Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3322

Secretary LAN

Fu Jincheng’s voice is not right. Secretary LAN is worried.

He thought about it and called Qin Jingxu, “lawyer Qin, there is something wrong with Mr. Fu. I don’t know if something has happened. Would you like to call Mr. Fu and ask him?”

Secretary LAN did not dare to call Fu Jincheng himself, but let Qin Jingxu call because Qin Jingxu was Fu Jincheng’s friend. Fu Jincheng naturally treated him differently.

Qin Jingxu has been out for a long time. On the way back to the hotel, he hears Secretary Lan’s words and says with a smile: “he has been in a bad mood these two days. Isn’t that normal?”

“Not normal. He seems to be in a worse mood. “

Qin Jingxu rubbed his eyebrows, “what stimulation did Xuemei give him?”

Secretary LAN: “I think so, too. Why don’t you call your wife and ask first? “

“It’s also a way.”

After hanging up, Qin Jingxu makes a call to Gao Yunjin, but Gao Yunjin doesn’t answer. It seems that his mobile phone is not around.

Secretary LAN made several phone calls in a row, but no one answered Gao Yunjin, so he had to give up.

At this time, he also went back to the hotel.

He went straight to Fu Jincheng’s room.

But Fu Jincheng heard the doorbell, but did not open the door.

Qin Jingxu had to call Fu Jincheng again.

Fu Jincheng was sitting on one side drinking, did not move.

If there is no doorbell outside, he may think that the person on the other side of the phone will be Gao Yunjin, and he may answer the phone.

However, the first time he heard the doorbell, he guessed that the person outside was Qin Jingxu.

He saw that he ignored him and called him instead.

Qin Jingxu saw that he didn’t answer the phone. He had a headache. He patted the door and said, “if you don’t open the door, I’ll let the staff of the hotel open it directly.”

Finish, continue to ring the doorbell.

The doorbell is a headache.

Fu Jincheng was in a state of confusion. The annoying doorbell rang all the time, and his heart became even more confused. After a while, he couldn’t hold back and went to open the door with a gloomy face.

Qin Jingxu had a smile on his face. After seeing his ugly face and messy clothes, his smile disappeared, “what’s the matter with you?”

Now Fu Jincheng looks very decadent.

The decadence made him feel a little frightened.

Thinking of this, he approached Fu Jincheng and smelled, “did you drink?”

In the daytime, there was no one else, but he drank?

Fu Jincheng didn’t answer, but he was blocked at the door and said coldly, “I want to be alone. Is that ok?”

How dare he not agree with this look?

It’s just, “what’s going on? Xuemei can’t get through. Don’t you want him to be worried? “

“Don’t ring the doorbell.” Fu Jincheng did not answer his words, finished, forced to close the door.

Qin Jingxu

He has more and more headache, can’t help but call Gao Yunjin again.

This time, Gao Yunjin answered the phone, “senior?”

Qin Jingxu breathed a sigh of relief, “well, it’s me.”

“I’m sorry I just walked away and didn’t get your call.”

“I guess. It’s OK.”

“What’s the matter with the senior looking for me?”

Although the words ask so, but Gao Yunjin has guessed that Qin Jingxu’s call must be related to Fu Jincheng.

“Jincheng is not in a good mood. Just now, Secretary LAN and I went to find him and turned us away directly. I had a hard time meeting him just now, but he was very depressed, so I want to know if something happened to you? “

Is it Gao Yunjin who has a showdown with Fu Jincheng and wants to divorce Fu Jincheng? Fu Jincheng can’t stand the blow, so he borrows wine to relieve his worries?

Gao Yunjin was not in a good mood either. Hearing this, he admitted: “yes, just now we had a chat. I suspected that he had something to do with the thunder games. He thought I didn’t trust him. It’s hard to accept.”

“If you doubt him, he must feel sick.”

In his opinion, Fu Jincheng loves Gao Yunjin so much. How can he have anything to do with other women behind her back?

Qin Jingxu sometimes thinks that Fu Jincheng loves Gao Yunjin to the point of madness. He really didn’t expect that Gao Yunjin would suspect that Fu Jincheng had an affair with other women.

If he was Fu Jincheng, he would be angry.

“I know, so he was very upset. We didn’t continue to talkโ€œ

“So it is.”


Qin Jingxu made it clear, and then proposed: “but he looks very bad now. I think he still has to tie the bell. Would you like to call him, say something nice to him and coax him?”

Gao Yunjin was a little excited, but he hesitated: “he was so angry that he didn’t want to talk to me just now. He hung up directly. I called him. Would he not answer?”

Qin Jingxu couldn’t help crying and laughing: “how can I not take it? He’s waiting for your call

Gao Yunjin really did not expect, “will it?”

“Why not?” Qin Jingxu asked: “if you change roles with Jincheng, would you like him to contact you, express regret and coax you?”

“I will.” Gao Yunjin immediately replied, and then, without waiting for Qin Jingxu to speak, he said, “I’ll call him now and hang up first.”

“Well, you can tell him clearly and coax him.” Qin Jingxu said seriously: “Xuemei, men are human beings, and they need to be coaxed by their own lovers.”

Gao Yunjin was a little uncomfortable, and her face turned red. “OK, I see. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Don’t worry about me. I’m not important. He seems to be drinking now. We still have something to do tonight. If he’s drunk, he’ll be in trouble. Call him quickly.”

“OK, I’ll call him right now.”

After the call, Gao Yunjin immediately called Fu Jincheng.

Fu Jincheng holds his glass and sips the wine. He thinks it’s from Qin Jingxu and other people he doesn’t want to pay attention to. He doesn’t move when he hears the call.

Gao Yunjin saw that he didn’t answer. Thinking of Qin Jingxu’s words, he continued to call Fu Jincheng several times in a row.

Fu Jincheng drank a little too much wine, and his mood became more and more irritable. He couldn’t stand the disturbance of the mobile phone ring. He wanted to turn off the phone directly in the past.

However, when he picked up his mobile phone and saw Gao Yunjin’s call, he suddenly stopped the action of turning it off, and the dark mood in his eyes instantly dissipated.

He slowly put down his wine glass, coughed gently, cleared his throat, and made sure he was in a good condition. Then he answered the phone, “hello.”

Gao Yunjin let go of biting lips and said softly, “it’s me.” Fu Jincheng took the mobile phone and sat down beside the bed, listening attentively to the opposite voice: “well, I know.”

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