Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3368

Gao Yunjin was surprised to see the child. She touched her head and kissed her face. After listening to two little guys Barra, she was able to come and sit down.

Seeing the child, Gao Yunjin’s irritability and emotions at the bottom of her heart have dissipated. Looking at Fu Jincheng’s face, she smiled a few more. “Have you ordered?”

Before Fu Jincheng answered, the two little guys rushed to help him answer: “it’s time to order.”

Gao Yunjin smiled, touched the children’s small heads, talked to the children and asked about the learning progress and homework.

The two little guys talked endlessly. Fu Jincheng looked aside and didn’t find a chance to talk to Gao Yunjin.

Gao Yunjin didn’t seem to care. She smiled gently and listened to the children. She poured them tea and asked the children to drink more water. Her eyes basically didn’t move away from the children.

As for him

She hasn’t given him a look since she entered the door.

Fu Jincheng’s eyes darkened.

After a few minutes, the food they ordered was sent up. The two little guys were hungry and bowed their heads to eat. Fu Jincheng found a chance to talk to Gao Yunjin: “have you been busy all day, tired?”

“OK.” She is used to such work intensity, but she won’t feel very tired.

It’s just that Lei Yun made her a little upset and couldn’t work again.

Fu Jincheng took her a piece of sashimi and put it in her bowl with sauce. “We haven’t eaten this kind of fish. It is said that in a year, the global catch is no more than 20. I heard it’s very good. How about trying it.”

Gao Yunjin nodded, picked it up and ate it. It tasted very good, but he didn’t say it was very special. It didn’t taste much worse than other sashimi.

Fu Jincheng looked at her nodding, but he didn’t speak. He knew she didn’t think the taste was strange.

He knew her temperament and would not say that things must be good without conscience because they were rare and expensive.

He also tasted it. The taste was really not strange. He didn’t blame her for her insipid performance. He was also very disappointed.

Of course he won’t rest assured about the money, but he wanted to make her laugh through it.

Now that I have failed, I am more or less annoyed.

Gao Yunjin talked to the two children. When she saw Fu Jincheng lowering her head and saying nothing, she knew he was unhappy.

She paused and said, “in fact, it tastes good. It’s good to try fresh occasionally.”

Fu Jincheng looked up and heard this sentence. His deep eyes brightened for a few minutes and smiled, “really?”

What he cares about is not whether she says it’s delicious. What he really cares about is that she is willing to comfort him, which means she still cares about him.

Gao Yunjin saw that he was obviously happy, nodded and said, “well.”

Fu Jincheng smiled and gave her another piece: “eat more.”


The little guys didn’t have so much thought as adults. They touched their round belly, hugged their small face and asked, “Mom and Dad, can we go out later?”

Gao Yunjin also ate almost, but Fu Jincheng worried that she wasn’t full and kept pinching her. Seeing that he was so happy, Gao Yunjin didn’t refuse. When she heard the children ask, she said, “where do you want to play?”

“Video game city, shall we go to video game city?” Yue Yue and Xiao Xuan were in high spirits.

Gao Yunjin nodded the heads of the two little guys: “you’ve only been to the video game city once, so you miss it?”

“Fun.” There’s everything to play in the video game city, and there are many games they haven’t played before. They think it’s very fresh and naturally think about it, “okay?”

Gao Yunjin thought there was no problem. She looked at Fu Jincheng, “it’s not far ahead. Take them there?”

Fu Jincheng knew that Huo Zhengyun had taken them to the video game city before. He felt a little uncomfortable, but he agreed: “OK.”

The two little guys were very happy. They didn’t go to Fu Jincheng. They didn’t know if Fu Jincheng had visited those places. They asked him, “Dad, have you been there?”

Fu Jincheng shook his head: “No.”

“Dad didn’t play when he was a child?”

Fu Jincheng shook his head.

When he was a child, his survival was a problem. How could he have the opportunity to play in those places?

The little guys didn’t think much. They patted their little chest and said, “it doesn’t matter. We’ll teach you!”

Fu Jincheng gritted his teeth and pulled his daughter’s small face, “I thank you.”

Yueyue foolishly protected her little face: “you’re welcome!”

Fu Jincheng: “

After dinner, they set out for the video game city.

Although Fu Jincheng didn’t go to play, plus he studied very seriously, he got started quickly. It’s easy to deceive the two little guys.

The two little guys adored him badly. “Dad is so awesome!”

Fu Jincheng has a sharp investment vision and has been praised by his peers. He will not be half proud of it. Now the children are full of worship, which is very useful to him: “Dad is so powerful. Do you want to come out with dad in the future?”

The little guys raised their hands together: “yes!” Fu Jincheng was satisfied: “good.” What the children want to play, Fu Jincheng will accompany them unconditionally, which can be said to be very indulgent. Fu Jincheng usually dotes on the children, but his attitude is not like this. Gao Yunjin looked at it and felt a little strange. He seemed to know a brand-new Fu Jincheng: “I know you like playing games so much.” Fu Jincheng smiled, leaned close to her ear and whispered, “I don’t like it very much. I just don’t want to disappoint the children and make them think I’m bad at playing games.” Huo Zhengyun is good at playing games, isn’t he? OK, he’s better than him! Even if the children go out with Huo Zhengyun again in the future, they will miss him“ Oh… “But Gao Yunjin felt even more strange. Because Fu Jincheng didn’t care about this. After all, he doesn’t eat by playing games. Whether he plays games well is not a particularly important thing. But she could see that Fu Jincheng was very happy, and she didn’t ask much. Since he loved to play with the children, she was waiting. The temperature in the video game city is still very low, but he sweated after playing with the children for so long. Gao Yunjin took out a handkerchief to wipe the children’s sweat. Fu Jincheng looked greedy, “Xiaojin, I want it too.”“ Um. ” She didn’t say she wouldn’t help him. When she wiped her sweat, Fu Jincheng stopped and looked at her with a smile. Touching the tenderness of his eyes, Gao Yunjin felt that the Fu Jincheng in front of her, or the Fu Jincheng who fell in love with her in her life, seemed to have never changed. Thinking of this, she was shocked, stunned and lost her mind. Fu Jincheng was stunned, “Xiaojin? What’s the matter? ” Gao Yunjin suddenly thought back, “nothing. Are you thirsty after sweating so much? I’ll buy you something to drink? “

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