Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3345

Gao Yunjin’s face is slightly red.

Because Yueyue is really telling the truth.

Xiaoxuan’s face was calmer than Yueyue’s. He said, “don’t worry, mom. I’m used to it with my sister.”

Gao Yunjin

“What’s the matter?” She did not speak, Fu Jincheng asked: “what’s the matter?”

“No, just a few words with the children.” Gao Yunjin was told by a pair of children that his face was red. He said to Fu Jincheng, “I’ll have breakfast first, and I’ll talk later if I have something to do.”


Gao Yunjin quickly hung up.

Fu Jincheng looked at the phone she hung up, but shook his head.

After a while, he had breakfast with Secretary LAN and made an appointment to go out to deal with things. Until noon, when he was ready to leave and went to the place agreed with President Yang, Lei Yun called.

“Is Mr. Fu out?”

“Well, ray always has something to do?”

“It’s OK. I just want to pick you up at the hotel if you haven’t gone out yet, but now it seems that Fu doesn’t need me any more.”

Fu Jincheng: “thank you for your kindness.”

“Mr. Fu is still so polite.” Lei Yun sighed and said, “OK, I won’t disturb you. I’ll see you later.”

“I’ll see you later.”

Fu Jincheng hung up and soon arrived at his destination.

When he arrived, Mr. Yang and Mr. Lei Yun had already arrived.

As soon as he arrived, the others came out of the box to meet him.

Although everyone is interested in the project of Yang’s head office, Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun just want to know more about the development direction of Yang’s head office.

As for the next investment, we still need to have a detailed understanding before we can completely decide.

President Yang also specially asked the person in charge of the company’s project to explain to Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun the main technical core and general direction of their company.

Fu Jincheng listened very carefully. While listening, he could make some suggestions.

Mr. Yang was surprised to hear that, and he was even more interested in Fu Jincheng. “I didn’t expect that Mr. Fu understood this technology so clearly.”

Fu Jincheng drooped his eyes and said faintly, “it’s just some small ideas.” Lei Yun also looked at Fu Jincheng and said with a smile, “Mr. Yang, don’t talk about you. I’ve been working with Mr. Fu for such a long time. Every time I think Mr. Fu can’t be erudite, Mr. Fu will soon hit me in the face with practical actions. I’ve been working with him for a long time

I’m used to it. “

Lei Yun’s words are true, but although she is used to them, she is still surprised.

She’s really confused sometimes.

Fu Jincheng is not a few years older than her, and the educational resources he enjoyed when he was studying were not half as good as her. How can his vision and his understanding of various fields be so much deeper than her?

Mr. Yang looked at Fu Jincheng with approval and couldn’t help saying, “so there is a certain truth in some people’s success.”

Just like Fu Jincheng.

His success is no accident.

Lei Yun laughed, “isn’t it?”

Her market acumen is quite good among the younger generation.

But the appearance of Fu Jincheng, let her know, she and Fu Jincheng compared to the difference.

If she didn’t cooperate with Fu Jincheng, she really didn’t know there was such a big gap between herself and him.

It is precisely because of the excellent understanding of Fu Jincheng, her ambition is also growing.

On one side of the leilaozi also saw Fu Jincheng a little more.

The more he looked, the more satisfied he was with Fu Jincheng.

Mr. Lei’s look, Fu Jincheng and Secretary LAN have noticed, but they think it’s just an appreciation of the younger generation, and they don’t think much about it.

This time, they just got to know the development situation of Yang’s head office and the development prospect of the company. They didn’t involve the real investment problem, so this conversation was quite pleasant.

Around two o’clock, they left the hotel.

President Yang told Fu Jincheng: “I will go to Beijing in the new year. If you have any questions, please call at any time.”

Fu Jincheng laughs: “that bothers.”

After he finished speaking to Fu Jincheng, President Yang went over and said a few words to Lei Yun and master Lei.

Although Mr. Yang is also very warm, polite and considerate to Lei Yun and Mr. Lei, careful people can see that Mr. Yang really appreciates Fu Jincheng now.

As for Lei Yun and Lei Laozi, Yang always has a sense of distance.

This, Fu Jincheng even if aware of, also did not care.

However, Mr. Lei and Lei Yun can see clearly, but they can see that Fu Jincheng attaches great importance to the cooperation with Mr. Yang, and doesn’t have a cold face to Mr. Yang.

After Mr. Yang got on the bus, Lei Yun said to Fu Jincheng, “what time is the plane?”

“Five o’clock.”

“I’ll see you off.”

“Mr. Lei is busy with his work, so I don’t want to trouble you for a trip.” Fu Jincheng refused.

According to past experience, if Lei Yun really sent him to the airport, he would have to go on a hot search.

Forget it. Although his tone didn’t sound absolutely impressive, his tone was very light. Lei Yun could see that he really didn’t want him to send him. As for the reason, she guessed it, but she didn’t show it. She said with a smile, “OK, since President Fu said so

If it’s too late, I’ll be honest and lazy. “

After a few words, Fu Jincheng and Secretary LAN got on the bus.

After driving a little farther away, Secretary LAN looked at Lei Yun and Mr. Lei who watched them leave. “They really care about you. Just now, when chatting with Mr. Yang, they also put a lot of attention on you.”

“But it seems that they are doing this more for the sake of continuing to cooperate with you and seeking benefits…”

Because of last night’s conversation, Secretary LAN paid special attention to Mr. Lei and Lei Yun.

But after reading it, I still feel that they have more ideas about seeking benefits from Fu Jincheng than he does.

He would observe them, and so would Fu Jincheng.

He has the same idea as secretary LAN.

However, Fu Jincheng’s excessive care for Gao Yunjin has led Fu Jincheng and Secretary LAN into a misunderstanding.

They all think that Lei Yun has an idea about Fu Jincheng, and they just like it.

However, this is the world, there are many people like, are carrying all kinds of interests.

If Lei Yun doesn’t take a fancy to Fu Jincheng’s ability, even if it is equal to Lei Yun in ability, Lei Yun can’t have that kind of idea about him.

On the other side.

Mr. Lei in the car was not in a good mood: “Mr. Yang, he’s good at things.”

Lei yundun: “do you mean he wants to win over Fu Jincheng through different treatment?”

“You don’t think it’s possible?”

“I think it’s possible.” After all, Fu Jincheng is really interested in the company. Mr. Yang can definitely see this.

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