Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3270

the second day.

Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin wake up very early.

Fu Jincheng went for a run. The two kids took a vacation and went running with Fu Jincheng. Seeing that Gao Yunjin woke up, they also wanted to join Gao Yunjin.

Gao Yunjin smiles and shakes his head: “mom has a lot of things today. After breakfast, I have to go out. Next time I’ll accompany you, OK?”

Fu Jincheng didn’t know whether she didn’t want to be with him or whether she really had something to do.

But she said, he had to follow her and asked: “it’s only seven o’clock, ready to go out?”

“Well, there are many people in the fabric market. It’s too crowded to go late. It’s better to go early.”

Fabric market is what situation, Fu Jincheng also know a little, sounds no problem, Fu Jincheng nodded: “then you are careful on the road.”


Fu Jincheng went for a run with the two little guys, who were dressed in round clothes and followed him, biting each other’s ears as they ran.

Fu Jincheng was afraid that they would be lost. He ran for a while and stopped for a while. When he looked back, he saw that the two of them were big and thoughtful. He couldn’t laugh or cry. “What are you two doing?”

Little guys did not answer, two pairs of black beautiful eyes staring at Fu Jincheng.

Fu Jincheng

They looked as if he had done something wrong and was caught by them.

Fu Jincheng can’t laugh or cry. Before he speaks, Yueyue suddenly runs over and holds his palm. “Dad, are you fighting with mom again?”

Fu Jincheng

Is it so obvious?

“Mother wants to leave ahead of time, you don’t even go up to kiss mother, hold mother, let mother leave, it’s not right.”

Yueyue’s analysis is right.

Fu Jincheng

Fu Jincheng looked at Yueyue and laughed, “Yueyue has grown up and observed more and more carefully.”

Yueyue was not happy because of Fu Jincheng’s praise. Instead, she wrung her small eyebrows and asked, “are you quarreling fiercely this time?”

Fu Jincheng: “it’s true.”

Hearing this, Yueyue glared and looked at him with a small face, “you, are you going to find us a little stepmother?”

Fu Jincheng

Xuan Xuan pulls his elder sister, “don’t guess.”

Fu Jincheng pinched his daughter’s face, “look at your brother, you are not as smart as your brother. Does your father look like he’ll find you a stepmother? “

Yueyue stares, startled: “father’s meaning is that mother wants to find stepfather for me and Xuanxuan?”

Xuan Xuan reaction come over, also suddenly look up at Fu Jincheng.

Fu Jincheng smiles and fails to speak.

Yue Yue is anxious, “Dad, if you don’t speak, will you acquiesce?”

Xuanxuan also looked up at him.

“No Fu Jincheng took back his eyes and laughed, “you just love to think.”

“But mom also has a lot of handsome uncles.” Yueyue didn’t know what he thought of, “first uncle yuan, then uncle Huo, and both uncles were very good to Xuanxuan and me.”“ I heard my female classmate at the back table say that her mother divorced her father, and then she was with her father now. Her present father is very kind to her and her mother. She said that if her stepfather doesn’t like her mother

You wouldn’t be so nice to her. “

“Dad, do you think uncle Huo is so kind to Xuanxuan and me because he likes his mother?”

Xuan Xuan also don’t understand, look up silent hope Fu Jincheng can give them an answer.

Fu Jincheng Jun’s face sank slightly, “sister’s meaning is that uncle Huo is also very good to his mother?”


“How good?”

Yueyue and Xuanxuan look at each other, wring their small brows, unable to speak.

Finally, Yueyue said, “it’s fine anyway.”

“And uncle Huo is also very handsome.” Yueyue secretly said: “many beautiful sisters are secretly staring at Uncle Huo, but when they see their mother, they dare not peek.”

Fu Jincheng five fingers tightened, “why don’t you dare to peek when you see your mother?”

“Because mom is more beautiful than them.”

Yue Yue said with a smile: “mom is the most beautiful.”

Fu Jincheng

This is not the point.

If Gao Yunjin has nothing to do with Huo Zhengyun, why do other people worry about the existence of Gao Yunjin and dare not talk to Huo Zhengyun?

Yueyue, no matter how smart or small, will not fully understand the world and thinking of adults.

Fu Jincheng knows that he can’t ask anything about this.

He thought, “by the way, how many times have you met uncle Huo?”

“Twice.” Two little guys are talking in the same voice.

“Twice?” Fu Jincheng’s eyes flashed, “where was the other time?”

“There was another hot spring.” Yueyue replied.

Xuanxuan nodded.

“Uncle’s room there is a hanging garden, super beautiful.” Yue Yue said excitedly.

Fu Jincheng remembered which time it was.

At that time, his Xiaojin seemed to go to Huo Zhengyun’s room alone, and they spent quite a long time alone.

But that was before. At that time, they didn’t know each other for a long time.

“No more?” He asked again.

The two little guys shook their heads: “no more.”

Fu Jincheng sat down on the chair and looked at the two little guys. “Do you like Uncle Huo very much?”

Xuanxuan nodded and shook his head, pulling Fu Jincheng’s finger: “like dad.”

In his heart, no one can replace Fu Jincheng.

Yueyue didn’t say anything this time, and nodded to one side.

Although she really likes uncle Huo and former uncle, they are only uncles. They are not very different from Uncle Qin and Uncle Li. They are all uncles who have stopped for them.

But Fu Jincheng is different.

Fu Jincheng is their only father.

But when Fu Jincheng asked these questions, Yue Yue began to feel uneasy. Her eyes suddenly turned red and she grabbed Fu Jincheng’s clothes. “Dad, do you mean that mother really wants to find stepfather for Xuanxuan and me? We don’t want to — “

Fu Jincheng found out that he scared the children.

He quickly took the two soft little guys into his arms and comforted them: “why? It’s just that my mother is beautiful and my father is worried that other uncles will like my mother. It’s not that mom wants to find a stepfather for you. “


“Besides, my uncles are handsome. Is my father ugly?”

“No, dad is the most handsome.” Xuanxuan said.

Yueyue nodded to show her approval.

This is not a lie. In their hearts, Fu Jincheng is indeed a tall man who can support everything.

Fu Jincheng laughed, “so, mother also likes father very much, it is impossible to find stepfather for you, Father also loves mother very much, it is impossible to find stepmother, our family will be together forever.”“ Uncle Huo, they — “

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