Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3353

Dong Ou asked curiously, “Lao Jiang, why are you so close to Jincheng? Is there anything you can’t say openly? “

Jiang Dong was interrupted. He was not very happy. He didn’t answer when he heard this.

Fu Jincheng knew what he wanted to say and said, “it’s all right. It’s all over.”

As soon as Jiang Dong heard it, he knew he didn’t care. He smiled and quickly poured him a glass of wine. Fu Jincheng stopped him, “I have something to do tonight. I don’t drink.”

He said not to drink, and no one dared to force him to drink.

As soon as Jiang Dong heard it, he smiled and said, “it’s all right. Don’t drink it. I’ll have someone change you a cup.”


Jiang Dong smiled. Ou Dong couldn’t help asking, “Lao Jiang, what’s the matter with you laughing so happy?”

Jiang Dong wouldn’t tell him that Ou Dong looked at Fu Jincheng, “Jincheng, you say!”

Fu Jincheng said, “it’s just funny.”

Dong Ou frowned. Before he spoke, Lei Yun looked at Fu Jincheng. “I haven’t seen you for two days. President Fu seems to be in a particularly good mood today.”

Fu Jincheng was angry with her before. She thought Fu Jincheng would be in a bad mood because he suddenly wanted to stay in the company to work overtime.

However, the fact is that Fu Jincheng was very serious at the meeting. When the meeting was held for a long time, he was not half unhappy. Instead, he would be very patient until they signed the contract.

“Yes, Jincheng is in a particularly good mood these two days.” Mr. Ou agreed.

Lei Yun said with a smile, “no wonder president Fu is so talkative today.”

Fu Jincheng picked his eyebrow: “I’m not easy to talk at ordinary times?”

He has been more patient with Lei Yun than others.

“That’s not true.” Lei Yun was innocent and said, “it’s just that President Fu, you’ve been in a bad mood some time ago, so it’s more difficult to do it.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t notice, “Oh? Really? “

“Secretary LAN, do you think so?” Lei Yun kicked the ball to Secretary LAN.

The atmosphere was relaxed. Secretary Lan also knew that everyone was joking and was not afraid to tell the truth, “yes.”

Lei Yun: “you see, even the good tempered Secretary Lan said so, which is enough to show that I’m not talking nonsense, right?”

Fu Jincheng knew that he was really in a bad mood some time ago and would have some impact on his work. He was in a good mood and recognized it. “So, it’s really my fault?”

Lei Yun: “that’s not.”

However, he didn’t want to drink and admitted, “yes, that’s my fault.”

Lei Yun was not satisfied. “That’s it? Mr. Fu, you admit your mistake. Why don’t you express it at all? Your attitude is not sincere enough. “

Speaking of this, in general, you should punish yourself by three cups.

Fu Jincheng naturally understood the truth, but he really didn’t want to drink.

Before he spoke, Lei Yun said, “however, President Fu said he had something to do for a few days. It’s OK not to drink wine, but when we get together again next time, President Fu remembers to punish himself by three cups. Do you think so?” At ordinary times, other people don’t dare to make such a fuss, but Fu Jincheng is surprisingly good at talking today. In addition, it is Lei yunqi’s head. Everyone misunderstood the relationship between Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun and thought that Fu Jincheng acquiesced to let Lei Yun be presumptuous, so everyone began to talk

Coax way: “yes, yes, you can not drink this time. After the next table, you must punish yourself three cups.”

After receiving the response from others, Lei Yun was satisfied and asked with a smile, “President Fu, what do you say?”

Fu Jincheng nodded helplessly, “OK.”

Lei Yun looked at the others: “remember, Mr. Fu promised. Don’t be polite to Mr. Fu next time, you know?”

Others responded, saying they knew.

This makes the atmosphere better.

Everyone was really in a good mood. They all drank a lot of wine, except Fu Jincheng.

At first, Fu Jincheng didn’t drink. Everyone didn’t care, but everyone drank more and became interested. Seeing that Fu Jincheng didn’t drink, it was somewhat disappointing and seemed that Fu Jincheng was out of tune.

Dong Ou couldn’t help holding up his glass and came over, “Jincheng, how much would you like to drink? Just don’t get drunk. ” It seems that drinking can really embolden people. They became bolder and advised them one after another, “yes, how much to drink, as long as they don’t get drunk. You see, President Lei has to catch a plane early tomorrow morning. Didn’t he also drink a lot? You don’t drink any more, do you

Isn’t it a little embarrassing? “

Fu Jincheng wants to drive to find Gao Yunjin. If he drinks too much, he can’t drive by himself.

He doesn’t want to.

However, in this situation, if he doesn’t drink, he really won’t give Lei face.

Fu Jincheng poured himself a glass of wine, “OK, have a drink.”

When everyone was satisfied, he raised his glass to propose a toast to Fu Jincheng and said, “Lei always has face. He can persuade Jin Cheng.”

Everyone knows what that means.

Only Fu Jincheng thought that everyone was complimenting Lei Yun and highlighted his importance to Lei Yun in his work.

“Isn’t it?” The others laughed.

Lei Yun hooked his lips and raised his glass. “Thank you, Mr. Fu, for giving me face.”

“Yes, Mr. Lei. You’re welcome.” Fu Jincheng poured a glass of wine and had another drink with Lei Yun.

When he arrived here, Fu Jincheng was very proud of Lei Yun. Lei Yun didn’t advance an inch. He knew he would accept it when he was good and didn’t propose a toast to Fu Jincheng.

There are a lot of people in the box. You and I will eat and drink. The time has passed.

Seeing that it was almost nine o’clock, Fu Jincheng’s mind was no longer on others, but thought of Gao Yunjin.

But so many people were drinking, and he was also the one who drank the least tonight. He was embarrassed to leave in advance, so he had to stay with them.

It’s easy to drink with the head. No, around 10 p.m., Ou Dong and Jiang Dong are drunk.

Lei Yun drinks as much as Fu Jincheng. She also drinks less than Jiang Dong and Ou Dong. She’s not drunk yet, but she’s drunk. If she drinks more, she’ll be really drunk.

Seeing this, Fu Jincheng knew it was a good time to break up and said to Lei Yun, “it’s getting late. Let’s stop here today and have dinner together next time.”

Don’t drink, don’t drink, don’t drink, don’t drink, don’t drink

“Yes, continue, continue to drink!”

Fu Jincheng rubbed his eyebrows and asked the contact person of the Secretary to pick them up. He told Lei Yun, “President Lei has to catch a plane tomorrow. Go back and have a rest early.”

Lei Yun also rubbed his eyebrows, “OK.”

President sun was also drunk. She also called to inform the driver to come in and help President sun leave.

Putting down his cell phone, Lei Yun said with a smile, “Mr. Fu, you’re in a hurry, too. Why don’t we go first?” Fu Jincheng had no opinion, nodded, and they got up and left the private room side by side.

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