Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3307

Fu Jincheng looked ahead. “I know what he wants to say. I don’t want to talk nonsense with him.”


Gao Yunjin didn’t doubt that he was there.

However, Secretary Lan’s phone call came over again. Fu Jincheng pressed her thin lips tightly and finally picked it up. She grabbed Secretary Lan’s mouth and said, “I’ll go back in an hour and a half. I’ll talk about it later.”

Said wait, wait for secretary LAN to speak, hang up.

Blue secretary’s forehead on the other side of the phone is dancing.

They were preparing for the meeting. Fu Jincheng left without saying a word. He didn’t explain what he was going to do or where he was going. Now the other directors of the company are still waiting for him in the meeting room.

But before Fu Jincheng hung up on him, he finally answered, and then hung up directly.

This shows that Fu Jincheng does not want him to speak.

He can also guess that Fu Jincheng might have gone to find Gao Yunjin, and he didn’t want Gao Yunjin to know that he was skipping class.

Fu Jincheng really thinks so.

But Gao Yunjin didn’t guess that Fu Jincheng had come to find himself by skipping class. He really thought it was a coincidence and asked him, “are you separated from Secretary LAN?”

“No, I told him to go back to the company first.”


Both of them have conversations that are not particularly important to them.

With that, Gao Yunjin doesn’t know what to say.

The car quieted down.

Fu Jincheng saw that she didn’t mention Huo Zhengyun’s meaning. Just as she wanted to ask, Gao Yunjin suddenly asked, “by the way, just now I heard that you are going to H city tomorrow?”


“What’s the matter? You didn’t tell me… “

In Gao Yunjin’s opinion, his visit to H city must have something to do with Lei Yun.

I don’t know what it’s about.

“Nothing’s wrong. It’s a little thing.” Fu Jincheng’s mind is not above, but asked: “just listen to the meaning of Jingxu, Huo Zhengyun is also there? Did you have dinner together? “

“Well, I just met her, so we had a meal together.”

Gao Yunjin’s mind is not on this, so the answer is very flat.

After her explanation, Fu Jincheng had no excuse to continue to ask. If she asked more, the atmosphere would be different.

Fu Jincheng was silent.

After Fu Jincheng interrupted just now, Gao Yunjin hesitated about which question to ask.

Because, she does not know Fu Jincheng is deliberately interrupt, do not want her to continue to ask him to H City, or just a coincidence.

She has a lot of doubts about it.

It’s not unusual for Fu Jincheng to go to H city.

It may not be unusual for Qin Jingxu to go to H City, but it is very unusual for them to go to H city together.

What’s more, Qin Jingxu said just now that she would also go.

However, she didn’t know about it herself.

She didn’t know whether Qin Jingxu’s remark was a slip of the tongue or a slip of the tongue

The two of them had their own thoughts and didn’t speak for a long time.

It’s very quiet in the car.

Until Fu Jincheng’s car stopped at the gate of gaoyunjin company.

Gao Yunjin looked at Fu Jincheng and said, “I’ll go first. You’re a little girl on the way.”

Fu Jincheng suddenly took her hand.

Gao Yunjin: “what’s the matter?”

Fu Jincheng didn’t speak, untied his seat belt, came over to hold her little face and kiss her lips.

Gao Yunjin is a little surprised. He doesn’t evade his kiss and responds to him in silence.

After a long time, Fu Jincheng’s lips left her and touched her forehead.

Fu Jincheng’s kiss is still very warm. Gao Yunjin is out of breath, but his heart is somewhat complicated.

She couldn’t figure out Fu Jincheng’s mind.

I don’t know why he suddenly kissed her when he was so cold in the car just now.

Fu Jincheng, holding the back of her head with a big palm, breathed and said, “if I had come to pick you up after work, I would have come to pick you up.”

Gao Yunjin nodded, “I’ll tell you after work.”


They were quiet again.

At this time, Secretary Lan’s phone call came in.

Gao Yunjin thought of the phone he had answered before and said, “Secretary LAN has come to urge you. Would you like to go back to the company first?”

“Well.” Having said that, Fu Jincheng did not let her go and pecked at her lips.

Gao Yunjin’s eyelashes vibrated a few times, moved gently, and Fu Jincheng let her go. She said, “then I’ll go upstairs first?”


Fu Jincheng let her go, but before she left, he gave her a few kisses before letting her go.

Fu Jincheng also has something to do. After Gao Yunjin left, he drove back to the company.

Blue Secretary saw him, the whole person was relieved, “I thought you don’t answer the phone is not back.”

Fu Jincheng’s face was expressionless, “I said I would come back, naturally I will come back.”

Secretary LAN

He believed it.

However, Fu Jincheng’s mood seems to be very bad these days. The whole person’s state is not quite right, and he often does not care about the company’s affairs and is in a daze by himself.

Such Fu Jincheng, where does he dare to believe easily?

Besides, he said without warning that he would postpone the meeting for two hours. Other members of the board of directors were anxious and angry. He couldn’t give an explanation. Other people caught him asking questions. He was bored to death.

Fu Jincheng didn’t care what Secretary Lan thought and went to the conference room.

Blue Secretary secretly looked at Fu Jincheng’s face, found that he went out a trip, the mood did not seem to get better, nerves are tense, dare not ask more.

After the meeting, it’s evening.

Lei Yun’s call came in, “Mr. Fu, when will you come tomorrow?”

Fu Jincheng: “afternoon.”

“Straight from the airport?”


Lei Yun laughs, “it seems that Mr. Fu is very busy.”

“Not bad.” Fu Jincheng asked again, “what’s the matter with Lei?”

“Nothing. I just want to know when you are coming, so I can meet you at the airport.”

“We should be at the airport around five in the afternoon.”

“Well, I’ll be there on time to pick you up.”

“Good.” “By the way, I’m in such a hurry. I wonder if your wife has prepared her dress? Do you want my help — “

“She won’t go. Don’t worry about that.”

Lei Yun raised his eyebrows and raised his lips. “Miss Gao, don’t you come here? Is the work too busy? “


“That’s a pity. I still want to take this opportunity to get close to Miss Gao. It seems that I can only wait for the next time.” Lei Yun’s voice was full of regret.


“OK, that’s OK. I’ll hang up first, Mr. Fu. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Lei Yun hung up and said to Mr. Sun, “Gao Yunjin won’t come tomorrow.”

“No? Are you sure? “

“What Fu Jincheng said just now is that he should not come.” Mr. Sun said with a smile, “she’s not coming, and Huo Zhengyun is still in Beijing. So it’s a good time for us to implement plan B.”

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