Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3351

“Isn’t it normal for little lovers to quarrel? What do you want so much for? “


Dong Ou was still a little tangled. “I’m going to invite Lei Yun to dinner in the evening. Do you want to call Jincheng?”

Mr. Jiang put aside his relationship: “that’s your business. What’s none of my business?”

“Why don’t I ask Lei Yun to call Jin Cheng?”

Jiang Dong looked at him. “Is that how you want to set them up? Don’t forget, Jin Cheng got married. “

Dong Ou thought he was dead headed and disagreed: “what do I call matchmaking? Obviously, they are interesting. If they are not interesting, how dare I do that? Don’t I follow them? “

Jiang Dong choked.

Indeed, with regard to the temperament of Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun and their status, if they are boring, who dares to match them up?

Dong Ou smiled with an expression of “children can teach”, patted him on the shoulder, turned and left, called Lei Yun and invited her to dinner in the evening.

Lei Yun promised, and Dong Ou said, “why don’t you call Jincheng and ask him to come together in the evening?”

Lei Yun raised his eyebrow. “Didn’t you inform him?”

“Yes, he can’t say.”

Lei Yun understands.

Of course, she couldn’t really call Fu Jincheng and said with a smile, “since Fu always doesn’t come, it’s not good to force him.”

When she said this, she was somewhat ambiguous. Dong Ou felt that she didn’t want to force Fu Jincheng.

Besides, she can’t make mistakes when she says this to anyone.

But she knew that the European Board of directors said so because she recognized that the relationship between her and Lei Yun was not simple. If she really wanted to clarify, there were many ways. There was no need to say such ambiguous words.

Lei Yun’s eyes flowed, put down his teacup and said tentatively, “isn’t Jincheng in a good mood these two days?”

“That’s not true. He’s in a very good mood today.”


Especially good?

Did you make up with Gao Yunjin?

“Don’t you know, Mr. Lei?”

Lei Yun smiled. His voice was a little lighter. It sounded like a little lost: “I haven’t seen president Fu for two days.”

Dong Ou was taken in and thought: did they really quarrel?

But how could Fu Jincheng feel better after they quarreled?

Lei Yun didn’t give him time to respond. He found an excuse to hang up the phone, threw his mobile phone aside and hissed: “unexpectedly, you can bear it.”


When President sun came in, Lei Yun said, “you’re just in time. Help me do something.”

“What’s up?”

Lei Yun approached him and said the matter in a low voice.

President sun responded, “did Gao Yunjin annoy you again?”


“If you do this, in case Fu Jincheng finds it…”

“I won’t find it. It’s just a small matter. Even if he finds it, I have reason to prevaricate.”

Mr. Sun also thought it was reasonable, “OK, I’ll do it now.”


President Sun left. Lei Yun was in a good mood. He picked up his coffee and drank it.

At more than 4:00 p.m., Fu Jincheng was already busy with all the affairs of the company before it was time to get off work.

He called Secretary LAN and asked him to send the documents he had handled to the people below. He packed up his things and was ready to get off work.

“You’re leaving work?” Secretary LAN held the document, “so early, do you want to pick up your wife?”

Fu Jincheng said, “well.”

Secretary Lan was about to speak. Fu Jincheng had no patience to listen to him. He waved to him to go down. Don’t delay him from work?

Secretary LAN: “

He turned and was about to leave. Fu Jincheng also took out his mobile phone and was about to call Gao Yunjin. Someone took the lead in calling him.

Secretary LAN asked casually, “is it madam?”

Fu Jincheng frowned: “No.”

However, he picked it up. “President Lei –” before he finished, Lei Yun spoke first. “President Fu, there was a mistake in the project at the beginning of last year. The specific information has been sorted out by our company. I’m going back to H city tomorrow. I’m going to talk to you about it tonight. I’ll come later

Your company? “

Fu Jincheng only has Gao Yunjin in his heart. Now he just wants to find Gao Yunjin after work.

Suddenly he heard Lei Yun say this, his face sank instantly, and he said coldly, “another mistake? Mr. Lei, what did you tell me before? If your company doesn’t have enough capacity, I can find another one for the next cooperation — “no, Mr. Fu, you misunderstood. This is not an existing problem, but a problem we predicted at the beginning of the project. We agreed that if this happened, we would discuss and solve it –


As soon as she said this, Fu Jincheng understood that the anger stopped, but with it came more irritability. “Didn’t you say it was likely to be solved before?”

“Some of them have been solved, but they have not been completely handled.” Lei Yun turned over the information and mentioned the general problem to him, “what we want to talk about now is the funds invested in solving this problem and the allocation of funds.”

“I see.” Fu Jincheng sat back and said faintly, “come here later.”

“OK.” Lei Yun said with a smile, “I’ll be there in a minute.”


After a pause, Fu Jincheng looked uncomfortable and said, “I was in a hurry just now. I’m sorry.”

He refers to the fact that just now he directly accused her of the unreliability of the company.

Lei Yun said in a sincere tone: “it’s not your fault. It’s also a problem of our company. If our company had not made two serious mistakes before, you wouldn’t say that. In the final analysis, it’s still a problem of our company.

What’s more, if our company is more careful, it may be completely solved, but now there is still a little trouble. It’s still a problem of our company. You’re right, Mr. Fu. “

“One yard to one yard. Your company handled this matter fairly well.”

Previously, he guessed that it was a good thing to completely avoid this problem. If not, he can’t blame Lei Yun company for not doing enough.

Lei Yun’s words are not enough. He’s just looking for a step for him. Lei Yun smiled, “I’m relieved to have president Fu’s words.” Maybe he guessed that he was embarrassed by his temper. Lei Yun’s tone was not as serious and serious as before. He joked: “Fu always has something important to do next? and

My call came at a bad time? Otherwise, based on what I know about you, you usually don’t lose your temper with people like this. “


Fu Jincheng is still a little annoyed, but Lei Yun said so. He didn’t feel embarrassed because he lost his temper just now. “It’s something.” Lei Yun laughed and then explained, “it’s big and small. I think it’s good for us to solve it as soon as possible, so I called you as soon as I received the news. I didn’t expect to disturb you with important things. Fu won’t blame me?”

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