Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3328

Fu Jincheng: “well.”

After spending so long with Lei Yun, he naturally knows that Lei Yun still has two brushes.

After all, although Mr. Lei is old, his brain is still very clear.

If Lei Yun doesn’t have some ability, how can he change his traditional style and choose Lei Yun instead of choosing a man as his successor? After analyzing the scene when they just arrived at the dinner party, Qin Jingxu summed up some of the situations when they talked with each other, and continued to analyze with Fu Jincheng: “however, I also found that although you are quite familiar with her, you can make some jokes,

But your address seems to have been quite strange all the time. “

“And she’s really polite to you. I think back to the time when we were the only three together, she was also polite. The name for you has not changed

“Well.” Fu Jincheng also knows this.

It is because of this that he would be so surprised when he heard Gao Yunjin say that Lei Yun is interested in him.

Because from the way he got along with Lei Yun, he didn’t feel that Lei Yun was special to him.

“So, at present, what I see on the surface is these, so the temporary conclusion is that I don’t think she means that to you.” Speaking of this, Qin Jing said, “but she is such a powerful person. If she doesn’t want others to know, she will hide her feelings well. Maybe she didn’t show it, not because she didn’t like it, but because she covered it up

How wonderful? “

“I’ve thought about that, too.” Fu Jincheng said. Lei Yun touched his chin and said, “but I’ve heard that if a person really loves someone, he can’t completely hide it. Maybe you can ask your secretary? He has a lot of contact with her. What do you think of him?


Fu Jincheng: “well.”

With that, Secretary LAN came back from the bathroom.

Qin Jingxu and Fu Jincheng’s eyes fall on him.

Blue Secretary noticed that their line of sight seemed a little strange, uneasy asked: “what’s the matter?” It’s not a good place to talk. Besides, he talked quietly with Secretary Qin Jingxu just now, but his relationship with Secretary LAN is not as close as that of secretary Qin Jingxu. If he continues to talk quietly with Secretary LAN, it will be strange


Thinking of this, Fu Jincheng shook his head and said, “I’ll talk about it later.”


Secretary Lan thought that what Fu Jincheng told him was business, so he didn’t think much about it.

Then, someone came to find Fu Jincheng and talked to him about some things.

After nearly 40 minutes, Lei Yun just finished talking with people. Then, he came to Fu Jincheng for the first time. “Finally, the conversation is over. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time.”

Fu Jincheng: “it doesn’t matter.”

Lei Yun exchanged greetings with Fu Jincheng and said, “by the way, I think you might be interested in what I just talked about. Would you like to have a chat with him?”

In fact, Fu Jincheng does not intend to continue to cooperate with Leiyun in new projects.

After all, although there are not many rich families like Lei in H City, there are still many in the whole country. Lei family is not his only choice.

No matter whether Lei Yun is interested in him or not, as long as Gao Yunjin doesn’t like her, he still doesn’t want to get too close to her, lest Gao Yunjin is angry with him again because of Lei Yun.

Therefore, to stay away from thunder luck is the best choice.

Fu Jincheng did not answer, the other side has come over, take the initiative to introduce themselves.

The other party is in the business of environmental protection.

After the other party’s self introduction, Fu Jincheng narrowed his eyes.

For nothing else, just because environmental protection is the theme of the world in the future, now their environmental protection business will only make more and more money in the future.

And it makes sense.

However, in his last life, he only had money in his eyes and only focused on the development of information technology in the future, because he always believed that the information field was the focus of future development.

Although he also knew that there would be a lot of room for development in the field of environmental protection, he was more interested in information technology, so he basically did not pay attention to this aspect.

As for the self introduced boss Yang, he is the biggest giant in the future environmental protection industry.

His company mastered the technology much earlier than other environmental protection companies.

Therefore, he is the leader of domestic environmental protection industry in the future.

Thinking of this, Fu Jincheng rubbed his eyebrows.

Boss Yang looked at his tangled appearance, but he laughed, “it seems that Mr. Fu has no interest.”

Yang boss’s tone, he seems not surprised Fu Jincheng’s reaction.

Lei Yun seemed to know the reason. After a pause, he said to Fu Jincheng, “now the environmental protection industry has gradually expanded. I think the future development of Yang’s head office is –“

“I’m interested.” Fu Jincheng interrupted Lei Yun and said to President Yang, “I’m very interested.”

Not to mention boss Yang, but Lei Yun is stunned.

Lei Yun sneered, “I’m sorry, I take it for granted.”

Mr. Yang also said, “sorry, me too. I thought that when you were so optimistic about the future of science and technology, it seemed that you didn’t think about environmental protection, so you thought you were not interested. “

Therefore, he will go to Lei Yun for the first time.

Because when the Lei family cooperates with others, they will try in all fields, and they will not be too limited.

“It doesn’t matter.” Fu Jincheng said, reaching out his hand, “Mr. Yang, nice to meet you.”

Mr. Yang was flattered, “Mr. Fu is polite.”

Although Fu Jincheng is 20 years younger than him, his position in the business world is still higher than him.

“Shall we have a good chat sometime?” Fu Jincheng said with a smile.

Mr. Yang: “I have no plans for the next few days. I have time at any time. Mr. Fu, you can arrange the time.”

Fu Jincheng did not refuse, said: “then the day after tomorrow afternoon?”

Originally, he planned to leave H city at noon the day after tomorrow, but now he plans to put it off and go back to Beijing in the evening.

“No problem.” Mr. Yang said immediately.

Other people are excited to see the business that both Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng are interested in. They rush to know something about Yang’s head office.

Fu Jincheng saw this and withdrew from the crowd center.

Now many people are around Yang and Lei Yun, and there are fewer people in the corner.

Qin Jingxu looked at Fu Jincheng: “your expression was not right just now.”

Fu Jincheng: “what expression?”

Qin Jing said: “when you first heard her proposal, you obviously resisted it, but after hearing general manager Yang’s self introduction, you changed your mind. Are you optimistic about the prospect of environmental protection?”

“Well, very good.”

“So, are you sure you will consider cooperating with others?”


“I’m excited to hear that. Call me then. ” Qin Jingxu trusts Fu Jincheng’s vision very much. When he hears that he is rich, he is also interestedโ€œ Well

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