Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3342

“Really.” Gao Yunjin was a little impatient and coughed, “we really took a cold bath last night. In the morning, we all had a fever and caught a cold. We also asked the doctor to come here. All these can be found out. If not

How can we get sick after a cold bath? “

Hear her cough, Fu Jincheng distressed, “slow down, don’t worry.”“ Well, I’m not in a hurry. ” Then he added: “what I said is true. I really didn’t lie to you. Before that, I didn’t think it was all over. The people who drugged us didn’t find it. I just thought that more is better than less, so I didn’t tell you.

Fu Jincheng pauses, “so, you are already investigating this matter?”

“It’s Mr. Huo.”

Fu Jincheng pursed her lips.

He knew it.

He was very uncomfortable, “such a big thing, you can rest assured to let him check?”

Does she trust Huo Zhengyun too much?

Gao Yunjin misunderstood, “that’s right. This matter is also related to me. I should do my part.”

Fu Jincheng was even more unhappy.

Because Gao Yunjin said so, it is undoubtedly a kind of belief in Huo Zhengyun.

Gao Yunjin didn’t know what he was thinking. He said, “but I don’t know that kind of person either. Jincheng, would you like to check this for me?”

“Well.” Naturally, he can’t refuse her.

Speaking of this, Gao Yunjin was quiet for a while and asked, “do you have anyone else to ask?”

Fu Jincheng paused, “didn’t you say you didn’t want to tell me before? Why did you suddenly say that again? “

Gao Yunjin admitted that he was guilty, and his voice was a little bit lower. “I didn’t expect that this incident would be published in the newspaper, and it was still published in H city…”

Fu Jincheng understood: “think I will know, afraid I misunderstand?”


“Yes, I see.”

“Well, can I go back to the company?” Gao Yunjin seriously said: “my company really has a lot of things waiting for me to deal with, I have to go back to hold a meeting, everyone is waiting for me.”

He frowned and said, “are you sure you’re better?”

She just mentioned that he was so indifferent that he didn’t care about her. He was just so angry and sad that he thought she didn’t care about him.

Now that she has given him an explanation, he will not be the same attitude as before.

“Sure, really, and I look much better. I’m not as pale as before.”

Fu Jincheng did not immediately answer, but said: “give the phone to the housekeeper.”

As soon as Gao Yunjin heard it, he knew there was a turning point, and immediately said, “OK, I’ll go downstairs to find him.”

Fu Jincheng listened to her tone and knew that she was going to run downstairs to find someone. His tone was gentle and he told her, “go slowly, don’t worry.”


Gao Yunjin was very obedient and slowed down immediately.

Downstairs, the housekeeper took Gao Yunjin’s mobile phone and felt a little uneasy, “Sir, are you looking for me?”

“Well.” Fu Jincheng said: “Madam said she is much better and can go out. What do you think?”

“This –“

The housekeeper’s scalp is numb. I don’t know whether Fu Jincheng’s words are ironic or just ironic. There is no other meaning.

Fu Jincheng heard it and said, “it means literally. Just tell the truth.”

The housekeeper breathed a sigh of relief, and finally squeezed out a smile, “madam, now she looks really energetic. It should be OK to go out and do some business.”

“Well.” Fu Jincheng naturally believed the housekeeper’s words.

Therefore, Fu Jincheng really agreed with Gao Yunjin to go out.

Gao Yunjin is very happy, “thank you, Jincheng.”

“So polite?” With her explanation, Fu Jincheng relaxed and laughed.


She’s just happy.

Fu Jincheng laughed and did not speak.

The words to be said are finished, and then Gao Yunjin doesn’t know what to say and calms down.

Until the housekeeper came over and said, “the kitchen is ready for dinner, and the young master and the young lady are hungry too…”

Gao Yunjin: “OK, let’s have dinner.”

Then he told Fu Jincheng, “I’ll have dinner first.”

“Good.” Fu Jincheng to hang up before, and added: “ten o’clock home.”

It means that she should not be too tired.

Gao Yunjin said, “OK, I will.”

“I’ll call back at ten to check.” Fu Jincheng said in a serious tone.

Gao Yunjin immediately said, “OK.”

“Go to dinner.”


When I hung up the phone, Fu Jincheng’s face finally showed a smile.

Blue Secretary saw his face, instantly relieved, “so, what happened in the newspaper is a misunderstanding?”


Although everything in the newspaper is a misunderstanding, but think of Gao Yunjin’s trust in Huo Zhengyun, think of her maintenance of him, Fu Jincheng’s heart is still very uncomfortable.

But that’s not what matters now.

Fu Jincheng calls people and asks them to check the restaurant where Gao Yunjin had dinner with Huo Zhengyun last night. Speaking of this, he pauses again and says, “also check Huo Zhengyun.”

Although Gao Yunjin believes in Huo Zhengyun, he doesn’t think he did it.

But he didn’t believe it.

He only believed in the evidence.

After giving orders, Fu Jincheng hung up.

Blue Secretary heard Fu Jincheng’s words, also probably understand what happened, “you let people check Huo Zhengyun, is suspect Huo Zhengyun?”

“He’s not to be doubted?” Fu Jincheng asked.

“That’s not what I mean.” Blue secretary said: “if only Huo Zhengyun and his wife at that time, Huo Zhengyun’s suspicion is the biggest.”

It’s not that he aimed at Huo Zhengyun. Most people would think so.

Although Huo Zhengyun’s actions behind make people feel that it is not him, who knows if he is planning something?

Before there is no result, we can’t jump to a conclusion.

Blue Secretary hesitated next, ask: “does madam also suspect him?”

Fu Jincheng did not speak, blue Secretary understood, quickly changed the topic, “that, that lady doubts who?”

Fu Jincheng pauses.

He forgot to ask.

It’s only on purpose that something like this happens.

Gao Yunjin, as a client, will have some thoughts about who will harm her.

Think of this, Fu Jincheng’s mind flashed a shadow, then, the mind also has a lot of ideas.

Blue Secretary see he don’t say, look unpredictable, don’t know what to think, also didn’t ask more.

By this time, they had arrived at the hotel.

After getting off the bus and entering the elevator, Fu Jincheng said to Secretary LAN, “come to my room first. I have something to ask you.”

Secretary Lan thought he had something important to tell him and nodded immediately. Entering the door, Fu Jincheng loosened his tie and asked faintly, “what do you think of Lei Yun?”

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