Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3333

Fu Jincheng all opened his mouth, and Secretary LAN just wilted and said, “I know. Thank you, Mr. Fu.”

After the episode, the meeting continued.

Their meeting lasted an hour and a half, followed by a 15 minute break.

Fu Jincheng can’t help but call Gao Yunjin.

But this time, Gao Yunjin failed to get through.

Unable to get through the phone, it is likely that she turned it off when she was sleeping. Gao Yunjin really likes to turn it off when she is sleeping.

Thinking of this, Fu Jincheng didn’t think much and turned to the bathroom.

After Secretary LAN goes to the lounge, he sends a message to Qin Jingxu, asking if he has contacted Gao Yunjin, what is his current situation, and what are his plans for the next time.

Qin Jingxu had a breakdown there and quickly replied to him: I had been trying to contact Xuemei, but I couldn’t get through. I asked someone to get Huo Zhengyun’s number, and Huo Zhengyun’s phone couldn’t get through.

Before he read the newspaper, he thought it might be a misunderstanding.

But he just kept in touch with Gao Yunjin and Huo Zhengyun, but he didn’t get in touch, so he thought it was a bit wrong.

If nothing happens, if it’s a misunderstanding, there’s no need for them to play missing.

So, now it’s very likely that the two of them drank too much last night, didn’t control themselves, and then got out of controlโ€”โ€”

The more I think about it, the more headache Qin Jingxu has.

Now he is even more afraid to tell Fu Jincheng.

Secretary LAN is confused: what should we do now?

Qin Jingxu: not yet. See if there’s a turnaround.

Secretary LAN: Yes.

After the meeting, Fu Jincheng immediately turned on his mobile phone to see if there was a call from Gao Yunjin, but there was still no news from Gao Yunjin.

Fu Jincheng knew that Secretary Lan’s face was not very good today. After the meeting, he went to the bathroom, knocked on the door and said, “it’s me.”

Secretary LAN quickly put the mobile phone in the quilt and came out to open the door, “Mr. Fu, are you here?”

“Well, don’t go to the meeting later. Let’s have a rest. I’ll wait until the meeting is over.”

“No, No.” Secretary Lan said: “I’m very well. In fact, I sleep very well. It’s just that something happened at home and I’m worried, so I’m distracted.”

Fu Jincheng frowned: “something happened at home?”

“Yes, but now it has been dealt with. It’s OK. Mr. Fu, I’m ok. Really.”

Fu Jincheng took a look at him, but he didn’t see that he was lying. He said, “I’ll hold a meeting for a while. Don’t make any more decisions.”

Secretary LAN: “yes.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t ask again. When he went out, Secretary LAN didn’t install it again. He had a bad rest. After taking back his mobile phone, he left the rest room with Fu Jincheng.


On the other side.

By noon, Huo Zhengyun was the first to wake up.

When his assistant saw him wake up, the whole person was relieved, “are you awake at last?”

Huo Zhengyun’s head is very painful. His whole body is as weak as if he had no bones. He is very uncomfortable.

Besides, he felt as if he were in an ice cellar, shivering with cold.

As soon as he tried to get up, the assistant who was sleeping by his bed woke up.

Seeing him wake up, he cried with joy: “Mr. Huo, you finally wake up!”

He and the attendants he recruited fell asleep by their bedside after the efficacy of Gao Yunjin and him faded.

Who knows that it was just dawn this morning, and the waiter who took care of Gao Yunjin just woke up and found that Gao Yunjin had a fever.

The other party was a little flustered, so he came to him immediately and woke him up. When he woke up, he immediately touched Huo Zhengyun’s forehead.

It’s also hot.

He immediately lost sleep and contacted the doctor.

The doctor came and prescribed the medicine. He and the waiter poured some porridge on the bottom of the bed for the two people who were sleeping, and then fed them the medicine. Gao Yunjin and Huo Zhengyun didn’t wake up all the time.

If it wasn’t for the doctor’s affirmation that Huo Zhengyun and Gao Yunjin were not in danger, he doubted whether they could not wake up after such a sleep.

Because the two of them looked too scary.

Now seeing Huo Zhengyun wake up, he is really relaxed. Without waiting for Huo Zhengyun to answer, he asked: “Mr. Huo, how do you feel? Would you like something to eat? “

Huo Zhengyun’s fever has not subsided, and the medicine has only been given once. Now it’s noon, so it’s time to take the second medicine.

Huo Zhengyun felt uncomfortable all over. Looking at his secretary for a long time, he suddenly stopped rubbing his temples. His eyes became sharp and he sat up from the bed.

His assistant quickly put a pillow on the head of the bed and said, “what’s wrong with you? Or I’ll call the doctor again — “

Huo Zhengyun wanted to open his mouth, but found that his throat was very dry. He couldn’t open his mouth like he hadn’t drunk water for several days,

His assistant saw, got up to want to pour water for him, Huo Zhengyun called him: “come back.”

“But you –“

“Last night, I wanted to talk to Gao Yunjin if he had –“

The last scene when he lost consciousness was the scene when he rushed towards Gao Yunjin on the bed.

Think of that scene, his eyes become extremely cold.

“No, no,” the assistant said hastily, “I opened it for you. You didn’t do anything.”

To be more precise, it’s not that nothing has been done, but that nothing has been done to the end.

Huo Zhengyun seems to have done something beyond their relationship with Gao Yunjin, but it’s not too deep.

But only those, if they have memory, I’m afraid to see each other, will feel very embarrassed.

Huo Zhengyun hears here, facial expression looked good a few minutes, “that is good.”

The assistant also said: “yes, if you do something, everything will be irreparable. After all, Mr. Gao is Fu Jincheng’s wife. He gives Fu Jincheng a green hat.”

Before he finished, Fu Jincheng gave him a cold look. “I don’t mean that.”

He was not afraid of offending Fu Jincheng.

Assistant Leng next, “what is that?”

Huo Zhengyun did not answer, but asked him: “what about her? How’s it going? “

“It’s about the same as you, but she’s not as well as you. She had a worse fever last night. Fortunately, she was under control at last, but someone took care of her. Nothing will happen. Don’t worry

“Well.” Hearing this, Huo Zhengyun was relieved, but his eyes were sharp as an eagle, “you go online to have a look.”

“What?” The assistant didn’t respond.

“They tried their best to arrange this trick, and they certainly wanted to make it known to all.” Huo Zhengyun said coldly.

As soon as the assistant heard this, he guessed what was going on. “Do you mean the Lei family did all this?”โ€œ Or you think it’s me and Gao Yunjin? Let’s do this for ourselves, and then take a cold bath for half a day to kill ourselves? “

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