Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3369

“Not thirsty,” Fu Jincheng proved his ability to play games with the child, and no longer indulged in games. He pulled her over, “let’s play together.”

Gao Yunjin: “I’m not a child -“

“I am a child?” Fu Jincheng asked.

Gao Yunjin shut up. She was not interested, but Fu Jincheng had to teach her to play hand in hand.

However, it is false to teach her to play games, and it is true to take advantage of her. The game is simple and easy to play. He can understand it without teaching Gao Yunjin, but Fu Jincheng trapped her in his chest and held her little hand to teach her. Gao Yunjin said he would, but he didn’t let go. He said she couldn’t play well even if she could

You can take her to find the feel and angle, so that she can play more smoothly.

Gao Yunjin: “

I didn’t want to argue with him, so I had to let him come. However, after playing for a while, she really became interested, felt the charm of the game and played actively.

Fu Jincheng smiled at her. His heart turned into a Wang of water. He couldn’t help taking off his mask and kissing her.

However, there were so many people in the video game city that he might be recognized when he took off his mask. He had to give up taking off his mask and kissed Gao Yunjin on his face.

Gao Yunjin was stunned and his ears turned red. “You, what are you doing?”

“Kiss you.” Fu Jincheng smiled.

“So many people -“

Fu Jincheng picked her eyebrows and rubbed the bridge of Gao Ting’s nose against her ear: “OK, don’t kiss first. Let’s go home and wait for no one to continue.”

Gao Yunjin: “

She didn’t mean that!

Gao Yunjin was about to speak, but she saw someone holding a mobile phone to pat them in front. She motioned Fu Jincheng to look over there: “someone patted us, do you recognize us?”

Fu Jincheng looked at them, and it seemed that they were a net celebrity, which seemed to be broadcasting live. When I saw him, although I couldn’t completely see his face, he was tall and slender, with a noble temperament. He was not like an ordinary person. Net Hong was really blushing with his hawk like sharp and calm eyes. Fu Jincheng was about to speak

Expressionless turned back and continued to play games with Gao Yunjin.

The net is red, white, beautiful and long legs. She is called straight cut by her fans. No, the young people playing games in the video game city are fascinated by her. They don’t play games anymore. They sit and peek at her.

Fu Jincheng was the first man to look at her without hesitation.

His practice immediately aroused a strong response from the fans in the live broadcast room. Some joked, hahaha, and some black fans satirized her lack of charm, but others paid attention to Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin. The mask on Gao Yunjin’s face is too big to see his face clearly, but it is slender and slender. His snow-white neck is very attractive. Although he is wearing a simple white shirt and a hip wrapped skirt with red dark lines and black bottom, he is still in good shape

It is a panoramic view. In addition, her temperament is elegant and quiet. Like the snow on the top of a snow mountain, she can only be viewed from a distance and dare not play.

Most of the female and male fans were popular online, and the screen exploded.

Some fans have left messages saying that no wonder Fu Jincheng doesn’t watch the anchor. It turns out that his girlfriend has a better and more beautiful figure. However, some people hold a negative attitude. They think that even if they have a girlfriend and see other beautiful women, even if the beautiful woman can’t compare with their own girlfriend, they can’t help looking more, even if they are within the good-looking range

Will steal.

Fu Jincheng didn’t. he clearly loved his girlfriend very much.

Generally, female fans are analyzed in this way, while male fans ask the anchor to give Gao Yunjin more shots. They want to see Gao Yunjin’s real face.

Seeing the increase of reward gifts, wanghong was also moved and walked over.

There are other staff around female wanghong. She is not alone. Seeing so many people seem to come towards them, they frown, “Dad, who are they?”

When she heard Yueyue speak, wanghong noticed the existence of the two children and knew that the two people she had just paid attention to were actually married and the children were so old.

Not only is she popular, but her fans are confused.

Gao Yunjin also noticed that she didn’t want to play. She was about to ask Fu Jincheng what had happened. Fu Jincheng protected her behind her, touched the heads of the two little guys, stretched out his hand to block his face, went to talk to wanghong and told her not to shoot.

When Fu Jincheng approached, wanghong found that he was taller than her, and her side face could not be seen clearly, but she thought Fu Jincheng estimated that she would be very handsome.

She was elated and didn’t worry about Fu Jincheng’s words. After turning around Gao Yunjin and the children, she came back to him and said with a smile: “Hello, sir, are you married?”

Fu Jincheng interrupted her: “sorry, we don’t want to leave the country. Please don’t point the camera at us.” Fu Jincheng’s voice is surprisingly good. Wanghong has never heard such a low and good voice in reality. Her heart is crisp. She doesn’t agree with Fu Jincheng’s words. She still looks at him with the camera and says in a soft voice: “Sir, my powder

Silk is very interested in you and wants to know about you. There is no malice – “if another man sees a beautiful woman acting like a spoiled child with herself, he may be heartbroken and agree. But Fu jinchengjun’s face sank, reached out to cover the camera, took her mobile phone, scanned her live studio ID, and directly closed her live studio. The cold voice warned, “I remember your ID. if I find out and secretly shoot me and my family, I will sue you.” Wanghong was pale with Fu Jincheng’s gloomy and ruthless eyes. She knew what Fu Jincheng said was true. Although she didn’t know Fu Jincheng’s identity, she felt that he did have this ability and didn’t dare to do it again. But before she could speak, Fu Jincheng had turned and left. Gao Yunjin and his two children are still waiting for him. Fu Jincheng was awe inspiring just now and his eyes were cold. When he saw Gao Yunjin and his children, his eyes were gentle for a moment. He didn’t appease the two children. He put on her cheek, touched her small face across the mask and said with a smile: “it’s all right.” Then he touched the heads of the two little guys. Female netizens dare not secretly shoot them again, but they are afraid that the fans will run away, so they quickly turn on the live broadcast. Some fans think that she is really wrong and shouldn’t have done so. In particular, she just tried to act in pettish with a married man in order to achieve her goal. Male fans can also see that Fu Jincheng has superior conditions. Female wanghong seems to be suspected of kneeling and licking just now. They are not very comfortable. However, some male fans who regard her as a goddess unconditionally support her. Instead, they feel that Fu Jincheng is not a gentleman. They go on the line for this matter and don’t give them goddess face at all.

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