Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3301

Gao Yunjin said lightly: “nothing.”

“But that’s not what your face says.”

Her expression told him that she had something to do with it.

But she wouldn’t tell him anything.

Gaoyunjin did not answer, is the default, light way: “something to go home again.”

Because of the children’s presence, she didn’t want them to know that she quarreled with Fu Jincheng, which made them feel uncomfortable. She didn’t tell Fu Jincheng any more, so she quickly ordered two drinks for the two little guys. The two little guys have seen Fu Jincheng quarrel with Gao Yunjin, but they soon make up. In addition, in their consistent memory, Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin have a good relationship, and they are not afraid of their quarrel, so they don’t think much about it and they don’t want to fight

They are happy to drink their favorite milk tea. When he sat down, Fu Jincheng sat down on Gao Yunjin’s side and watched the two little guys drinking and playing. He didn’t pay attention to them. Fu Jincheng asked, “did I offend you again?”? What’s going on? You don’t say

I can’t guess. “

Although he didn’t know what happened and he didn’t know the two girls just now, Gao Yunjin’s anger was obviously aimed at him because she ignored him.

If he didn’t offend her because of something, she couldn’t be angry with him for nothing.

She is not such a unreasonable person.

It’s just that he really has no clue why she is angry.

Gao Yunjin lowered Leng voice, light way: “nothing, just be scolded a few words by them.”

“What?” Fu Jincheng’s face suddenly sank, “they scold you? Why scold you? “

Gao Yunjin lowered his head and didn’t look at him. He said calmly, “I’m Xiao San. I robbed Lei Yun’s boyfriend.”

Fu Jincheng listened, his brain exploded, “what are they talking about? Are you crazy? “

Gao Yunjin did not answer.

She didn’t know whether they were insane or not, and she didn’t want to worry about them.

After all, there are such people everywhere. It’s useless to care about them. Even if she cares about them, she can’t care about them.

What’s more, she didn’t care about that.

What she cares about is the culprit, Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun.

Everything on the Internet is controlled by Lei Yun.

Fu Jincheng seems to have done nothing, but in fact, his distrust of her is tantamount to conniving at Lei Yun’s practice?

So, in the final analysis, the root of this incident is Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun.

As long as things on the Internet are not solved, I’m afraid there will be no less such things in the future.

Fu Jincheng also understood that those people would think so because of some online rumors about him and Lei Yun.

He didn’t really care about those things on the Internet because he knew they were fake.

However, netizens don’t seem to think so.

There are a lot of reasons and consequences between them, and they make him and Lei yunnao into a loving couple.

Even so, he didn’t care too much.

I don’t think it will affect his life.

However, until now, he knows that the rumors on the Internet can still affect his life with Gao Yunjin.

Thinking of this, Fu Jincheng looked at Gao Yunjin with guilt, “I’m sorry, Xiaojin, I didn’t expect such a thing to happen.”


Gaoyunjin should be a, did not say any harsh words Fu Jincheng.

After all, she had already said what she wanted to say. He didn’t care about it and put Lei Yun in such a high position that he didn’t want to listen to her.

In this way, what’s the use of saying more?

Fu Jincheng looked at it and thought she was still angry.

He also knows that he can’t ask her not to be angry, just want to remedy it.

As he pulled out his mobile phone, he said to Gao Yunjin, “I’ll call now and ask someone to clarify my relationship with Lei Yun on the official website.”

Gao Yunjin pauses and doesn’t stop him.

But she knew that it was useless for Fu Jincheng to do so.

As long as Fu Jincheng does not believe that Lei Yun is interested in him, and as long as Lei Yun continues to communicate with Fu Jincheng, Lei Yun will have more opportunities to make an affair with Fu Jincheng in the future.

In this way, no matter how much clarification he made, it would not help.

“Wait for me. I’ll call and be back.”

There are a lot of people here. It’s very noisy. Fu Jincheng had to go far away and went to a corner to make a phone call.

He called the head of the public relations department of his company.

The company’s microblog account has always been managed by people from his company’s public relations department.

The people over there were very surprised when they received his call and said, “is it urgent for Mr. Fu to come to me so late?”

Fu Jincheng said directly: “go to the official website of the company’s microblog and send a message to clarify my relationship with Lei Yun.”

“Cheng, clarify your relationship with general manager Lei?” There was a little panic, “what’s the matter?”

“Nothing’s wrong. Do as I say.”

“But nothing happened, you suddenly let people release such a message on the official website, which will cause panic among shareholders.”

In recent years, their company’s stock continued to rise, among which, his affair with Lei Yun played a certain role.

After all, it’s very attractive that he joins hands with Lei Jiaqiang, which makes people full of confidence in their company.

If they suddenly make such an accident without warning, people outside will surely guess whether they are breaking up.

If they collapse, they will inevitably need some struggle, which is not a good thing for shareholders.

Thinking of this, before Fu Jincheng opened his mouth, he said, “besides, it seems that you and Mr. Lei have never admitted your relationship. You suddenly mentioned that something would really happen.”

Fu Jincheng naturally understood this truth.

He was a little hesitant before he called.

However, he can’t bear to think that those people on the Internet actually think his Xiaojin is Xiaosan, but it’s not a good idea to clarify the relationship by force.

He rubbed his eyebrows. “So, there’s no way to solve this?”

There hesitated, “is the lady unhappy about this? If it’s because of this, I can explain it to my wife for you. “

Seeing that Fu Jincheng was in such a hurry, he thought it was Gao Yunjin who made trouble with Fu Jincheng because of this.

“I don’t need you.” Fu Jincheng said coldly, “it’s nothing to do with my wife. It’s what I mean. Since you say that this method will not work, well, you can think of a way for me. If the way you think of can work, then I can take a step back. “


The other party hesitated, did not know what to think of, said: “I really think of a.”“ He said

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