Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3365

“Go and do something for me.” Lei Yun hooked his lips.

“You said.”

“Buy me a hot search.”

What is the specific content of hot search? After listening to Lei Yun, President sun immediately understood it. When the popularity of the hot search entry Fu Jincheng’s original match went down, suddenly a netizen complained on the Internet for Fu Jincheng’s original match: “just after reading the hot search, I felt that my three views were broken. Lei Yun is really an excellent entrepreneur. I

I don’t deny that she is also a good person.

But one yard to one yard, even if she makes more contributions to the society, if she is really ambiguous with Fu Jincheng and tries to interfere with the feelings between Fu Jincheng and his wife, she is a proper and despised junior! I don’t know how those netizens would say that Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun made the original couple divorce. I’d like to know that if your husband / wife gets rich one day and meets the so-called “soul mate”, you won’t divorce

What will it feel like to know that the pattern is small? “

As soon as the post came out, it immediately received the response of a large number of netizens.

“There are still normal people. The comments below the previous post, I thought I had a problem with Sanguan! “โ€œ Three view fragmentation + 1. As they say, if Lei Yun can arbitrarily intervene in other people’s marriage just because he has made enough contributions to society, does that mean that doctors save more people and kill one or two people without accepting the legal system

Cut? “

“Lying trough, the blogger’s metaphor is vivid enough. I think they have something to say!”

“It’s too naive upstairs. Do you think those keyboard men have husbands / wives? Hiss! They don’t deserve it! “

“I’m wrong. They really don’t deserve it. Ha ha ha ~” “I’m in the same situation as Fu Jincheng’s original match. People around me force me to divorce my husband. At the beginning, I felt very uncomfortable when I saw Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun. Now I feel much better when I see this post. I refused

Divorce is not my fault. “

“Of course it’s not your fault. It’s Xiao San and slag man.”

“Yes, yes!”


At the beginning, everyone’s theme was very clear, but after more and more comments, they deviated.

“Lei Yun occupies so many resources that she should do charity to repay the society. It’s not because other entrepreneurs lose their morality. She happens to do her job, so everyone has to praise her very much. “โ€œ I agree. In fact, I think everyone has praised Lei Yun for a long time. I doubt Lei Yun Lu’s popularity is so good that she specially marketed it. In this way, her junior becomes a regular, and those netizens brainwashed by her will not scold her


“I also doubt Lei Yun’s original intention of doing charity. That’s why she doesn’t really want to do charity!”

As soon as this topic came out, there were countless followers, and the posts were higher and higher.

Then, the entry of Xiaosan Leiyun was hot searched, which pushed the popularity of this post to a new height. More and more netizens joined in to denounce Lei Yun and abuse Lei Yun, and their words became more and more ugly.

The so-called extremes will reverse.

When the heat reached the peak, suddenly a comment was pushed to the front third floor of the postโ€œ In advance, I think what the blogger said is very right. I was also very fond of Lei Yun. I thought she was a model for our women. But because of her relationship with Fu Jincheng, I am now neutral towards her. I neither hate nor like her

Happy. However, charity has never been a person’s obligation. Some people want to gain the upper hand in public opinion and directly show the evidence that Lei Yun hurt you and the evidence that you do charity. Netizens sympathize with you and defend you, but you take advantage of their hatred of the rich

Psychology, with rhythm, discredit Lei Yun. The pattern is low. It’s too ugly to eat. If you want to do charity, people will guess wantonly and have ulterior motives. Who else is willing to help those who need help in the future? “

As soon as the comments came out, they praised more than 10000. The following comments soared rapidly, even more than the comments of the original blog.

“I can do it! The landlord said someone, referring to the original! I said, originally, the blog was not very popular. How did Xiaosan Leiyun appear on the hot search? It turned out that it was the ghost behind the original match! “

“Originally, I sympathized with the original match. After reading what the landlord said, I knew that I had been used. In my heart, 10000 Cao NIMA passed by. Since then, Fu Jincheng’s original match has been black all his life! Watch it once and scold it once! “โ€œ Lei Yun is like a noble Queen who likes charity, while the original match is like a upstart who searches for wealth, regardless of other people’s life or death. The pattern and heart of the two make a judgment. Although I hate junior three, Fu Jincheng deserves a better person. If he

I don’t think he is wrong or even excusable. “

“Yes, I also support Lei Yun. She doesn’t deserve it!”

“…” finally, even the blogger of this microblog sent another microblog, saying that she sympathized with Fu Jincheng’s original match, but did not expect to be used by her. She felt very sad and sad that she had done bad things. At the same time, she also told Lei Yun

Sorry, I said she was deceived to speak for Fu Jincheng’s original match, not against her.

As soon as the blog post came out, a large number of netizens immediately cared about her, comforted her and said that it was not her fault. She was very correct in her three views, but was deceived by villains, etc. The posts are very popular. Gao Yunjin’s secretary also likes to surf the Internet. He knows that the following employees will post blogs. He wants to go up and have a look. Unexpectedly, he doesn’t see the content he wants to see. He clicks into the hot Search about Lei Yun, but sees the full screen abuse of Gao Yunjin,

The heat is very high.

She immediately went to Gao Yunjin’s office to find her and told Gao Yunjin about the matter.

Gao Yunjin didn’t look very good when she saw that netizens attacked her unanimously.

Since I came into contact with marketing, it seems that someone deliberately discredited her and poured dirty water on her head.

If it was normal, she wouldn’t care too much. She thought Lei Yun did it just to discredit her, but she didn’t appear in public, which had little impact on her.

But now her brand has gained a certain popularity through marketing. If Lei Yun uses this rhythm to attack her brand, it will be devastating to her company.

Gao Yunjin’s secretary obviously took this into account. “Now the heat of this matter is so high. According to this situation, the heat will rise again. Otherwise, find a way to make people suppress the matter?”

Gao Yunjin thought so, “OK.” Although doing so, in the view of netizens, she is playing off and wants to escape from crime, what does this abuse count compared with the spread of heat?

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