Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3371

Seeing that she took the initiative to kiss herself, Fu Jincheng’s heart was comforted, relieved and enthusiastically responded to her kiss.

So they did it again before they went out.

When they came out of the room, both little guys had gone out.

Thinking of this, Gao Yunjin’s ears were red and transparent. Fu Jincheng was about to tease. Gao Yunjin glanced over. Fu Jincheng immediately converged and filled her porridge and said, “I’ll drive you back to the company later.”

“I’ll drive by myself. I have to go out at noon and use a car.”

Fu Jincheng may also need to use the car. He sighed at the speech: “OK. I’ll pick you up that night? “

“It depends.”

She may have to work overtime.

Fu Jincheng said helplessly, “OK.”

After breakfast, they went out and separated in the underground parking lot. Before separation, Fu Jincheng couldn’t help kissing her. It was so sticky that it was like just falling in love.

After returning to the company, Gao Yunjin held a meeting with the design department and went to the new company to have a look.

It’s almost arranged according to her instructions. Gao Yunjin starts to let people arrange recruitment matters nonstop. When she recruits enough people, their company won’t have to work overtime so late every day.

After letting people publish the recruitment information on the website, Gao Yunjin began to be busy with other things.

Fu Jincheng on the other side has been free for a few days and is busy today.

The main reason is that the latest cooperation with Lei family has been implemented, and there are still many things to be busy next.

Although he didn’t take over the project himself, Dong ou still had a lot of things to point to him and didn’t dare to rush around.

Therefore, he has a lot of things to do. Sometimes, except that he doesn’t have to negotiate the contract with the Lei family in person, it’s not much different from what he handles in person.

Seeing Fu Jincheng, he felt no problem with the contract. Dong Ou was relieved and said to Fu Jincheng, “President Lei will come back from H city tomorrow. Jincheng, do you think I want to pick up the plane with you?”

Fu Jincheng paused, “Lei Yun will come to Beijing tomorrow?”

Dong Ou was surprised, “don’t you know?”

Fu Jincheng asked expressionless, “should I know?”

“Well, I’ll just say it casually.” Dong Ou smiled awkwardly.

Having said that, Dong Ou thought they were still in the cold war, so he didn’t know Lei Yun’s itinerary because there was less contact these two days.

Fu Jincheng glanced at him, “is there anything else?”

Dong Ou hesitated. “Then, will you pick up the plane tomorrow?”

Fu Jincheng just said he didn’t know that Lei Yun would come to them, but he didn’t say he wouldn’t pick up the plane.

Fu Jincheng thought of what happened on the Internet two days ago, “go.”

Dong Ou smiled, “OK, since you go, I’ll stay and arrange other –“

“You go with me.”

If he went to pick up Lei Yun alone and was photographed, those people on the Internet should scribble again.

Dong Ou thought that he wanted Lei Yun very much in his heart, but he was stubborn and didn’t want to admit it.

But he thought so. He didn’t dare to say it directly. He smiled and said, “OK, I’ll go tomorrow.”

Fu Jincheng is busier than usual, but he can get off work as usual in the afternoon.

After work, he immediately called Gao Yunjin to make sure she was in the company and was too busy to go out to dinner with him. Fu Jincheng immediately contacted someone to send them meals to her company.

When he arrived at her company, Gao Yunjin was still in a meeting with all departments of the company.

When Fu Jincheng arrived, there was no one in her office. I heard that she was in a meeting. Fu Jincheng walked towards the conference room.

In the conference room, Gao Yunjin was listening to some customer feedback from the people at the back of the sales department. She listened very carefully.

But Fu Jincheng’s sense of existence was too strong. Although she was separated by the glass door, she paid no attention, but others noticed that he came and looked at the door one after another.

At this moment, the interpreter on the stage also looked at the side of the door. When he saw Fu Jincheng, he immediately became stuttered. Gao Yunjin noticed that Fu Jincheng was coming.

She didn’t expect that Fu Jincheng would come to join the fun and let everyone rest for two minutes. She hurried out of the conference room, “Why are you here?”


Fu Jincheng took her hand and wanted to hug her and kiss her if he didn’t care about others.

It’s not impossible, it’s just

“When you came, everyone’s rhythm was interrupted by you.”

Fu Jincheng threw the pot: “that’s because they don’t concentrate enough and can’t concentrate. They should be punished.”

Gao Yunjin was too lazy to argue with him, pushed him and asked him to leave. “The meeting will be over in a while. Everyone is hungry and waiting for the meeting to go to dinner. Don’t make trouble.”

Fu Jincheng heard her say that he would be fine for a while, but he didn’t make any more trouble. After pecking on her little hand, he nodded and said, “then hurry up and the food will be delivered later.”

“I see.” When Fu Jincheng left, Gao Yunjin turned back to the conference room. As soon as she came back, the meeting room immediately quieted down, staring at her with small eyes and full of gossip. When Gao Yunjin didn’t see it, she asked the people on the stage to continue. The meeting was over in less than ten minutes. When Gao Yunjin returned to the office, the food was also delivered. When Fu Jincheng saw her coming back, he closed the door of the office and kissed her indiscriminately, but he was worried that she would be hungry. He didn’t go too far. After kissing for a while, he let her go and took her to dinner. After dinner, Gao Yunjin sat on the sofa to rest. Fu Jincheng washed the fruit he sent, cut it into pieces, inserted a toothpick, held her in his arms and served her. Gao Yunjin was really tired and leaned against his arms and ate fruit. Fu Jincheng rubbed the tip of his nose against her little face, “do you have to work overtime?”“ yes. There will be more trivial things in the next two days. We have to arrange the key things. ““ Can I help you? ” Gao Yunjin shook his head: “I can handle it myself.”“ All right. ” Fu Jincheng came to her these days when he was free. She felt that he ignored the child. After a rest, she asked him to go home with the child. Fu Jincheng knows that now in her heart, children are much more important than him. Although he wants to accompany him more, even if he doesn’t sit at anything, just look at her. But she said so. She really doesn’t have so much time with her children these days. He should have more time with his children. He agreed and told me before leaving: “call me before you’re busy, and I’ll pick you up.”“ Don’t bother — “I don’t think so.” Fu Jincheng stood still: “if you don’t promise, I won’t go.” Gao Yunjin: “… I see.”“ Remember, don’t perfunctory me. ” He narrowed his eyes and told me“ I didn’t perfunctory you. ” How dare she perfunctory him.

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