Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3288

Gao Yunjin: “I can do it myself.”

Fu Jincheng: “I know you can do it yourself.”

She can organize herself, but he can help her, can’t he? “

Gao Yunjin also heard his overtones and didn’t stop him.

She didn’t have much luggage, so she packed it quickly.

But she didn’t put the suitcase well, she was pulled into her arms by Fu Jincheng.

Gao Yunjin’s heart jumped up and raised his eyelids to look at him.

Fu Jincheng looked at her small face and reached out in a very complicated mood, covering her small face with her forehead on top of her.

Gao Yunjin can feel his mood is very low, some accidents, “what’s the matter with you?”

Fu Jincheng pecked her lip and did not speak.

He just found that he didn’t seem to understand her any more.

She’s getting more and more complicated.

He also thought that after the last chat, she would be very indifferent to him and could not wait to draw a line with him and discuss a new way to get along with him.

However, just now outside his company, he impulsively hugged her and kissed her. She didn’t push him away, instead, she slowly responded to him.

Although he knows that she is very likely not to divorce him, how can he not be complicated when he looks at her catering?

“You –“

As soon as she opened her mouth, Fu Jincheng and her eyes were facing each other, and she asked her with the action of forehead touching: “didn’t you ignore me before? Why did you suddenly talk to me again? Are you not angry? “

Gao Yunjin choked.


Are you angry?

Naturally, I’m still angry.

Knowing that Fu Jincheng put Lei Yun in such a high position, how could she not care.

However, after coming back, he hugged her, but she found that she was reluctant to push him away and let him kiss her.

Since she couldn’t refuse him at that time, what’s the point of ignoring him now?

Or, in fact, she didn’t pay attention to him before, which is meaningless at all.

It’s just a way of fighting in her heart.

But it is obvious that Fu Jincheng did not really pay attention to it.

It’s over. It’s over.

Because Fu Jincheng didn’t agree with the reason why she was upset.

She suddenly felt as if she was becoming more and more humble and pathetic.

It’s justโ€”โ€”

She suddenly looked up at Fu Jincheng and saw the sneer of Fu Jincheng.

The sneer, as if to laugh at her, made so long before laughing at her, he did not coax her, she rushed to forgive him.

Think of this, Gao Yunjin whole body a stiff, eye socket suddenly red, suddenly stretch out a hand to push away him.

Fu Jincheng didn’t expect that she would suddenly push him away. She really escaped from his arms.

He stretched out his hand to pull her back. Gao Yunjin pushed his hand aside and said coldly, “I’ll take a bath first.”

Fu Jincheng saw her red eyes, as if she had been greatly wronged.

But what on earth is she wronging?

Is it because she wants to continue to maintain their family with him?

Think of this, Fu Jincheng took her hand shaking, can’t help but let her go.

Gao Yunjin was free, turned back to the master bedroom, went back to take a bath.

Fu Jincheng didn’t move until he was tired. Then he went back to the master bedroom.

Gao Yunjin has finished his bath and is blowing his hair in the room. Seeing him coming back, he takes his eyes back.

Fu Jincheng saw it, his heart hurt, went over, squatted in front of her and hugged her waist.

Gao Yunjin quickly turned off the hair dryer, “you, what are you doing?”

Fu Jincheng did not speak, got up and sat on the bed, picked her up and sat on his lap.

Gao Yunjin’s subconscious struggle, “you –“

Fu Jincheng did everything but hold her.

Gao Yunjin doesn’t struggle any more. She doesn’t know what Fu Jincheng wants to do. She doesn’t say anything when she asks him.

I don’t know how long later, Fu Jincheng held her and didn’t look at her. He said, “it’s nothing. I just want to hold you.”

Qin actually tells that he has asked her for him and whether she is willing to continue to live with him.

She gave a positive answer.

So, no matter what she thinks in her heart, before the children grow up, they will continue to be together, and she will not leave him.

He didn’t want to let her go and let her pursue a new life.

But he can’t.

He couldn’t do it before, and even more so now.

However, whenever he saw her continue to maintain the family with him for the sake of the children, it was a time when he was distressed and conflicted.

Like now.

He knows what’s right, but he can’t.

He didn’t even dare to test her idea.

He is such a selfish person.

He was selfish in his last life and has become more selfish in this life.

She didn’t know what Fu Jincheng was thinking, but he didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

Seeing him like this, her heart softened, hesitated and patted him on the back. It was a comfort.

Fu Jincheng felt her concern and comfort and suddenly laughed.

Laugh at her soft heart.

If she knew what he was thinking, what would her expression be?

Gao Yunjin can’t see his face. He suddenly laughs, which makes him feel inexplicable.

“What are you laughing at?” he asked

Fu Jincheng: “nothing.”


Then there was silence.

Gao Yunjin was held by him. He was a little tired, but he didn’t dare to move. He was afraid that there would be a fire. Seeing that it was too late, he began to remind him, “do you want to take a bath first?”

Fu Jincheng: “well.”

But I didn’t let go.

Gao Yunjin

After thinking about it, he said, “I’ll put the bath water for you. Would you take a bath and relax?”

The concern in her tone couldn’t be concealed. Fu Jincheng’s heart melted and laughed. Her chin rubbed against her shoulder and gave a “um”.

Gao Yunjin: “let me go first.”

If he doesn’t let her go, how can she give him bath water?

Fu Jincheng released her, but did not let her go, suddenly holding her to the ground, “I hold you in the past.”

Gao Yunjin was scared and immediately hugged his neck, some uncomfortable, “who is like this?”

It’s better for him to put the bath water on his own, which saves energy.

Fu Jincheng understood what she meant, but she said: “others don’t know, but I know. I prefer to hold you to help me put the bath water.”

Of course, if she’s willing to take another bath with him, he’ll like it even more.

Gao Yunjin

Their bathroom is very big. Fu Jincheng holds her and sits beside the bathtub. He also holds her hand and asks her to turn on the tap.

Gao Yunjin

Fu Jincheng looked at her speechless face and gave her a kiss. “Why don’t you move?” Gao Yunjin was too lazy to tell him. He turned on the tap and said, “OK, can you let me go?”

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