Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3316

When Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun finished their meeting, Fu Jincheng didn’t pay much attention to Qin Jingxu, but Lei Yun said: “how about it? Is Lei’s scenery OK? “

Qin Jingxu said with a smile: “it’s really good.”

“That’s good.”

Lei Yun said, and said hello to other people, but his attitude was relatively indifferent. It’s better to be one-third enthusiastic when facing Qin Jingxu.

In other people’s eyes, they feel that Lei Yun has a close relationship with Fu Jincheng, so she has a good relationship with Fu Jincheng!

They had lunch together at noon.

After dinner, Fu Jincheng wanted to go back to the hotel to have a rest.

Qin Jingxu is not tired. He also knows some people here and wants to communicate with them and develop their business.

When Lei Yun heard that Fu Jincheng was going back to the hotel to have a rest, he said, “I’ll take you back.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t refuse, because when he came to Leishi, he was also in Leiyun’s car.

Fu Jincheng’s whole mental state is not very good. It seems that he is not too high in nature.

After Lei Yun got on the bus, he said with a smile, “Mr. Fu, you can have a rest in the bus, and I won’t disturb you.”

Fu Jincheng can feel the thoughtfulness of Lei Yun.

He didn’t refuse her kindness. He leaned back in the back seat and closed his eyes to rest.

Lei Yun picks up the document and glances at Fu Jincheng.

But because Secretary LAN is also here, she has no chance to do anything else.

Fu Jincheng to the destination, she left with sun.

Fu Jincheng goes back to the room with Secretary LAN. Fu Jincheng takes out his mobile phone and looks at it. He still doesn’t see any information about Gao Yunjin.

She didn’t contact him.

Fu Jincheng thin lips tight, finally, can’t help, dial a phone out, “yesterday afternoon to now, my wife has been busy with what?”

The man over there said, “wait a minute, I’ll ask.”

After a few minutes, he replied, “I’ve been busy with the company.”

“Have you met Huo Zhengyun?”


Fu Jincheng was in a better mood, “help me keep staring.”


“By the way, can you check Huo Zhengyun’s itinerary for me in the next few days?”

“I’ll ask.”

Huo Zhengyun there things he can’t completely do guarantee, can only try his best to get Fu Jincheng want information.


Fu Jincheng finished, hung up the phone, but the mobile phone did not release, he found the number of Gao Yunjin, finally still unable to control, dialed the number of Gao Yunjin.

Gao Yunjin immediately picked up: “Jincheng?”

Fu Jincheng sat up straight, “well, it’s me. Have you eaten yet? “

“Yes. Now on the way back to the company, how about you? “

“Me too.”

“Oh.” When Gao Yunjin said this, he asked, “what can I do for you?”

Fu Jincheng: “nothing, just ask.”


Then, it was quiet.

Fu Jincheng wanted to talk to her more, but he didn’t know what to say. Then he asked casually, “what are you doing?”

“It’s just about the fabric.”

“Looking for the right fabric?”

In the past, Gao Yunjin also began to look for suitable fabrics after designing the style, or to find someone to make the fabrics and patterns she wanted.

“I think so.”

That’s not what she’s up to now.

What she is busy with is about the evolution of new fabrics in clothing manufacturers.

It’s not about what Fu Jincheng thought.

If it were the things that Fu Jincheng thought, she would not be so busy now.


When Gao Yunjin heard Fu Jincheng ask her this, she couldn’t help asking, “what about you? What are you doing in H city? “

“It’s also a matter of cooperation.”

“Cooperation with the Lei family?”

“Well, the data of some projects need to be checked or adjusted.”

Gao Yunjin has guessed that Fu Jincheng’s going to H city must have something to do with the Lei family. Now she is not surprised to hear him say, “that should be very busy, right?”

“Just fine.”

Just need normal busy, don’t work day and night.

“Oh, then… Is there anything else?”

She didn’t mean to hang up when she asked.

Subconsciously, Fu Jincheng calls her because she has something to do with her. He doesn’t call her because he thinks about her and wants to talk to her.

Therefore, she hopes that Fu Jincheng can say what the real purpose of his calling her is.

However, Fu Jincheng had no purpose in finding her.

Just because I miss her and want to listen to her voice to make myself feel at ease.

But Gao Yunjin asked, in Fu Jincheng’s opinion, just let him hang up if he has nothing to do.

She didn’t want to talk to him.

Think of this, Fu Jincheng dropped his eyes, “nothing, that first like this.”

High Yun Brocade Leng next, “ah, oh, good.”

Fu Jincheng hung up.

Gao Yunjin is holding a mobile phone, and his heart beats in disorder.

So, when Fu Jincheng calls her, maybe he just wants to have a chat with her. Isn’t there something else to talk with her?


Is it possible?

Gao Yunjin is not sure.

Or, Fu Jincheng just doesn’t want to make too much trouble with her, so call her to ease the relationship with her?

Gao Yunjin has no answer.

Because of the call from Fu Jincheng, when he returned to the company, Gao Yunjin was absent-minded. Until her secretary came in and handed her a document, “this is some information about the Ma head office this morning. Judging from the data, the fabric business of Mr. Ma’s family is indeed more innovative and innovative than that of Mr. Su’s family

It’s in line with the style of our company. “

In fact, Gao Yunjin doesn’t know Mr. Ma.

This morning, she suddenly received a call from Mr. Ma, saying that she was very interested in fabric, so she wanted to talk about cooperation with her.

He also said that his company was more recognized in the industry than the one she contacted yesterday.

In this regard, Gao Yunjin asked people to check the details of each other.

Now her secretary has told her the results of the investigation.

Gao Yunjin took his mind back from Fu Jincheng, took the document and continued to look at it. The more he looked, the more excited he was. He said, “it’s really good. Please contact the Secretary of general manager Ma for me and say that I will be on time tonight.”

The Secretary nodded, “OK.”

On the other side.

Although Fu Jincheng went back to the hotel for lunch break, he didn’t fall asleep after he went back to the hotel.

Soon after lying down, it was half past one.

Secretary LAN reminded him that it was time to go out to the press conference.

This press conference is mainly about some problems in Lei’s development this year. It has nothing to do with Fu Jincheng. But because of their frequent cooperation, Fu Jincheng was needed to speak on it.

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