Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3361

However, her company is so large that even if she wants to expand her enrollment, she has to have a place.

Thinking of this, after returning to the company for a meeting, she began to pay attention to some real estate information.

As Fu Jincheng said, one of the several buildings in his company is indeed rented.

The lot there is good, but the rent is too expensive for her.

Moreover, in order to avoid embarrassment, she really didn’t want to get too close to Fu Jincheng.

Thinking of this, she directly passed off the real estate in that place and turned her attention to the other side.

On the other hand, the rent is relatively cheaper than her current place, because the location is relatively partial, but it will be far from home, so it is not so convenient to go to and from work.

But it is more convenient for her to run factories and fabric factories.

It can be said that there are good and bad.

However, in general, it is already a good choice.

Thinking of this, after she ordered the work, she contacted the person in charge of the real estate and thought that she would ask someone to have a look later.

After all this, it’s almost noon.

Her secretary came in and chatted with her about something important. After chatting for a while, Fu Jincheng called again.

The Secretary saw it and said with a smile, “Mr. Fu is going to invite you to dinner?”

Gao Yunjin had no smile on her face and said faintly, “maybe.”

Then he hung up the phone.

The secretary was stunned. Gao Yunjin said, “work is important. Go on.”

The Secretary didn’t ask much and kept busy with his own business.

Fu Jincheng didn’t expect to be hung up, but he also thought she was busy and inconvenient to answer. He didn’t think much. When it was time to get off work, he called Gao Yunjin again.

At this time, Gao Yunjin had finished talking with her secretary. She picked up, “hello.”



“I’m finished here. What do you want to eat later? I -“

“I’m not free. I have to go to the fabric factory later.” Gao Yunjin interrupted him.

Fu Jincheng frowned.

I don’t know if it was his illusion. He felt that Gao Yunjin’s voice seemed colder.

Then she thought he might have heard wrong. She was just busy.

“So first? I’ll be busy first — “

“OK.” Fu Jincheng’s tone was a little lost, “what about that night? Do you have to work overtime at night? “

“Well, I have to work overtime recently.”

“I see. I’ll contact you in the evening.”


Although Gao Yunjin is busy, she still has time to have dinner together. She just doesn’t want to.

After hanging up the phone, she looked at the information at hand. After dinner, she and several designers immediately went to the fabric factory to see the situation of several newly developed fabrics.

I have to say that Huo Zhengyun’s skills are really good. The fabrics she makes are what she wants, and the texture and feel are very good.

When she came back from the fabric factory and passed the real estate she had known before, her heart moved. She dialed a phone. After contacting people, she heard that they were free and could have a look at it immediately. She turned around and went there.

This is not a newly developed real estate, but just because of the industrial transformation, there are enterprises moving away on a large scale.

She went to see the place. It’s really good. If she needs it urgently, she can use it without decoration. It’s much more convenient.

Looking at here, she is really excited.

However, if we want to move places, it is also a big project.

She didn’t implement it immediately and wanted to investigate it again.

Down from upstairs, I met an acquaintance who happened to be a person in charge of Huo Zhengyun fabric company.

Gao Yunjin talked to someone. The other party knew her intention and told her about the real estate. Gao Yunjin was relieved that she had a bottom in her heart.

She had something to do. She didn’t talk to anyone. She said a few words and left.

As soon as I got on the bus, Huo Zhengyun called, “I heard you’re choosing a new place for the company?”

Gao Yunjin cried and laughed, “I received the news so soon.”

You don’t have to think about it. The person who just talked to her contacted him.

“Yes.” Huo Zhengyun said: “it’s really a good place because it’s foreign capital and the other party moved out because of industrial changes. There’s no problem.”

“Well, I’ve known it before.”

“It’s also close to our company. It’s a street away, less than a kilometer away.”

Gao Yunjin really didn’t notice this before. He was stunned, “it seems to be true.”

Huo Zhengyun smiled, “it seems that you seldom come here.”


Because this place is relatively biased. If she wants to go to work, she has to drive for more than half an hour. She usually doesn’t need anything, and she won’t come here.

“When you’re sure, let me know. I’ll let someone contact you. You can get a discount.”

“Do you still know acquaintances?”

“Well, I’m at a friend’s place in H city.”

Such a good thing, Gao Yunjin will not refuse, “good.”

“I’ve been paying attention to the situation of your company. The situation is very good. It’s sooner or later to expand the scale of the company. It’s also good for you to implement it early.”


Gao Yunjin himself knew, “that’s why I’m in a hurry to see the real estate.”


Seeing that she knew it well, he didn’t say much, “I’m estimated to be busy for a while before I can inherit it. If you have anything, you can contact me at any time.”



After hanging up the phone, Fu Jincheng called in again. Gao Yunjin frowned and answered: “what’s the matter?”

“Your phone has been busy. What are you doing?” Asked Fu Jincheng.

“Just came out of the factory.” She didn’t want to tell him about the real estate, so she skipped it directly.

“Now on the way back to the company?”

“Yes.” Ask him, “what’s the matter?”

Fu Jincheng pursed his lips and was a little unhappy. “I’m fine. I can’t contact you anymore?”

“That’s not what I mean…”

“I know.” He smiled.

Gao Yunjin: “that –“

“Still busy now?”

“Yes, I have to see the design draft when I go back to the company.”


“What’s the matter?”

She was a little impatient because he didn’t say why he was looking for her.


“So first?”


As soon as his voice fell, Gao Yunjin hung up.

Fu Jincheng pursed her thin lips.

He found that maybe he didn’t think wrong before. She was colder than yesterday.

They’ve only been making up for two days.

Two days.

Why did her attitude change so quickly?

Secretary LAN came in and saw Fu Jincheng lost his mind. He almost turned around and left.

Fu Jincheng raised his eyelids and looked at him. He had to turn back. “This is the document that Dong Ou asked me to give you.”

“I see. Let it go.”

Secretary LAN put down the papers and left the office immediately. Fu Jincheng picked up the document and looked at it. He called Dong ou and said, “it’s good.”

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