fu Jincheng. Fu Jincheng will not cooperate with them in the future.

After entering the elevator, Lei Yun rubbed his eyebrows and said with a tired face: “I’m sorry, Mr. Fu, I let you see the joke.”“ I hope it won’t happen again. “

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