Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3318

“Leilaozi pause,” but now there are a lot of guests

Although he is in charge here, Lei Yun is now the leader of his company. Many affairs of the company are still handled by Lei Yun.

She just left, the impact is not very good.

Lei Yun lowered his voice: “there should be a lot of entertainment reporters outside now.”

Leilaozi suddenly realized, satisfied: “or you think thoughtful, go.”

If it gets hotter, the share price of their company will probably get higher.

Lei Yun smiles and leaves.

When she left, she saw that there was someone squatting behind the car not far away, and quickly flashed a white light.

That should be the light from the camera.

Lei Yun raised the corner of his lip and walked towards her car.

Fu Jincheng had already got on the bus and was waiting for her.

Although she and Fu Jincheng are on the car one after the other, but in this way, it further illustrates the ambiguous relationship between her and Fu Jincheng.

You know, in order to avoid being photographed by paparazzi, many popular stars in the entertainment industry will choose to get on the bus one after the other.

Although she and Fu Jincheng are innocent, in the eyes of those paparazzi, this action is similar to those stars who hide their love.

This is more eye-catching than their direct hugs.

After all, if there is nothing between them, why do they have to get on the bus one after another?

Thinking of this, Lei Yun opened the car, got on the car and said to Fu Jincheng, “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”


Lei Yun laughed, took out a document and handed it to Fu Jincheng, “this is the information of some projects you want before, you see if there is any problem.”

Fu Jincheng took it and looked at it. Lei Yun looked at his side face and suddenly said, “what I said on the stage just now is not polite. Thank you for the past year. If it wasn’t for you, Ray would have a lot of bad things to deal with. But Mr. Fu

Xin, since then, our company has been renovated, and the people below have been obedient. There should be no more moths. “

Fu Jincheng looked at the documents and said, “I’m relieved that Mr. Lei said so.”

Lei Yun extended his hand, “thank you for your trust. I hope we can continue to cooperate happily next year.”

Fu Jincheng reached out and shook hands with her, “happy cooperation.”

Then he went on to read his papers.

After reading the documents, the car went downstairs to his company.

Fu Jincheng got out of the car, said something to Lei Yun, and went upstairs to have a rest.

Lei Yun has been in Fu Jincheng’s back disappeared in front of his eyes, and then let people drive back to the scene of the press conference, and then dialed Mr. Sun’s phone: “have you arranged things on the Internet?”

“It’s arranged. The manuscript has been sent out.”

“That’s good.”

Lei Yun hung up and was in a very good mood. He couldn’t help going online to have a look at the situation on the Internet.

Her company’s press conference is such a big thing, she let people directly focus on this matter, and the company’s official blog also focuses on this matter.

All these are positive things about their company, and Fu Jincheng has never been mentioned.

In this way, people will feel that they are official bloggers and do not carry private goods.

However, when they do this, when the video of their press conference is released, it makes people feel that they are trying to cover up.

Netizens will feel that Lei’s family doesn’t want to make an article about Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng.

Netizens have a rebellious mentality.

The more you don’t say, the more I want to say and grill.

No, as soon as the video of the press conference came out, all the interested people ran to pick up the video of the press conference.

Soon, there was a bunch of comments at the bottom of the videoโ€œ Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun still want to cover up their relationship, but in this video, Lei Yun’s attitude towards Fu Jincheng is that no fool knows that it can’t be a simple partner. Similarly, Fu Jincheng’s unselfish help to the Lei family can not be ignored

It can be done by a simple partner. “

“Yes. A simple cooperator will only take advantage of the fire and swallow Lei. Hahaha ~ “if Fu Jincheng, a giant of Lei, swallows his assets, there won’t be many people at home and abroad who want to compete with him, will there? Such a huge temptation, Fu Jincheng actually did not move, it seems to be true love.

โ€”They both have the same hobbies, the same goals, such a person can not be met, it is a soul mate. I think they all cherish each other very much. Today is also a day to shed tears for other people’s beautiful love stories



Comments rose rapidly. Most of the netizens looked at Lei’s press conference, but they were not interested in Lei’s development. On the contrary, most of their attention fell on the speculation of Fu Jincheng’s feelings with Lei Yun.

In this way, the heat soon came up, on the hot search list.

Then, not long after, it was revealed that Fu Jincheng left soon after the press conference, but after he got on the bus, he did not leave, instead, he sat in the car waiting for someone.

Ten minutes later, Lei Yun left other people in the press conference and got on the same car with Fu Jincheng!

After that, the car stopped at the hotel where Fu Jincheng stayed.

It turned out that Lei Yun left such an important thing behind, just to send Fu Jincheng back to the hotel to have a rest.

In this regard, netizens are more excited and deeply moved.

Of course, there are also a small number of “disharmonious” comments.

“Now that netizens have such a good imagination, why don’t they write novels? I think that the relationship between Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng is normal. It’s your own imaginationโ€œ Actually, I don’t think there’s anything between them. As for what others refuted, Lei Yun left important things and went to private meetings, Fu Jincheng was even more ridiculous. People who are not stupid know what Fu Jincheng means to the Lei family. It can be said that Fu Jincheng means to the Lei family

It’s the most important thing. Everything else has to be in the back row! Lei Yun is not stupid. It’s very normal for her to go to Fu Jincheng. “

“In fact, I think Lei Yun is suspicious. I think Fu Jincheng treats her coldly. She is always sticking her cold buttocks on her hot face. It seems that she has made great efforts to catch up with Fu Jincheng.”

With this remark, those netizens who feel that Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun have a “sad love story” can’t sit stillโ€œ Is the landlord a woman? Some people are just funny, because they are not as good as others, jealous of others, can not see others good, so malicious speculation about others. People like you must have a miserable life in real life, right

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