Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3262

Mr. Sun nodded and said, “it’s still thoughtful of you.”

“Still have, let a person delete those to Huo Zhengyun identity guess.”

If we continue to make trouble, maybe the Huo family will see that it will not be a good thing if we poke it to Mr. Huo.

Mr. Sun has gone.

Lei Yun thought of the conversation with Fu Jincheng just now.

She seems to know why Fu Jincheng is not happy.

It seems that this matter

You can also do some writing.

On the other side.

Fu Jincheng calls Gao Yunjin, but Gao Yunjin doesn’t answer. He becomes absent-minded in his work. He can’t help picking up his mobile phone and brushing his microblog to see if there is any latest news.

I didn’t get the latest news, but I saw someone complaining under the comments that someone had deleted the comments, and what’s more, the comments related to Huo Zhengyun and Gao Yunjin were deleted.

Gao Yunjin looks for a circle and finds that the news about Gao Yunjin and Huo Zhengyun on the Internet is really getting less.

His face became grave.

When you see these photos, you will think that only the person concerned will be deleted.

In other words, either Huo Zhengyun or Gao Yunjin.

No matter which side, it shows that they know that they have been photographed and put on the net, and there is some heat.

One of them knows, and generally speaking, they will tell the other.

So maybe Gao Yunjin already knows about it?

But if she does know, why doesn’t she answer his phone?

Think of this, Fu Jincheng thin lips pursed to death, once again to gaoyunjin called in the past.

Gao Yunjin still didn’t answer.

Fu Jincheng’s face became more gloomy. Later, he couldn’t read any of the words on the document.

At this time, Gao Yunjin woke up.

Seeing that there were several missed calls from Fu Jincheng, I felt a little strange and thought that he had something urgent to find her, so I called Fu Jincheng quickly.

Fu Jincheng was upset. When he heard the call ring, he picked up his mobile phone and wanted to hang up. But when he noticed the note of the call, he suddenly stopped.

After reaction, he immediately answered the phone.

Gao Yunjin took the lead in saying: “Jincheng, how did you call me so many times? Is something wrong? “

When Fu Jincheng heard this, he turned his lips: “No. Do I have to do something to find you? “

“That’s not what I mean. I saw you call me many times

“Where have you been? Why didn’t you answer the phone before? “

Gao Yunjin: “I went to bed just now.” His tone is not very good, she said: “what’s the matter?”

“Sleeping?” This is what he didn’t expect.

So she may not know about the deletion of the news on the Internet?

In other words, the news on the Internet may have been deleted by Huo Zhengyun’s people.

However, the heat of this incident is not high. According to reason, Huo Zhengyun’s people should not be so vigilant.

“Well.” Gao Yunjin said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t expect you to call me so many times all of a sudden.”

“Don’t tell me you’re sorry!”

Thinking of the pictures on Weibo, he felt that she and Huo Zhengyun didn’t seem to be so polite to him, which made him feel more uncomfortable, and his tone of voice was two points.

“… oh.”

He is not happy, Gao Yunjin tone light a few minutes.

Fu Jincheng a listen, knead eyebrow heart, “small brocade, I didn’t mean fierce you, you don’t misunderstand.”

“Well.” Gao Yunjin is very obedient.

Since he apologized to her, it should not be intentional.

Maybe it’s just a bad mood.

She didn’t feel at ease. She opened the topic and said, “by the way, you call me. What’s the matter?”

Making so many calls all at once looks like something urgent.

After a pause, Fu Jincheng said, “a shareholder of our company said that he met you and Huo Zhengyun this morning. Did you go out with Huo Zhengyun again?”

Gao Yunjin didn’t expect it, and explained, “well. But there are others, not just me and him. “

“Others are Yueyue and Xuanxuan?”

“No, there are others.”

“Who else? Who else? Zhuolin

Are they familiar enough to introduce themselves to their friends?

“No, it’s a colleague of our company. After that, we met Mr. Huo’s friend, so we had lunch together at noon.”

“Is that so?”


Fu Jincheng was silent for a while and did not speak.

Looking at the picture, they seem to have a good relationship. He wants to ask more questions, but he is not good at forcing too many questions. He is afraid that Gao Yunjin will not be happy and become polite with him.

But he didn’t feel comfortable without asking.

Think of this, he sighed, tone soft down, pathetic mouth: “Xiaojin.”


“You, Huo Zhengyun and Yuexuan have been photographed and put on the Internet. They all say you are a family of four.” Fu Jincheng tone is very sour, reiterated: “they all say you are a family of four.”

Gaoyunjin listen to his sour tone, “that is false, they misunderstood.”

“I know, but you seem to have a good relationship. Although it’s fake, I’m not very comfortable.”

“I –“

“And Yueyue and Xuanxuan seem to be very familiar with Huo Zhengyun. Yueyue has been holding Huo Zhengyun’s hand, and you haven’t stopped it.”

Speaking of this, Fu Jincheng’s tone is even more sour.

Gao Yunjin explained: “that’s because there are too many people. I’m afraid the children will get lost.”


He listened to her explanation when she felt guilty,

He took the opportunity to say: “after that, you don’t go out with Huo Zhengyun. You promised me, remember?”

Gao Yunjin: “I remember that I was wrong. Next time I will –“

“And next time?”

Gao Yunjin thought about it and explained, “sometimes I meet him at work. It’s impossible not to contact him at all.”

Fu Jincheng puzzled: “work? You don’t have any cooperation with him. Why do you meet him at work? “

“He recommended some partners to me, and I plan to cooperate with them, so we may meet in the future.

“Xiaojin, why did he recommend partners to you? You are willing to cooperate with each other, but you are not willing to cooperate with the people I recommend?”

Gao Yunjin

That’s because whether the people Huo Zhengyun recommended to her cooperate with or not is a matter of her personal ability.

But Fu Jincheng is different. The people he recommends are likely to go to Fu Jincheng. Cooperation with her is just by the way. It doesn’t help her in her career. I don’t know. I will regret it and even have some unnecessary disputes.

It is because she suffered such a loss that she has less contact with Fu Jincheng at work. It’s been many years. Now, in the business circle, there are so many people who don’t know that she is Fu Jincheng’s wife.

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