Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3281

“How complicated is it?”

There was no interest dispute between them. He couldn’t think of any other reasons besides love or not.

“I’ve got a lot of things to do. Let’s not talk about them.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t explain and hung up directly.

Qin Jingxu was about to be angry with him. He gritted his teeth and said, “if you want me to take care of you, I won’t care!”

Qin Jingxu how angry, Fu Jincheng not in the mood to think too much, he is a lot of things right.

But he sat in front of the computer, but did not read a word, his mind over and over again in the memories of those words that Gao Yunjin said this morning.

He still had some fluke in mind.

For example, he thinks too much, but she doesn’t mean it.

But he knew that all these were self deception. Those could not be false. She could not understand his meaning wrong, and he could not misunderstand her meaning.

“Mr. Fu?”

Blue Secretary into the door, see is Fu Jincheng absent-minded, hazy eyes.

Fu Jincheng looked back and frowned: “why don’t you knock?”

Secretary LAN: “I did, but you didn’t respond. I thought you were out.”

Fu Jincheng changed the topic, “what’s the matter?”

“It’s time for the meeting.” Secretary LAN didn’t know what he was going to do next. He had a headache.

“I see.”

Fu Jincheng got up and went out with his mobile phone. Secretary Lan’s head hurt even more. “There are still ten minutes to go before the meeting. You asked me to prepare the information for you, and what you need for the meeting. Don’t you read it first?”

Fu Jincheng took over the file, stood in the same place, turned over, found the data he wanted, looked at it once, and went out of the door.

Fu Jincheng is full of spirit, but his majesty is still there. Even if the whole process is not in the state, no one will find out.

Except for secretary blue.

His calm face and speechless appearance made other people nervous and dare not make mistakes, so the meeting went smoothly.

After the meeting, one of the shareholders came over and said with a smile, “Jincheng, will you have dinner with Mr. Lei and Mr. Lei later?”

Fu Jincheng didn’t want to socialize and didn’t have the heart, but he didn’t speak yet. The other side said, “they are going back to H city tomorrow. How can we say that we have to have dinner with others, don’t you think?”

“Didn’t you eat yesterday?” Fu Jincheng didn’t want to say more: “you should go by yourself.”

Just leave him alone.

Others: “I’m not sure.”

At this time, Lei Yun’s phone call came in: “let’s have dinner together later.”

Fu Jincheng frowned and did not speak. Lei Yun said, “don’t refuse. You’d better see what you’ve done first.”

Fu Jincheng confused, “what?”

“I’ll send it to you when you go to wechat later.” After that, he said, “also, call lawyer Qin. I haven’t really appreciated lawyer Qin. I want to kiss him for a meal and express my gratitude.”

“Just be happy.”

Between them, he is only responsible for bridging, and he doesn’t want to get involved in the rest.

“OK, then you remember to go to wechat and get back to me as soon as possible.”

Lei Yun didn’t say much. He hung up soon.

Fu Jincheng stood in the same place, opened wechat and opened the first picture sent by Lei Yun.

Fu Jincheng froze when he saw the picture clearly.

Other people have not left, also “accidentally” saw the picture, are embarrassed.

Fu Jincheng frowned and did not return the information of Lei Yun, so he called directly.

Lei Yun seconds, did not wait for him to speak, directly said with a smile: “last night you were drunk, I as your wife.”

“In the picture –“

“Oh, excuse me, I didn’t kiss you.”

Fu Jincheng was immediately relieved. Lei Yun: “however, there is a lot of noise on the Internet now. They are all spreading our relationship and saying that I seduce you. I am unmarried, but people say that I seduce my married husband. You have really ruined my reputation. Mr. Fu, are you

Shouldn’t you make it up to me? “

Fu Jincheng frowned: “I know.”

Lei Yun knew that he had promised to have dinner with her. After giving the address, he said, “come on, hang up first.”


After hanging up the phone, Fu Jincheng frowned, turned and left. Other shareholders could not hear what they were saying, but when they saw the photo, they also guessed that the phone call just now was from Lei Yun. They were busy following up, “Mr. Lei asked you for dinner.”

Fu Jincheng: “well.”

“If you want to eat, why don’t you join us?”

“No Fu Jincheng interrupted, “we have something to talk about, next time.”

“It’s also true that you young people really need some space for your own independence.”

Others, you look at me, I look at you, a clear look.

Fu Jincheng had no time to think about what they were thinking. When he turned to leave, Secretary Lan’s eyes turned for a moment and followed him, “Mr. Fu, I’ll accompany you.”


Then he left.

Secretary LAN froze in the same place and thought he had heard the wrong thing.

So, did Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun really spark?

Thinking of the photo that Fu Jincheng opened just now, Secretary LAN quickly went to the Internet, looked for it for a long time, and finally saw the photo.

He zoomed in on the photo and saw that they were hugging each other. It was not good for him.

By the time Fu Jincheng arrived at his destination, Lei Yun had already arrived.

Fu Jincheng is the second.

Qin Jingxu hasn’t arrived yet.

After Fu Jincheng arrived for a while, Qin Jingxu arrived.

Lei Yun picked an eyebrow: “Why are you two big men slower than me?”

Fu Jincheng: “traffic jam.”

Qin Jing said with a smile, “there was something to deal with just now. It was delayed for a while.”

After that, Qin Jingxu looked at Fu Jincheng and said goodbye. He didn’t want to pay attention to him.

Lei Yunxiao: “what’s the matter? Did you two fight? “

Qin Jingxu sneered: “you said this, I don’t know, I think I have any other relationship with him.”

Lei Yun lowered his head and laughed, “so it’s a real fight.”

“No Fu Jincheng said faintly.

Qin Jingxu: “yes, there is no quarrel. After all, quarrel is also a matter of two people. What kind of quarrel am I angry about?”

Lei Yun

The more you listen, the more wrong it is.


“What happened?” She asked in high spirits.

“They quarreled with each other. I was kind enough to persuade them to quarrel? It’s good for both of them to ignore me. OK, I’m full. I won’t ask any more questions in the future. “

Lei Yun laughed, “so it is.”


“But you are not right.” “I remember Miss Gao is a very gentle person. How could she ignore you?” said Lei Yun Qin Jingxu picks an eyebrow: “so, you have a good impression of Xuemei?”

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