Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3277

However, Gao Yunjin didn’t pick up at all.

Fu Jincheng pursed her thin lips and continued to fight.

After five or six rounds, Gao Yunjin didn’t answer.

Fu Jincheng’s thin lips were pursed to death, and his eyes seemed to be wronged.

Qin Jingxu has known Fu Jincheng for so many years, and he has never seen such an expression on his face. He was shocked, and some of them couldn’t laugh or cry.

Lei Yun was also surprised and lowered his eyes. Fu Jincheng kept on calling one by one until more than ten, but no one answered. After that, Qin Jingxu pressed his hand, “Xuemei may have gone to bed. Let’s not disturb her to have a rest. Can we call again tomorrow morning?

Without saying a word, Fu Jincheng pushed away his hand and continued to fight.

Qin Jingxu has no way to get his mobile phone back, but he is afraid that Fu Jincheng will go crazy.

After all, no one knows what Fu Jincheng, who is in a bad mood and drunk, will do.

Lei Yun looked at it and suddenly said, “Mr. Fu, if you keep fighting, will Miss Gao be angry when she wakes up tomorrow morning? If she is angry with you and ignores you again — “

Fu Jincheng suddenly hung up the phone and threw the mobile phone aside.

Qin Jingxu

He looked at Lei Yun and gave her a thumbs up.

Lei Yunxiao: “it’s Mr. Fu who cares too much about Miss Gao.”

Qin Jingxu put his attention back on Fu Jincheng, “sleep, wake up to call your Xiaojin.”

Fu Jincheng nodded and leaned back in his chair. He wanted to sleep, but his brow was frowning. As soon as he saw it, he didn’t fall asleep at all.

Lei Yun chuckles and looks at Qin Jingxu. “Shall we not force him?”

Qin Jingxu: “I don’t want to force him. I’m also for his good. I’m afraid he will regret it when he gets up tomorrow morning.”

“Well, why don’t we ask about his relationship with Miss Gao? If we know the inside story, we can help. “

Qin Jingxu hesitated, then shook his head decisively: “since he didn’t say it, he didn’t want us to know what he meant. Although we are for his good, we still have to respect his wishes. “

Lei Yun didn’t expect that he wasn’t cheated. He continued to swim and said, “but they can’t go on like this. I think it’s easy for them to have an accident if they keep on like this. You can see how bad he is now

Qin Jingxu hesitated, but finally shook his head and said, “I know his character. Since he doesn’t say it, let’s forget it. If we do this, we’ll be deliberately prying into other people’s privacy. It’s not very good.”

Fu Jincheng was drunk, but Qin Jingxu wasn’t drunk. Lei Yun didn’t know Qin Jingxu very well. For fear of being noticed by Qin Jingxu, he didn’t dare to persuade him any more. He nodded and said, “OK.”

She said she wanted to send Fu Jincheng home, just to set up Fu Jincheng’s words, her husband lost this opportunity, she was not happy, so, also silent down.

Fortunately, Fu Jincheng’s address is not too far away from the bar. It’s about 20 minutes’ drive to the destination.

The housekeeper hasn’t gone to bed. Come out to pick up the man.

See thunder luck, he Leng next, “this is?”

He will pay attention to Lei Yun, because Lei Yun is so beautiful. He has never seen Fu Jincheng get to know other women besides Gao Yunjin, so he feels a little surprised.

“My name is Lei, and I’m the partner of general manager Lei.” Lei Yun introduced himself: “we went to drink together after the banquet. President Fu seemed to have something on his mind. After drinking too much, lawyer Qin and I sent him back.”

“Well, please.” After listening, the housekeeper asked no more questions.

Lei Yun didn’t refuse and entered the room.

This is her first visit to Fu Jincheng.

Although it’s dark, I can’t see the scenery clearly, but the air is very good, and there are few people in this residential area, so it’s really a good place.

However, relative to Fu Jincheng’s accumulated wealth, this three story villa is small.

As Fu Jincheng, the place where he often lives is not one-third of the size of her Lei family’s old house. This is really a bit of a petty family.

However, she thinks that this should be the reason for Gao Yunjin, because she is not from a good family and has no big pattern, so she doesn’t live in a heroic place.

If it’s her, she wants this residential area to belong to her, and she can do whatever she wants.

What she thinks? Qin Jingxu and the housekeeper don’t know. They help Fu Jincheng to go upstairs. Lei Yun is different from Qin Jingxu. She’s here for the first time. The housekeeper treats her differently from Qin Jingxu.

He called someone directly to greet Lei Yun downstairs, but didn’t let her go upstairs.

Lei Yun saw it, but he didn’t follow it, so he sat down on the sofa.

After sitting down, she found a big cartoon cushion on the carpet beside the sofa, with a pile of toys and lovely pillows on it. You don’t need to look at it to know it’s children’s stuff.

In addition, she found children’s things everywhere in the living room.

However, although there are many, they are not chaotic.

After a while, the housekeeper and Qin Jingxu came downstairs.

Lei Yun stood up and said, “is Mr. Fu asleep?”

“I think so.”

Lei Yun: “then go back first?”


Housekeeper: “so late, or stay here for one night?”

If he is the only one, Qin Jingxu can live here directly.

But he could see that Lei Yun was coming for the first time. He was afraid that she would not feel comfortable, so he said, “no, I still have something to do. I have to go on a business trip tomorrow. I haven’t packed my luggage yet. I have to go back to pack my luggage.”

Lei Yun knew why Qin Jingxu said that. He bowed his head to hide his emotion. He said, “me too. I have something to do tomorrow. I have to go back to discuss something with others. I won’t stay.”

When the housekeeper heard them say so, he didn’t force them, “I’ll take you out.”

When he left, Lei Yun looked around curiously. Qin Jingxu saw him and asked with a smile, “how do you feel? Isn’t that good? “

“It’s pretty good.” With that, Lei Yun hesitated and said, “but is it a little smaller?”

Qin Jingxu raised his eyebrows: “so big, is it still small? However, it is also true that Miss Lei was born in a rich family and has seen all kinds of luxurious houses. In contrast, Jincheng is really not good enough to see. “

“That’s not what I mean. I think Mr. Fu is such a powerful man. In his current status, I think the house he lives in will cost at least $350 million. “

The value of this place should be more than 100 million, but certainly not 300 million or 500 million.

Qin Jingxu touched it, “originally, where you rich people live are so particular about?”

“It’s not –“

“This place was chosen by Jincheng himself. If it wasn’t for having children, he would be too big.” Lei Yun was stunned, obviously surprised.

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