Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3317

Of course, he is not the only speaker who is an outsider of Lei’s family. Besides him, there are several partners who have cooperated with Lei very happily.

By the time he arrived, the others had already arrived.

Seeing him, not only Lei Yun, but also Mr. Lei came up, “how was Mr. Fu’s lunch break?”

Fu Jincheng: “thank you for your concern. I had a good rest.”

Mr. Lei said with a smile, “that’s good. If I’m not used to living, I still have a lot of real estate in Lei’s family. If Mr. Fu likes one, just mention it. Don’t be polite to us. “

Fu Jincheng: “thank you.”

There were other people at the scene, and everyone could see that the Lei family valued Fu Jincheng very much, and they were very close to Fu Jincheng.

After a few words of conversation, the press conference began.

They all sat on the chairs on the job board with their names on it.

As the current leader of the Lei family, Lei Yun was the first to express her gratitude to Fu Jincheng and other cooperators, as well as all the reporters present.

After that, Lei Yun asked the reporters on the scene to have something to say. After that, he finished his speech and sat back in his seat.

The main purpose of this press conference is to summarize Lei’s work this year and look forward to his work next year.

Therefore, the reporters here are all serious financial reporters, and they are also asking about some real things on Leishi.

Having said some formal questions, we focused on Fu Jincheng.

“Many people say that Lei’s development has been more and more smooth in the past two years, and Mr. Fu has played a key role. I don’t know what Mr. Fu thinks about this.”

Fu Jincheng to wheat, light mouth: “cooperation, this represents at least two people’s things, not my own thing, so only we all pay the same efforts, can achieve the desired results.” As soon as Fu Jincheng finished, Lei Yun said with a smile, “Mr. Fu is right. But in the past two years, a lot of things have happened to Lei, and thanks to President Fu’s selfless help for many times, Lei’s life has been saved. For that, I’m here

Li stands for Lei Shi. Thank you again for your help. “

With that, Lei Yun bowed politely to Fu Jincheng and said, “thank you.”

If people who don’t know the real relationship between Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun feel that Lei Yun is just thanking Fu Jincheng, they really appreciate Fu Jincheng.

Including Fu Jincheng.

He can also clearly feel Lei Yun’s heartfelt gratitude.

This is Lei’s press conference. With Lei Yunlai, the existence of Fu Jincheng also means to make a fuss.

However, Lei Yun still did so, which is enough to show his sincerity.

In this regard, Fu Jincheng politely smile, virtual support under the elbow of Lei Yun, “Lei always polite.”

However, in the eyes of those who think their relationship is ambiguous, it’s totally different. Generally speaking, even if Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun help each other and benefit from each other, they just need to thank each other in a formal occasion as a joke, and then tell each other interesting things, so that outsiders can feel that their cooperation is very happy, they are still happy

Friends who appreciate each other.

In doing so, the focus is still on the Lei family.

Because the spokesman of this press conference is still the Lei family.

But Ray Yun didn’t.

She put more focus on Fu Jincheng.

Directly put the real relationship between her and Fu Jincheng on the surface.

This move can not only directly move Fu Jincheng, but also make people mistakenly think that her relationship with Fu Jincheng is really unusual.

After all, she put Fu Jincheng in such an important position and mentioned Fu Jincheng’s help to the Lei family three times and four times.

First of all, let others think that Fu Jincheng will work so hard to help the Lei family, it is impossible just because the partner is so simple.

Secondly, when she said this, she looked moved, which made people feel that there must have been a lot of touching “stories” between her and Fu Jincheng, which made her so moved.

In this way, she can not only win over Fu Jincheng’s heart, but also let the gourd eaters enlarge her speech and action infinitely.

It’s killing two birds with one stone.

This press conference is a very formal one. Fu Jincheng actually thought about this opportunity to clarify his relationship with Lei Yun.

However, it is not appropriate to deliberately mention such an occasion.

What’s more

Before he wanted to mention, the point was that Gao Yunjin cared.

Everything else is by the way.

But now, he is not sure whether Gao Yunjin still cares if he has anything to do with Lei Yun.

So, even if he mentioned it, it was useless.

What’s more, on such an occasion, if he deliberately puts forward this, it will really make people misunderstand that he is in a stalemate with the Lei family, which will have a certain impact on the stock prices of him and the Lei family.

Thinking of this, Fu Jincheng did not mention some of the things he had thought well at the press conference.

Therefore, this press conference, for the Lei family, can be said to be very successful.

After this episode, Lei Yun talked about his future expectations for Lei Shi and sighed about the development of Lei Shi.

Speaking of these, Lei Yun is confident and full of ambition.

After the press conference, Lei Yun said to Fu Jincheng with a smile: “Mr. Fu is tired. There are still a few hours to go before the dinner. Would you like to go back to the hotel and have a rest first?”

Fu Jincheng: “good.”

Lei Yun: “I’ll take you back.”

Fu Jincheng: “you’re welcome. I’ll go back myself.”

Lei Yun insisted: “it should be.”

Fu Jincheng can feel Lei Yun’s attention to him, so he doesn’t refuse any more.

Lei Yun: “I’ll tell my grandfather first, and I’ll be back soon.”


When Mr. Lei saw her, he patted her on the shoulder. “Well done.”

Many people are dissatisfied with Lei Yun’s praise of Fu Jincheng at their Lei family’s press conference just now, but on the contrary, he thinks Lei Yun has done a very good job.

Fu Jincheng’s cooperation with their Lei family has brought them many benefits. Let alone their Lei family, outsiders are very clear.

Therefore, there will only be more people who want to cooperate with Fu Jincheng next year than now.

Under such circumstances, Lei Yungang’s words made outsiders feel that their Lei family had a good relationship with Fu Jincheng, but not everyone could take Fu Jincheng away from their Lei family.

If they want to cooperate with Fu Jincheng, they have to weigh it up. Don’t offend them easily.

So next year they want to talk about cooperation with Fu Jincheng, but it’s much easier.

It’s a great thing for them to come home.

How can he be unhappy? Lei Yun laughs: “grandfather, you are satisfied. I’ll go first and send him back to the hotel to have a rest.”

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