Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3299

Gao Yunjin nodded: “OK, I’ll go back and ask.”


With that, Huo Zhengyun changed the subject.

After dinner, Gao Yunjin got on the bus, and Fu Jincheng called, “is the social intercourse over?”

“Well, just left.”

“Where is it? Shall I pick you up? “

“Are you finished?”

“Well, I just finished.”

“No, I’m on my way back now. You can go straight home, too.”

“Don’t you go out for a walk?” Fu Jincheng hasn’t been shopping with her for some time. She has seen a movie and doesn’t want to go home so soon.

Gaoyunjin some heart, but think of two little guy, she felt some guilt, “or we go home with Yueyue and Xuanxuan?”

Because she and Fu Jincheng are busy, they have been in winter vacation for a long time. Neither she nor Fu Jincheng has taken them out to play. She felt sorry for the two children.

Fu Jincheng

There are only two children in her heart.

“It’s so late, it’s so cold outside, and there’s no place to play. They probably don’t want to come out.”

“That’s reasonable, but let’s ask their opinions if they don’t want to come out.”

Gao Yunjin thinks that the two children are more likely to agree.

Children, if they have a chance to come out and play, they will not miss it.

Besides, when she took the children skating before, the two children always wanted Fu Jincheng to accompany them to go out to play. Fu Jincheng did not accompany them for a long time. She hoped that Fu Jincheng could accompany the children more.

“All right.” Fu Jincheng only listens to her.

“I’ll call the children first.”


Gao Yunjin hangs up and calls home.

The two little guys seldom go out to play after winter vacation. Although it’s evening now, they immediately agreed to go out to play.

Fu Jincheng

OK, it seems that the short time he imagined for you and me is going to be ruined.

So, Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin drove home and picked up two kids to play.

When they got home, the two kids had dressed themselves up. After Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng came back, they climbed into the car and asked excitedly, “Mom, where are we going to play?”

Gao Yunjin touched his son’s face: “where does Xiao Xuan want to play?”

Fu Jincheng hasn’t driven yet. When he heard the “kindness” here, he reminded the two little guys: “now it’s more than 7:00 and it’s almost 8:00. There’s no place to have fun. We can only go out for a walk and take a walk.”

Yueyue: “it doesn’t matter. I can drink milk tea.”


Fu Jincheng looked at his daughter’s face and said, “are you getting fat and drinking milk tea?”

Yueyue’s face was almost angry, “I’m wearing too many clothes!” With that, he asked Gao Yunjin, “is it mom? Yueyue is not fat. “

Gao Yunjin nodded positively: “well, Yueyue is not fat, don’t listen to Dad’s nonsense. But you can’t drink too much milk tea. Buy a cup to drink with your brother? “

“Good!” Yueyue pouts her little mouth, looks at Fu Jincheng and hums, and is happy again soon.

Because it’s not too early and the children want to go to bed early, they plan to take the children out of the crowded place in the snack street to feel the lively atmosphere.

At night, the wind was strong and the cold was heavy. The four members of the family were very strict. They wore not only their necks, but also their hats and ears. Only half of their faces were exposed.

The two little guys are very happy. They hold their hands and look here and there. Everything is fresh.

Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng follow and watch.

Seeing the children so happy, the smile on Gao Yunjin’s face never broke.

She is quite worried. The children are still young. There are so many people here. There are always so many bad people at the end of the year.

She was afraid that they would get lost or meet bad people. She paid attention to the children all the time, and Fu Jincheng didn’t pay much attention to them.

Fu Jincheng, on the contrary, has been paying attention to her. Occasionally, in order to ensure the safety of the children, she will pay attention to the movement of the children.

Looking at all her attention on the children, although Fu Jincheng is used to it, she is still a little upset.

Seeing that she left her to go to find the child, she took her hand and pulled her back to her side.

Gao Yunjin looked back: “what’s the matter?”

Fu Jincheng comforted: “I have arranged bodyguards. Don’t worry too much.”

“Well.” Gao Yunjin’s steps slowed down.

Fu Jincheng didn’t let go of her hand, and her eyes also fell on the two little guys. “When we have time for the new year, we will go out with them.”


Fu Jincheng held her little hand and held it in his pocket, “when is your company going to have a holiday?”

Gao Yunjin looked up at his handsome face, feeling a little warm, “next week. And you? “

“Next week, too.”

“We’ll go back to G city after the holiday? The weather in G city is warmer, and the children are expected to like it better. “

“Maybe not.” Gao Yunjin hesitated, “I want to collect some information here, maybe a few days later.”

Her plan to open a fabric company has not been fully implemented, and there are still some details to deal with. She wants to sort out more information so that she can implement the matter as soon as possible after the spring of next year.

“So you’ll still be busy in the next few days?”

“Well, there are so many things to do. If we hadn’t had a smooth talk today, I would not have come back so early. “

Hearing this, Fu Jincheng fell into deep thinking.

He had planned to ask her if she would be free in a few days to go to the dinner party with him.

But now listening to her saying that, he knew that even if she could spare some time, she would have to be in a hurry.

Although H city is not far away, it is also very frustrating and tiring.

Besides, it’s nothing for her to go to H city. If she just wants to accompany him, he’s really reluctant to let her be so tired.

Thinking of this, he took back his thoughts, but looking down, he saw that Gao Yunjin was looking towards a certain place. He followed her line of sight and saw nothing but the back of two strange girls.

He reached out and waved in front of her. “What are you looking at?”

Gao Yunjin dropped her eyes and took back her sight: “nothing.”

“Really?” But he thought her eyes were a little dodgy.

“Well, nothing.”

“What were you staring at the two girls? Is it an acquaintance? “

Gao Yunjin shook his head. “No, I don’t know them. Just look around. “

“Oh.” Although she said so, Fu Jincheng didn’t believe it.

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