Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3263

However, his tone sounded very dissatisfied. Gao Yunjin thought about it and said, “after that, I see that there are suitable people you recommend to me. I will cooperate with them.”

“Really?” Fu Jincheng obviously didn’t believe her very much.

“Really.” Gao Yunjin continues to coax.

“That’s about the same.” Fu Jincheng was satisfied. He thought about it. His eyes were sharp, but his tone was smiling: “by the way, Xiaojin, listen to what you mean, Huo Zhengyun seems to have helped you a lot, right?”

“Well, what’s the matter?”

“He has helped you so much, I am very grateful to him in my heart, so I want to find a chance to meet him and have dinner together.”

Huo Zhengyun close to his home Xiaojin, what idea to play, he is really not very clear now.

He plans to contact Huo Zhengyun and make a further investigation.

“But now he’s in the capital –“

“It doesn’t matter. When I get back to the capital, I’ll make an appointment.”

Gao Yunjin paused and said, “but I heard that he will fly to other places for business in two days. You may not have a chance to meet for the moment.”

Fu Jincheng stopped and said in a dangerous tone: “Xiaojin, you know his itinerary very well.”

Gao Yunjin: “I just mentioned it by chance, but I didn’t know it very clearly.”

“Is it?”

Fu Jincheng doesn’t believe it very much.


“That’s good.” Fu Jincheng said: “if Xiaojin knows other men’s itinerary, I will be jealous.”

Gao Yunjin laughs when Fu Jincheng is joking.

At this time, there was a knock outside the door.

Fu Jincheng thought of the documents he had in hand, which had been delayed for an hour. Before he finished reading them, he said something to Gao Yunjin, hung up reluctantly, and then said to the people outside: “come in.”

It’s secretary LAN: “I’ll get the documents.”

Fu Jincheng pauses, “wait a minute, I haven’t finished.”

Secretary LAN

Not finished yet?

It’s two hours since I can finish reading the document in ten minutes, but Fu Jincheng hasn’t finished reading it?

Fu Jincheng didn’t say much. He read the two documents at a glance. After confirming that there was no problem, he signed and handed them to Secretary LAN.

In the evening, Lei Yun arrived at the building of Fu Jincheng company on time to meet Fu Jincheng for dinner.

Lei Yun looked at Fu Jincheng, “general Fu seems to be in a good mood.”


Lei Yun turned his eyes.

It seems that Gao Yunjin has stabilized Fu Jincheng.

Gao Yunjin is quite capable. In a few words, he coaxed Fu Jincheng.

She did not continue to ask this, and soon moved away from the topic.

By the time they arrived, Mr. Lei was already waiting there.

Mr. Lei, as an elder, has an unusual status. His early arrival shows that he attaches great importance to Fu Jincheng as a partner.

Fu Jincheng can naturally see their intentions.

Mr. Lei can put down his airs to cater to him. Fu Jincheng gives him face. When eating, he never mentions the problems that the Lei family made before. He just eats and drinks.

Because of this meal, Fu Jincheng and the Lei family have broken the ice and regained their relationship.

After dinner, Fu Jincheng left.

Lei Yun asked, “do you want to go boxing and relax?”

Fu Jincheng pause, some heart, “good.”

He’s very athletic and lustful. He has been here for so many days, and he has been tired for so many days. Now he has a little spare time, and he is not interested in messing around outside. There is no other place to vent when he needs to. It’s really a good choice to fight and vent his strength


That’s why he agreed.

And Lei Yun also thought of this, so he proposed.

It has to be said that Lei Yun can really catch people’s mind.

Hearing his promise, Lei Yun said with a smile, “I may not be able to keep up with you physically. I’ll find a professional person to accompany you?”

Fu Jincheng did not refuse: “thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

When they arrived at the boxing center, Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng relaxed. They each found someone to fight and relax.

About an hour later, Lei Yun was tired and sat watching Fu Jincheng fight.

After a while, Fu Jincheng jumped down from the stage and sat down on the cushion. Lei Yun handed her a bottle of water.

Fu Jincheng took it and took a drink. Lei Yuncai asked, “is the person I’m looking for good?”

“Professional, really good.”

Fu Jincheng relaxed and laughed.

He hasn’t moved in a few days. Now he’s exercising. He’s in a better mood and has a better attitude towards Lei Yun.

Lei Yun is a keen person. When he noticed it, he naturally knew that he had made the right move.

She looked back and said with a smile, “if you have time, you want to come here to play, just tell me, I’ll arrange people for you.”


Fu Jincheng looked at the time. It was almost early in the morning. He got up and said, “it’s late. Let’s go first.”

“Well, I’ll take you back.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t refuse.

When he got to the hotel, Lei Yun got off the bus and said, “I’ll find someone. Mr. Fu, you should have a rest early.”

Fu Jincheng nodded, did not ask.

Lei Yun went into the elevator with him. Lei Yun got out of the elevator first. After the elevator door closed, she turned and walked to the side. There, Mr. Sun had been waiting for her.

Lei Yun went into the room and asked, “have the photos been taken?”


“Let’s put it online. Because the speed of deletion over there is also very fast. I remember to send it once every other period of time. “

In this way, it is guaranteed that those who should see it will have a chance to see it.

Mr. Sun said with a smile, “I know. I’ve already given orders.”

Thinking of Fu Jincheng’s relaxed attitude towards her, Lei Yun was in a good mood and laughed, “it’s hard, you go to have a rest.”

Gao Yunjin didn’t wake up and surf the Internet the first time, but Zhuolin did.

Zhuolin woke up and told her about it.

The two kids are also having breakfast. Gao Yunjin doesn’t look at them in front of them. After eating breakfast, he walks away for a while and then turns on his mobile phone.

According to the copy, Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun went to the hotel late at night.

The blogger also uploaded photos to confirm the fact.

It’s just that people like Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun, who often travel outside, are not worth thinking about when they appear in the hotel together.

Compared with this, Gao Yunjin thinks that these photos are deliberately put on the Internet by Lei Yun, and the purpose is not to make her think wildly?

So, now see this, Gao Yunjin’s mood has not been the ups and downs of a period of time before, but very flat to see the end.


Gao Yunjin had a flash of inspiration, and suddenly remembered that she would get drunk when she went to the party a few days ago, and that she had been published in the gossip magazine of H city. There must have been something wrong with the wine in her glass at that time. She didn’t think it was Huo Zhengyun. She thought at that time that it might be Lei Yun.

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